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Discussion in 'Open Discussions' started by Zegger, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    Hi all.

    Do you know of any ball dress shops in Perth ? Im after a stunning one of a kind dress.

    I had found the most amazing one. It was perfect , amazing fit , a one of a kind but at the time I was looking for a ball dress with my friend and she didnt want me to buy it as I would out do her . So sadly I didnt get it . Went back 1 month later and found out it had been sold to one of the miss Australia contestants ( that gives you an idea on how beautiful it was).
    So now Im on the hunt for my year 12 ball dress. Im really wanting something spectacular and im willing to spend around the $1200 give or take.


  2. Standy_lover

    Standy_lover Well-known Member

    theres a nice one in Carolsel, next to myer :)
  3. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    There is a shop that registers your dress that you buy and then wont sell the same dress to someone else attending the same function. I cant think of the name at the moment I am sure someone on here will know it
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    $1200 for a ball gown your joking right????? I didn't spend that much on my wedding dress and that was a one of a kind and to die for!!!!! HobNobs has lovely dresses. Have you thought about getting one made?
  5. katers93

    katers93 Well-known Member

    Can you describe what style you are looking for? Depends if you want something straight down, layered etc. as most shops seem to stick to a similar kinds of styles.
  6. sunline

    sunline Well-known Member

  7. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    The style Im looking for is tight around the waist then flows out quite large . Like this kind of style (looking at the tight waist and flowy botton) and if I can find a corset back

  8. katers93

    katers93 Well-known Member

    Oh great, that is the kind of ball dress that I bought! Not the one in the pic, but the sort you are describing (tight top, flowy bottom and corset back). I bought mine from a place in Jandakot:
    Angels Bridal wedding bridal bridesmaid dresses
    Don't be put off by the revolting ones lol there are some great ones too. Mine wasn't too pricey either considering how much material there was (about $500 I think).
    They also have a registry :D
  9. Sam & Max

    Sam & Max Well-known Member

    Most of them do that Shell.....well each shop registers it then if someone goes in and likes same dress they not allowed to have it....

    Im sure you can get a BEAUTIFUL dress for less than $1200 :eek:
  10. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Head to The Gown Gallery in Midland, it's on Great Eastern Hwy opposite Horseland.
    Their website is The Gown Gallery and they have heaps in store. If you want to go in on a Thursday or a Saturday you need to call and make an appointment as they get really busy. They have heaps of gowns for all sorts of events... bridal, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, ball gowns, cocktail gowns, race wear etc.
    Very reasonably priced as well.
  11. Alice_Jayne

    Alice_Jayne Active Member

    Zoe your crazy hahah How much are you willing to spend :p
    I'm gunna watch this closely as I'm also on the hunt for my ball dress. :) I love the style you want zoe I just don't want it flowing out large I just want it to flow a little ( other wise ma bum looks huge ) haha. Are you going for purple zoe :p haha
  12. myyky

    myyky Well-known Member

    My friend got a dress very similar to the picture you posted (except it was pink) off ebay, for about $300, and it fit perfectly. But if you really want something special.. At least you have the budget for it!! :)*
  13. blitzen

    blitzen Gold Member


    wtf? ';'
  14. Zegger

    Zegger Well-known Member

    I know , im kicking myself I didnt get it. I was her 'date' for the ball and I would have felt bad if I bought it as I knew she didnt want me to get it :(
  15. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    Right some friend, sounds as though she is developing an inferiority complex#(
  16. katers93

    katers93 Well-known Member

    Really risky though. When I bought mine there were 3 different sizes that could of fit me haha because of the corset back. I had to have the lady tell me which one to get :D
  17. blondeshowjumper

    blondeshowjumper New Member

  18. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

    I went there and it had such disgusting dresses! Haha.
    If you dig through you can find some really nice ones however alot have broken zips etc and are make up stained.
  19. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    Holy hell why on earth would you spend so much on a damn ball dress!!!

    Honestly, if you get a full poofy ball dress you'll look back in a few years and go YUUUCCKK! I had a big ball dress by Tarvydas in Year 11 - thought it was like so hot at the time *#) My year 12 one was a one of a kind cocktail dress by the same designer who made Jennifer Hawkins dress when she won Miss Universe :p. I have worn that dress many times since - it's now ummm... 6 years old and has seen it's fair share of race days :):))

    This is mine a few years ago, at the Melbourne cup - so maybe 2 years after my ball ??

    And maybe 2ish years ago at the Curtin ball

    Gotta love a dress you can wear for years and years!!
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  20. katers93

    katers93 Well-known Member

    Not surprised haha, when I went there there was another girl trying on dresses who had caked her face in makeup and looked like she just got a spray tan! There are some on their site which make me want to throw up haha
    It was a good thing I knew exactly what I was looking for or I would have left after about 5 minutes :D

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