Bad idea :(

Discussion in 'News Items' started by shadowkat, Nov 25, 2010.

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    I'd love to take one, but I dont have the facilities or skills to properly retrain a brumbie and the risk of getting injured in the process is huge. We brought horses to Australia, we can't let them destroy habitat for native species.

    But I think it should be handled as humanely as possible.

    Very very sad :-(
  3. Sugar's Mum

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    if they have to be slaughtered surely it would be better to set up a temporary site there instead of trucking the horses?

    Very sad.
  4. whitepantheress

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    Now that is an interesting idea....what would be involved in a "mobile" abbatoire?
    How would it be refrigerated? How would health and safety measures be met as they are proposing they be used for human consumption? How would the cost compare to travelling them? Could it be used to train the military for setting up temporary facilities as a training exercise?

  5. celestialdancer

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    One man offered to set up a mobile abbatoire for camels, so much better for the economy, environment, and loads of cheap meat for animal consumption, but the government wouldn't give him a permit to do it.

    Perhaps it's the same with the brumbies?
  6. myyky

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    "We have to get rid of them because they are damaging the environment."

    As you mentioned camels, CD, I really don't get why they are culling horses, when there are so many more CAMELS out there doing the same thing.. Unless they are taking out camels in similar proportions, and its not getting publicised?

    It sounds like the man who is setting this up actually cares about the horses welfare, hopefully anyway. There's really not much choice, is there, if we want the meat to be edible as well :/
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  8. chickiboom

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    A win for the Brumbies

    Am happy to say these Lake Gregory horses will NOT be transported to Queensland to go for meat.
    As you could only imagine a lot of people jumped up and down and as a result a win for the horses. They will not be culled and work is underway to do a fly over to get a more accurate head count of them, the animals will not be culled and a group is being formed to discuss the best way to care for them from a distancce.

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