Autumn All Breeds Show Results and Pics!

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by ArabAtHeart, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    How did everyone do?

    Pics are a must!!!
  2. Yentle

    Yentle Active Member

    My Friesian Filly went Reserve Champion in the Any Other Registered Breed. I'm not sure what took longer, getting the horse ready for the show or getting all the dust and dirt off myself when I got home. Great show though. Well done to the organisors. A big thank you.
  3. Teddie1980

    Teddie1980 Well-known Member

    Lovely show!!

    Thanks to the organisers and there were lovely horses out there today!

    Tess and I got:

    3rd Best Presents
    1st Filly/mare
    Champion Filly/Mare

    Couple of pics - not the best - poor husband was watching the 2 kids and being my photographer :)



  4. Merlin

    Merlin Well-known Member

    TB results anyone???????:))
  5. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Well wasnt Kimi's day at all today. :(

    1st Show Pony
    2nd AORP
    No placings in the Mini Horse:(

    Thanks heaps to Jackie & Janine for showing her in her classes & Leanne for the lift there and home... :)

    Congrats to everyone else.
  6. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    Congrats everyone :)

    How did the Arabs and Part breds do?
  7. Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire Well-known Member

    Just took Bella today, glad I did as I had such a nice time with her she was such a good girl :)

    3rd Mini Pony Yearling
    1st Buckskin Yearling
    Reserve Champion Buckskin Mare/Filly

    Was a great turnout of Buckskins too, there was 6 mares/fillies compared to the last few shows where there was only 1 or 2!! So very happy with her results from that class.

    Missed our AORP class by a few minutes.
    Had a great day apart from the wind (got so much sand in my eyes!) thanks to the organisers, helpers etc it was a nice show :))
  8. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Had a good day after a rocky start! Was great to see such a strong line up of Warmbloods! Molly went 3rd Best Presented Warmblood, 2nd Warmblood Filly to a very nice filly, then Kiara showed her for 1st Best Presented AORB, 1st AORB Filly, and Champion Filly/Mare.

    I took Noddi down but he got stressed with all of the other horses so I put him in a yard and let him relax instead of putting him through competing. It did him a lot of good and he settled a heap. He decided not to go on the float and I was so over it, HUGE thanks to Roanna who gave us a helping hand :)*

    I have photos coming.
  9. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    :eek: WOW Tess has filled out and grown up so much!!! I remember seeing her when she was much younger (Perhaps 2 years ago? At the youngstock show?) and she looked so different. She looks amazing! Contrats on your results :)) .
  10. Cheveley Park

    Cheveley Park New Member

    Congratulations Teddie1980, She is looking great and looks just like her dad!!!
    Unfortunatly couldn't make it as ended up with no babysitters maybe next time.
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  11. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Scooter was a good boy (as usual :D )

    Hunter 14.2hh aand under
    2nd Best Presented
    3rd Gelding (to 2 gorgeous Connemaras )

    1st Best Presented
    1st Gelding
    Champion Gelding

    Great show...well done to the organisers :)* Big congrats to everyone that competed :)

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  12. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Here are some photos of our crew (Mods, I have permission granted to post pics with Kiara) -

    Tinkerbelle and Kiara
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  13. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Was a lovely, relaxed, dusty show :D Jackson was an absolute little legend, helping to babysit baby Ellie at her first Big Day Out.

    Jackson (Gold Park Jackson)

    2nd Show Pony Geld 4&over

    APSB - Other
    1st Best Presented
    3rd Gelding 4yrs& over (beaten by the 2 lovely Connemaras)

    Very happy with the little guy and looking forward to Warren AG :)
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  14. Teddie1980

    Teddie1980 Well-known Member

    Thank you Springbok! :D

    Thanks Cheveley Park - i know i always think how much she looks like him and i am sure she has his temperment very cruisy - next time bring the kids and husband will watch then with my two hehehe :)
  15. country chick89

    country chick89 Active Member

    My sister and i had a gd day. Amanda and William went in quarter horse and i went with strider in Paint bred.

    worm and william

    2nd best presented
    2nd gelding
    res. champion quarer horse gelding

    Me and Strider
    1st best presented
    1st gelding
    Champion Gelding

    well done to all others for their results and thanx to the judge in ring 6 for giving the advice and helping everybody out. Very much Appreciated :)*:)*:))
  16. Gemgem

    Gemgem Well-known Member

    I didn't have such a good time at all. After my week, I shouldn't be suprised lol. The judges were very nice and very helpful :)*

    Thanks to Saph and her 'team' too for putting up with me and my whinging and filling out my forms, helping me with make-up and tails when I was shaking too much :eek: Phoebe was great, she really looked after me, showed me the ropes of what I was supposed to do. I wasn't well at all, and she kept giving me kisses and cuddles all day :)

    It was great to see a few buckskins :D
    I dont know much about breed showing, but it seems pretty pointless to me to be the only one in a class or a very small class and win everything against no one. To me there would be no sense of achievement. Maybe breed showing isnt for me, for the other classes that I entered apart from buckskin, it seemed like I was paying $10 for a ribbon without really deserving or earning it.

    I've come home with 5 less toenails (I dont even know how as I never got stepped on), a face full of dust, sore teeth from chattering and feeling like I just got off a very spinny ride LOL. Leaning over the rails and on Pheebs was the only thing that kept me from stacking it haha. That'll learn me for not following doctors orders. I just spent about 5mins staring at the TV remote trying to find the air-con temp!! Sooo not with it hahahaha
  17. OBHH

    OBHH Well-known Member

    Its a shame that you feel this way Gemgem, you will find that this will also happen in hacking as well, so its not just breed shows. You may be the only one in your ridden class. A judge DOES NOT have to award a first place ribbon or any ribbon at all if they think the horse is not worthy of the placing. So dont look at it as paying $10 for a ribbon, look at it as you put the time and effort into presenting your horse to the judge and that is your reward for owing such a fine creature. The judge obviously thought she was worthy of the placing.
    Yes you do get more satisfaction knowing that you may have beaten other horses if there was more in the class but that is just the nature of the game we play, one week you might be the only horse in the ring, another ring you might have more to compete with.
    Be happy with the fact that your horse behaved well and looked after you as you said, it is very much a social day out with your horse so hopefully next time you will enjoy if a bit better.:)
  18. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    What a great turn out !

    Goodie @)- we spoke to each other..and I didnt click it was you ! sorry :eek:

    congrats to all !! :D

    the ones I can remember..
    & Liz with Tyson !! **):D

    SOS led - Chathan Lady Hawk


    p,s... I do have to add... what yukky grounds to run on ! eekkk and some peoples foot wear in the ring !!??? what happened to Safety !!??
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  19. Petite Pastures

    Petite Pastures Well-known Member

    Wow am I glad that is over ..... I am so tired and dirty and stinky LOL
    Had a great weekend (thanks Dee for the BBQ) and lots of laughs .... you wouldnt believe how funny a bucket can be

    My results are
    Petite Pastures Mytee Majestic (Eve)
    nothing in mini horse (loser)
    2nd Show pony
    1st AORP
    Reserve Champion AORP
    She was such a good baby and I got some lovely comments from the judges and other people

    Sierra Little Boy Blue (Jarrah)
    1st Miniature horse gelding senior
    Champion Miniature Horse Gelding beating to lovely Lindan Park horse who is a national winner ..... I am still floating on cloud nine .... Jarrah is just a champ **)

    Lots of wonderful horses there today.
    Big congrats to everyone and Girl Toni dont be drawing stripes on that pony no more :D
    So good to catch up with everyone, even if only quickly.





  20. Petite Pastures

    Petite Pastures Well-known Member


    some random people

    Lovely Tru


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