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  1. sherreem

    sherreem Well-known Member

    when you asked do you have a bad back i do but not from a riding injury.

    i put my back out, pinched nerve, after having my first baby (went to move sofa to clean under it) was in agony for weeks.
    got this all fixed and then one day bent over to wash my hand in a trough after trying to get a calf on the float and pop there went my back again. i have what is called syatica (probably not spelt right) and i find that when this happens if i can get on the horse, its my left hip and leg that is affected, and just go for a nice slow ride it gradually works the pinched nerve loose.

    its the hip motion of the horse swaying from side to side that fixes this. some horses have better movement than others for this and are greatly saught after for RDA for this.

  2. icebabie296

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    A physio once told me that horse riders have the best backs out of anyone.
    I also think that a lot of people use a bad back as an excuse to get out of work and get compinsated by their employer. I think that is becuase with a bad back doctors cant always tell if their is something wrong with it.

    There are a lot of people out their who DO have back problems but people dont always believe them because of the amount of people who fake these problems.
  3. Val Perkins

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    As most of you know I don't ride but drive harness.

    I did ride about 11 years back competively in showjumping, ode, polocrosse, campdrafting - anything goes!!

    A nasty fall playing an A grade match put an end to my competative career. I can't remember the exact terminology but basically broke my tail bone, fractured shoulder, fractured collarbone, nerve damage and a torn cartlidge on my left knee.
    Bloody was fine don't worry about that !!

    Doctors report - to end riding career imediately or permanent spinal damage will result in being in a wheel chair at age 25.

    Doctors orders, sold horse, sold everything............lasted a week, bought a pretty arab to look at in the paddock.

    Grandfather came to rescue, 'how about getting a clydesdale'
    What am I going to do with in led, working draft events, harness and anything else but riding.

    It's history now, should of done this years ago.
  4. Zahira

    Zahira Well-known Member

    Oh gez Val, what a horrible accident, can only imagine. I know some one who plays A grade polo-x and that game is fast and furious, a fall in the middle of a game is unbelievable.

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