Baldivis Breed Show Results :)

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Lauren, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    He's a lovely grey standie, will start race prep in next few weeks much to the disappointment of his handlers...
    Great day at Baldivis, first time we had been, Supreme Mini Pony was Placid Downs Sunny Moet
    Thanks to the lovely girls in ring five who helped everyone Showmanship ... i?m sure your on stockies ... Taylah & Pixie aka Reign N Spin So Smart won 1st Youth showman and won Supreme QH and Supreme Palomino Yay Not bad considering she arrived looking like she?d been rolling in mud all night:D
  2. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    There were 3 Stock Horses. 2 chestnut mares owned by the same people and a little bay filly yearling. They were apologising they didn't bring more!

    After I had finished judging my steward (thanks Kirsa!) and I sat watching the Waler in his classes, absolute credit to his mum and a stunning little fellow!
  3. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    His mum was brilliant, I wonder if she would handle Poppy for me. LOL.

    Chocollo those photo's are great. He is a very photogenic fellow.
  4. Yentle

    Yentle Active Member

    Sam and Max

    You took one of my Friesian and you managed to not make her look like a brown hairy pony!!! Your photos are fantastic. I'll PM you


    Your boy is gorgous. I was trying to work out what breed he was, I actually thought he might have been Friesian. Good luck with him and look forward to seeing him in the future.

    We got Supreme Friesian but when your the only one in the class, it doesn't feel as rewarding!!

    Well done to everyone and especially the 2 SOS horses.

    On a serious note thou I feel quite ill about taking my girl and then getting home and reading all about this Strangles stuff.
  5. Coz

    Coz Well-known Member

    Naw thanks Goodie!
    Scooter looked fab, and congrats on your results!!

    Well done everyone on their results!!
  6. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    that waler is very nice :) wouldnt mind him in my paddock!! but.. what does AORB stand for? most of the abbreviations i can work out but this has stumped me!!
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  7. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    Any Other Registered Breed :)
  8. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    ohhhhh thanks jadelise :)
  9. Marianne

    Marianne Gold Member

    He's not mine. I have a Waler but she is not related to Spirit who you saw yesterday. I went to have a sticky and lend my support. Was thrilled for them**)
  10. thorne

    thorne New Member

    George is a superstar!!!!!!!! Biggest congrats from his mummy and from all of us here at Thorne Park!!!!!!
  11. magic_kiss

    magic_kiss Active Member

    The sos was thorne park poetry and there wasnt a top 5
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  12. Sam & Max

    Sam & Max Well-known Member

    Yentle have pm'd you....If anyone else would like to see some of the pics I took yesterday please pm me :)
  13. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    And Redline Shooting Star was SOS Horse :)
  14. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    Thanks Liza!! :) He got extra cuddles and carrots last night lol, will order you a professinal pic when there ready
  15. nag

    nag Well-known Member

    my daughter was in ring 5 unrego, she got 3rd best presented and 3rd in geling 4yrs over
  16. snoopydoo

    snoopydoo Well-known Member

    Cute pony Piwi. It's a pity I couldn't bring my boy - we would have been in the same class!! Were there many Shetties there???
  17. woodsie

    woodsie New Member

    we took our filly Gem Park Silk which is photo'd on page 6 last pic by sam n max..
    this was her first show ever and only 2 months after her colic surgery..
    she behaved so well and we couldnt be happier.
    cant wait to take her out more.
  18. tammyprez

    tammyprez Well-known Member

    OMG... CDA you should of brought your pretty boyy!!! You would have whooped *** he's sooo gorgous!!

    Really wishing that i could of taken Presley but 2 ponies probaby would have gotten pretty tricky.. there was some REALLY nice horses there!!

    Anyone have the pics of the SOS's??
  19. CDA

    CDA Well-known Member

    Thanks :)

    When I get a float I promise I will start taking him out and about!
  20. Piwi

    Piwi New Member

    Thanks i think hes pretty cute lol, no only 2 shetlands my yearling and another 3 year old gelding.

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