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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by bonnieboozel, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest

    hi all,
    does anyone know where i can find a farrier that does barefoot/wildhorse trims?
    any help greatly appreciated!!
  2. safs_mum

    safs_mum Well-known Member

    Wild horse trims?
  3. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest

    yeah, or barefoot trim as they're more commonly known. its a trim that is shorter in the toe etc.......more natural shape.
  4. Valiente Blanco

    Valiente Blanco Well-known Member

    Hi there, do you have a wild horse actually what needs a trim or you just need a barefoot trim?
  5. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest

    hi, just looking for a good farrier to do barefoot trims, do you know one?
  6. safs_mum

    safs_mum Well-known Member

    What sort of area are you in?
  7. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest that what you meant :confused: or did you mean what sort of conditions?
  8. safs_mum

    safs_mum Well-known Member

    Yeah thats what I meant lol sorry I'm miles from there so wouldn't have a clue....
  9. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest

    yeah, pretty soft soils here. very loamy and some clay, no sand at all:)*

    so hard to find a good farrier to do barefoot trims though :mad:
  10. Orlaithe

    Orlaithe Well-known Member

    Call Antje Lopez, she owns a small shop which is best described as alternative horse items, food etc in Serpentine. She has all the contacts you need. She is really friendly and easy to talk to, she will point you in the right direction.

    My horses are all barefoot, I've even had a TB who started of with the most aweful feet transition fully in 6 months. I trim my own though.

    Good on ya for giving it a go. I will PM you Antje's number.
  11. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest

    thanks heaps for that.....really appreciate it. :))
    hubby used to do ours but we have too many now!! besides.....its a tax deduction!
  12. Valiente Blanco

    Valiente Blanco Well-known Member

    Hi orlaithe@) thanks for putting in a nice word for me **)
    It is very confusing to put faces and names together here on forum but obviously we have met **)
    bonyboozle (forgive me if I didn't get your name right), I hope that was a bit of help to you talking to Karl who was coincidently just here to do a trim. Obviously he is miles away from where you are, otherwise it might have been a bit easier to get together. There are of my knowledge only a few barefoot trimmers around - if I am wrong I would like to hear of them and maybe a few more people would like to. Karl has a very holistic approach towards trimming and horses, very interesting. I hope you will find what you are looking for, I will keep an eye and ear open, you got my number, be interesting to be kept posted as well what you are deciding.
  13. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest

    hi Antje,
    Thanks alot for that! no, there arent many of them around......and the ones that do do it are so far from us.....looks like hubby will have to keep doing them.....poor soul :}
    I will def hold on to your number though and let you know if we find someone.
  14. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    Hi Bonnieboozel :) I only know of two people who do barefoot trims, one is a lady I use but am forbidden under pain of death to give out her number, as she has more clients than she can cope with :(

    The other is a fellow I don't actually know but have seen his card through a friend in town - I have no idea what sort of area he travels, but if you like I can try and get his number for you and you can ask him yourself - I repeat though, I've never used him and don't know him at all, so can't actually recommend him.
  15. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    Oops, and I put the quote in as sometimes it can be hard to maintain a barefoot trim on soft soils - ideally you want ground that will help wear their feet down between trims, also helps if you can do in between trims yourself, about fortnightly is what I try for.

    Equethy run excellent courses on doing your own barefoot trimming - check out their website if you want more info. Equethy Workshops - Home
  16. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    Horseslave we must use the same "lady" LMAO. I too am too scared to whisper her name.

    I did an Equethy one day thingo and it was very informative. The "lady" mentioned is sensational. She comes every 6/7 weeks to see mine and I maintain them between. I am in the hills of Perth and ride amoungst rock etc etc. I have no problems with sore feet. Infact I have to stand my horses on wet carpet for a while in the summer to make them soft enough to trim. I believe it is worth the effort.

    I know that she does have some people around about that have trained under her. I would contact the Equethy people to see if they can help.

    Beware of people who claim to know what they are doing. They may do more harm then good.;)
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  17. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    I usually call her "Y" on here marianne :)

    My horses feet have gone rock hard already too - I use soaker boots for up to an hour before trimming and also have a sunken area that I fill up with water and stand them in. Will eventually have a "pond" around my water troughs so they soften their own feet on a regular basis :) Got the idea from the "Paddock Paradise" book by Jamie Jackson.
  18. bonnieboozel

    bonnieboozel Guest

    Hi Horse Slave,
    I do know the "Lady" you are talking about. i have rung her a coulple of times but it just goes to her messagebank where she says she is no longer taking any new clients........shes obviously flat out, but thanks heaps for trying.
    If you could send the other guys number through that would be greatly appreciated!!!! you never know........might find some luck!:D
  19. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    "Y" is teaching an "Intro, keeping it simple", barefoot trim course at my place in Serpentine in January. Strictly for people who want to know how to do a little themselves, but have support from a professional in between...


    Horsemanship with Jayne Lavender
  20. HorseSlave

    HorseSlave Well-known Member

    Have sent you the info on the "other guy" bonnieboozel. Really recommend you try and get to the course that Saiorse mentioned above, as "Y" has a heap more experience (from what I've heard).

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