Discussion in 'Forum Management and Operation' started by RPS, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Mod 1

    Mod 1 Moderator

    Either way....banned for good or sin bin time I believe!

    Mod 4 - hope you had your beauty sleep after all and feel so much better, bright this morning lol
  2. Mod 4

    Mod 4 Moderator

    Mod 4 stands up, stretches & does 20 push-ups and then groans... I shouldn't do pushups!!
    Ahhh... that's better... seems that my brain might actually be connected to my body today!
  3. Delrae

    Delrae Gold Member

    thanks mod 1 **)

    so how do they know when they are allowed out of the sin bin corner, do you guys let them know or do they have to reapply?
  4. Mod 5

    Mod 5 Moderator

    Hi Delrae - Mods dont do the banning or sinbinning. Admin decides on this and the amount of time they are sin binned.
    I would say admin would let the member know why they were banned and for how long?
  5. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    I thought the same, i have seen 2 people that post a lot with banned under there name but still seem to be posting? confusing haha
    Unless there are old posts and have only recently been banned.
    They are now posting again so i assume there are un-banned.
  6. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Can you repeat that in English Jadelise lol
  7. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    Haha just re read it, maybe we should just ignore that post... I dont even think i can translate it :)
  8. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    It's really sad to see so many banned at the moment.:( It's like seeing members of the family disowned. Very sad state of affairs.
  9. BeccaBoo

    BeccaBoo Well-known Member

    Its sad to see so many banned :( And confusing too! Besides that, I'm really confused as to why members arent being banned for abusive PM's.
  10. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    If abusive PM's arent reported Beccaboo there's nothing we can do .
  11. Janet

    Janet Guest

    i reported one and that member still keeps posting away... maybe it wasnt abusive enough???I'll forward it to you again

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