Aus QH sold to the USA

Discussion in 'News Items' started by perpetuality, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Luckily for us zoo Australia hasn't reached the place where our hunter horses are only 16.3hh +, we are still able to win the NPHA $20,000 2 y/o Western Pleasure futurity with the same horse that won the 2 y/o Hunter Under Saddle Futurity, as was shown last year.
    I hope you are right
    "Regardless of what the purchaser has brought the filly for, is not for anyone to question. I am sure the purchaser has done his/her homework for one reason or the other................ "
    as I know that I would not want to find out after I had paid the freight.
    I am sure you are well aware in every other country in the world AQHA Stands for American Quater Horse Association, only in Australia do we use AmQHA, as we are the only country that does not use the American Quarter Horse Association's Studbook ( thankfully as their are many good horse's that would be unregistable if we fully adopted there studbook ) however I am sure you can understand how someone could easily be confused presuming that AQHA stands for American Quarter Horse Association.
    Either way you are luck you brought the full sister before this happened I am sure she never would have been for sale after.
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    I am aware ddr what AQHA stands for but others here might be confused thats why i state AmQHA. I do not think the buyer would be too confused as from what i have seen it has been clearly stated on all ads for sale the filly is A2 registered and that does not exist in the states. Don't want to debate this with you cos at the end of the day its not my problem or yours and neither of us know or will know, but i am sure the purchaser is not stupid and done their homework, as i am sure you would have done yours too:)* Just a bit off track here but what about people who have imported stallions and their DNA doesn't talley up; again surely it is up the purchaser to do their homework correctly.

    If you have a genuine concern about this then maybe you should address your concerns where it may be of use cos i don't think anyone here really cares :)) At the end of the day she is sold to the states and not necessarily as a QH either *#)
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    Congrats Squid - thats great news... I found the lovely little critter... Molly (for anyone else that wants a drool)

    I dont know much about QH or registration etc, so Im not having a go, just curious...
    I read that she has stockhorse blood? So does this make her a QH x SH or is there a way you can register them QH? Is it her dam, or dams/dam that was SH? Sorry! I cant read, lol....
    No matter what breed she is, she is lovely and I wish the new owners the best!

    You will have to keep us up-to-date when she gets over there!
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    Zoo, yes your right about doing the homework, as you would know there has been more than one horse imported into Australia only to discover that once here, the animal was not able to be registered, for one reason or another, Yes it's up to the buyer to do the research, but truthfully I am very disappointed that it happen not only for the person/people that did it, but it's a loss to Australia. I know one of those mistake's was due to ignorance about the rule's as they were different from America to Australia. However it did not change the disappointment of owning a horse that was completely unusable for it's intended purpose ( I would class it more as devastation ) I for one know that would not be an enviable situation to be in both emotionally and financially.
    I hope in this case things are different as I am sure they will be, the post does read as if it's a QH, I asked squid about it and she did not reply ( totally her decision ) however maybe it was as something different I don't actually care that much, you seem to know more about it all,
    All we all hope for i'm sure is a positive resault and both parties are happy
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    Thanks Bindi :)*

    ddr i agree too and hope all parties are happy

    I read the post different maybe cos i have the full sibling with full knowledge of registration status over there. No i know as much about it as you, the horse could have been sold to arab breeders or for all i know, but everyone just seemed to assume that the horse is being sold as a QH when the post only stated that an Aus QH was being exported. You must have cared a little otherwise you wouldn't have posted :D

    Have a nice day and good luck at the shows :))
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    Bindi, come sit on my lilly pad and lets throw popcorn at the fwogs how much time do you have? :D
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    Perpetuality - it is a shame that you could not come and answer some of the questions that interested parties have asked?

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