Avon Descent Time Trials – Bells Rapids Drone Footage

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    On Sunday we had the opportunity to launch “Inspire 1” and capture some fantastic drone footage of the Avon Descent time trials at Bells Rapids.

    There is no doubt about it, Bells Rapids is a very unique and beautiful place to visit. As you will see in our footage there are plenty of people/tourists enjoying this location on the weekend. As already mentioned in a previous post Bells Rapids is situated where the Avon and Swan rivers meet in the Northern reaches of the Swan Valley. From the top of the road you get your first glimpses of the idyllic valley that is Jumbuck Hill Park. Bells Rapids and the surrounding Jumbuck Hill Park are nice places to take a casual walk around quiet native bushland. Bordering on Walyunga National Park, Jumbuck Hill includes the upper Swan River Valley and foothills on either side leading up to the Darling Ranges.

    There are some nice set out walking trails ranging in distance and difficulty. Along the walk you can expect stunning panoramas from the hill tops, old rail lines and a 25-metre cascading waterfall.

    The video below has been uploaded to YouTube in high definition with enhanced colour and therefore, it is recommended that you view this video in full screen mode using the 720p resolution setting.

    Also, don’t forget to turn up your sound. The music is very appropriate for the occasion, enjoy. :)
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    Great video admin. Does not look as if anyone will have to carry any boats this year.
  3. admin

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    thanks Angimac, we are having some great fun flying the drone.


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