Autumn All Breeds Show Results and Pics!

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  1. tumbletoots

    tumbletoots New Member

    Our thoroughbred yearling Monument Park Highlife won supreme tb, supreme show horse over 14.2 and went top 3 supreme of supreme. We were happy with her, she got progressivly better behaved throughout the day which is a good sign :)
    It was a well run show, I was black from dust when I came home though
  2. Nanna

    Nanna Well-known Member

    I would like to take this chance to thank all competitors

    And a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS ..........for...........leaving the grounds lovely and clean!!!!!!!!!!

    I went for my usual walk around well after everyone has gone home and found the stalls yards carparking areas lovely and clean

    I challenge the 'hackies' to do the same.........hahahahahaha

    Yes we all went home black, dusty and gritty but if there was not that lovely wind I think we would be medium to well done by now!!

    Also on the top 5 at the end of the day........if there is 6 or 10 or 16 competitors you still have to award the top 5 - after all this is what was advertised and promoted and SPONSORED
    Yes it is difficult to miss out - but that is showing - I agree that you have to earn it!!

    And also we have been placing down over the years - in breed and hacking ........ you must meet the criteria to be awarded!

    You will find that most judges (including me) will do this

    Fantastic day ....... great people and well done to all

    PS the T/B in the Supreme of Supreme's was only 1 point off the major awards - the P/Bred Arab and the Warmblood tied on 21 points (count back for the most 1st picks by the judges) went to the Warmblood and the beautiful T/Bred was on 20 points.............congratulations
  3. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Congrats Tumbletoots, she is such a lovely filly with a really bright future ahead!

    The big grey Warmblood was certainly stunning as well, we were admiring her all morning :)*
  4. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    Nanna - I saw a poor girl with wheelbarrow going around the float area picking up poo !

    3 cheers for her !! **)

    congrats sweety !!! (I think you needed a spare float to take home Verns big head} !! he he he **):D

  5. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    Omg went?!
    I saw luke!

    Was great to catch up with everyone..

    Yesterday, I was ready to give coda away hahaha...shes getting ring smart the shit head, perfect warm up, and in the ring shell act like a complete arse.
    She was soo nortyyy...(well...for coda)
    So our paint bred classes
    2/3 in best presented.
    champion filly 2 years and under
    and reserve champion mare to the eventual supreme paint, just said it was a really close call, but due to the fact I park out her hinds put us down....BUGGA.

    Over all our results was good, but I got a bit emotional at the end with Codas behaviour.....I was my quiet sleepy pony back, not the hormonal bitch!
  6. droverchick

    droverchick New Member

    Actually that was two of our Showhorse Promotions Committee members who cleaned the tie ups, the wash bays, and all the yards. After all the announcements by Nanna for compeitors to please clean up these areas it would have been nice if our girls only had to do a quick check over rather than spending an hour each out there in that heat picking up poo and rubbish!
  7. Sorrel

    Sorrel Well-known Member

    Keralyn Frazer took my TB and they placed -

    3rd Best Presented Show hunter 14.2h and over
    3rd Best Presented TB
    2nd TB gelding 4-8 yrs

    Thanks to all my helpers - Bec1404, Jade, Buggalugs and to Nat who showed him in the Show Hunter Gelding class. He was so well behaved for the day.

    Congrats to Keralyn who won Champ TB gelding with Disbursement and Runner up SOS with Redline Shooting Star :))

    Well run show - just a shame with the boggy, dusty grounds ..
  8. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    We had a great day my first show with a big horse since May last year lol (done lots of mini shows in between)
    Well I took my little Paint Colt Rebel (GPS Rockabilly Hustler) and he was a doll he was so well behaved and had some awesome comments from both other breeders and the judge was very proud as we have bred this boy ourselves he is a half brother to my Stallion Bobby (Hustlers Near Miss) anyway our results
    Paint Colt/Filly/Gelding 1yr and under - 1st Place
    Champion Colt/Stallion

    anyway here are HEAPS of photos lol
    Lovely banding done by Paintedhoney
    First Class
    First Ribbons

    Standing up for Supreme
  9. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    whoo ! when I was up there chatting to a friend..the "stable area" looked really clearn ! My friend clearned up her 3 bays.**)

    I did find or I should say..I couldnt find any Rubish bins around the float area to even put a can in #(

    Luckily I didnt have horses at the show- I was just there cheering on friends ;)

  10. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

    anyone know if redphotos has a web site??????????????
  11. Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire Well-known Member

  12. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

  13. mineees

    mineees Gold Member

  14. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

  15. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    go melman!!!!
    He is such a little trooper!

    P.s did sis get any of my ginja ninja?
  16. Lakota

    Lakota Well-known Member

    Well done Helen, fantastic results! What a little star she is :)
  17. miss_skoobz

    miss_skoobz Well-known Member

    We had a pretty good day :) First time ever entering show hunter too..

    Show hunter 14.2hh and under
    1st - Best presented
    1st - Mare 4yrs and over
    Champion Mare
    Supreme Champion Show Hunter
    Part Welsh
    2nd - Best presented
    1st - Mare 4yrs and over
    Champion Mare
    Can't say I'm not stoked, would have liked to stay for top 5 but had some complications with my 'helper'.
    Here is a photo of us.. Sorry its so big!
    Congrats everyone, and goodie, I was in the best presented (and another class I cant remember) with you for the hunter classes ;) I have the tubby chestnut :)
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  18. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    Yes she did and both Coda and Reb have slept ALL DAY poor bubbies lol:D
  19. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    Oh have they really hahaha...
    lazy bums.

    Now...were are those tissue boxes...
  20. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    Hey cheeky monkey what time ya back today????? and NO TISSUE BOXES NEEDED he is a tough widdle man :D

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