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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Pocket Rocket, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. twotone

    twotone Well-known Member

    Really Sorry I have checked but we dont have any photos of you :eek:. Sorry

    The organisers had told me that I wasnt alloud to take photos of everyone, so I was trying to be seletive with what I took and I didnt realise that you were a stockie. Again Very sorry.
  2. Shenalar

    Shenalar Well-known Member

    I think this is your daughter nag - let me know if you want me to take them down.


  3. Dashbabe

    Dashbabe Well-known Member

    aww thanks lauren!!

    hehe love the last pic of tanya and munchie :p classic!

    I did okay- got 43.8 penalalties for dressage, not his best test ever but was still a good test :) (and it felt the same as kellerberrin where i got 60 penalties! LOL) one stop coming into the double in showjumping (got a long stop and not enough leg) and then one at jump 6 in with the rubber mats on top. as well as time penalties for going to slow :p really didnt want him to pull something since hes not used to deep sand

    Some of those lines into jumps where terrible! I'm luck my horse turns good, and is fairly small otherwise I'd be stuffed. Sand was disgusting tho, Dash was sinking 30cm in some spots (no joke) so came back to trot for the reall boggy bits of the course.

    Was great to meet you CWAC, PR, Nag, Zaza and i think thats it? :eek: nice to catch up with everyone else to
  4. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    WOW, did they really?? I took sooooo many photos of anyone that looked cute/cool/silly/naughty/spunky lol.....oops!
  5. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    roflmao Jodie!!!
    yeh it was soooo funny,some of the shots Tony got lmao!!
    Great Day :)
  6. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Paula...YOU are a GOOSE!!! I had to look thru all them pics!! I did not expect to see your butt :p lol.....almost finished uploading :eek:
  7. twotone

    twotone Well-known Member

    Yer they were all touchy about me taking photos of other peoples children when I asked If it was ok for me to take photos
  8. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Well I had a great day. I met about a million Stockies (at least it felt like that many. Not even going to attempt to name them all :p ) and spent hours standing around yacking and watching the pretty ponies.
    Had a fun time standing out by the water jumping spectating and (yes I admit it) waiting to see some stacks.
    Thankfully for the riders sakes, there was only one and that was just after the jump.
  9. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha pmsl did ya see the one where i was hiding in the Bush? roflmao
  10. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

  11. ellechim69

    ellechim69 Guest

    Due to the fact that I am alot younger than Paula I assume I need to give permisson for the shots to be put up........ok I do was a great day

    one more thing I just want to say LOOK OUT PAULA lol
  12. ExBritKid

    ExBritKid Active Member


    I had an awwwsome day with chester :) his first ode and we finished 3rd:D
    got 66 penalties in dressage - clear showjumping - one refusual in xc but on time :)* veryy proud of my bubbyyy todayy!!
  13. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    THIS one?? Hahahaha

  14. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    OMFG you wait Jodie!!!!!!
    now you will make me look like im some nutty pomm!!!!roflmao
    Also Shell,you wait lol
  15. chavi

    chavi Well-known Member

    Haahhaah, great photo :D

    Awesome photos everyone, love the action shots :D Wish I had talked to more stockies but I had my rather non-horsey OH there that I didn't want to abandon. Ah well, next time. I am SO fired up to get out there and start eventing myself though, just need the horse now!!! It looks like so much fun! I think I'd only be an e/d grade girl though, Im not the bravest! *#)
  16. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Love this pic from today :D


    He was trying pancakes....but decided he couldn't eat them before his big performance :eek:
  17. Lauren

    Lauren Gold Member

  18. paula223

    paula223 Gold Member

    Well Chevi,after my pic im sure everyone will know me now!! lmao
  19. SpArTiAn

    SpArTiAn Well-known Member

    im a very proud mum once again :) my baby George was such a good boy.

    did a good test but had one tanty in the second canter which put us down a fair bit. got 61.2 but was still very happy! 2 rails showjumping and double clear XC! ended up 9th

    well done everyone, i saw a few stockies... most of the time i was in such a rush and barely got time to socialise, oh well.

    oh - and i was number 38 on a dapple grey if anyone got any pics? :D
  20. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Ohhh Lauren....I have one of those :p


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