Bad Float Accident on West Swan Rd

Discussion in 'News Items' started by misskel, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Bon & Ted

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    You CAN be charged with careless driving, but not always. I guess it's at their discretion. and if it was an unavoidable situation (which they do exist) then go to court and fight it lol. If you rear end someone, then you damn well should be charged - but yeah not in all cases.

    Everyone is so quick to blame the person in front lol. I've seen many an idiot tow a float.
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  2. shaz71

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    i can clarify that the accident was not the float drivers fault, she is my neighbour and very experienced driving wiht horses. the car in front had kept slowing and taking off (sounded like looking for directions) my nieghbour was a distance back , the car in front braked suddenly and she swerved and that was it.
    they werent going that fast at all, thank god the horses were ok, ( have been seen to be very happy over the back fence) and neighbour is ok but shaken, she copped a kick form one horse as they were getting them off !! she just has a sore back now.
    unfortunately accidents happen and as float drivers we just need to be all the more aware, and im glad no one one badly hurt. :)
  3. citygirl

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    shaz71 @) Hello how are you ? Thanks for that info.

    Can you let her know, that we're all thinking about her & her horses **)

  4. SSAPH

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    I have - me... was travelling along Gt Eastern Hwy, 3 horses on, plenty of room between me & the next car, travelling well below the 60km speed limit.

    Lights turned orange and car infront decided to stop :mad: instead of going through. I have managed to hit emergancy break and manouver car to the side of car in front - clipped their back end and ended up on the island.

    When we stopped the lights were still orange, I did not go over the white light and all of the was witnessed by the cop car in the lane next to me who were heading through the orange light (which you are allowed to do) until they heard my brakes lock on to stop.

    I was very lucky that my float despite heavy breaking stayed straight behind me and did not start to jack-knife, would have been a hell of a mess with the 3 horses on. They however were perfectly fine just didnt know why they were stopped in the middle of the road for over an hour while the cars were disentangled from each other.

    And why was I not fined / charged ... because the driver in front failed to take reasonable care when stopping, she did not look behind to see what was in her mirrors and admitted to the police that she did not see me - not sure how you dont see a 4WD & an horsefloat.

    The police at the scene actually congratulated my on my driving skills and the abilty to react so quickly to minimise the damage all around, as I could have just simply plowed into the back of her sending her straight through the Gt Eastern Hwy & Tonkin Hwy intersection
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  5. citygirl

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    OMG Nat you just sent shivers down my spine !

    I'm so glad ALL of you where ok **)

  6. Arnie

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    This is what I meant but better wording! :p
  7. shaz71

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    hi citygirl,. will let her know **)
    OMG, SSAPH i have goose bumps reading your post, how bloody lucky you are. am just very glad that you dont here of accidents like this too often , i have been driving for years but aviod certain areas and dont drive at night unless i have too but have made sure my float lights up like a christmas tree *#)
  8. Arfy

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    To be honest, it does sound like the accident could have been avoided. If the guy in front kept slowing/taking off I'd back wayyyyy off. I leave a minimum of five car lengths between the vehicle in front, more if the speed is great. Then it really doesn't matter I'd they break suddenly! A reminder to everyone!
  9. buggalugs

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    my mates got really shirty with me the other night - something about not driving in traffic properly... i had been towing all day and was leaving a million miles between me and the car infront LOL that and its a brand new car and im a little paranoid!!!

    and just wanted to make comment on rear-ending... it depends on the situation... the dude that i rear ended on my bike last year ended up being charged for driving without a license, leaving the scene of a serious accident, driving recklessly and causing grevious bodily harm - i didnt receive one charge. he pulled out on me and i luckily had one witness...

    glad to hear the driver and horses are ok, possibly our worst nightmare when towing :(

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