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  1. Murray

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    Tru Blu Texan(imp) is an ideal outcross on Doc Bar, Peppy, King, Three Bars, Top Deck mares for roping, reining, mustering and general riding horses, suitable for taller and larger people.

    He will infuse height, strength, good bone and feet, speed, cow savvy, soundness and trainability. Tru Blu Texan is a prolific Roan producer.

    We are taking a limited amount of mares this year. Blu is standing for live cover in Newdegate, WA.

    Frozen Semen is available for shipping or inseminating at Olive Grove Breeding Centre, Bullsbrook, WA.

    Service Fee: $1350.00 inc gst and $550.00 deductible/non refundable deposit.
    Special Offer For Stockyard members: Book in before 31/08/11 and receive a $150.00 discount.

    Transport could be arranged through Ramsey's Horse Transport.
    Contact Lena on 0428711031, e-mail: website: COLIBAN QUARTER HORSES

  2. Thanks Admin for putting it up for me:)*

    Ramseys are going from Perth to Esperance on a fortnightly basis when racing starts or bring a mare yourself on a bitumen road to the drive way.
    Our mare care is excellent, pregnancy rate on a first cycle with Blu is 99% (only one mare had to be rebred on the second cycle for P+).
    We'll be taking only 5 outside mares all up this breeding season.
    Don't miss on a discounted deal Stokies!:p
  3. Thanks for pms and emails Stockies! We have 3 vacancies left. Please note we only accept breeds eligible for registration with aqha and we don't take wet mares for live cover.
  4. Hi Stockies, we are offering the same discount deal for SY members this breeding season.:rockon:
    We will be taking only 5 outside mares for live cover on farm.

    Breed your own Blu baby!:D


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  5. old_mate

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    Nice but I would rather use one of your mares and let you do all the hard work and pick what foal I want when it is on the ground, .....
  6. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    yum! given the costs invovled in breeding you offer your foals at a very reasonable price Lena. Plotting and planning going on in my head lol.

    Hey Lena is he ridden at all? I owuld love to see some vidoe of him under saddle. Just cos I am nosy and love looking at your beautiful horses :)
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  7. Being farmers, living on broad acres, growing our own hay and grain puts us in a better position than other studs that have to buy their feed in.
    We are just passing the savings on to our customers.:D every one prefers a good quality product at a reasonable price. 15 years in a row we have been selling out of young stock.

    Nope, he hasn't been ridden since he left GeeJay's place. :))) We don't ride.:)

    What are you plotting and planning SM?:D
  8. Sugar's Mum

    Sugar's Mum Gold Member

    just dreaming at this stage Lena. I love your babies adn would love to have a QH again. Satin looks like she might not get big enough. So this time round instead of picking up a cheapie I am goign to save my butt off. BUT having been told i was going to have fulltime work 6 months ago and it only just coming to fruition I dont trust my wage so would rather save up and pay cash.
  9. lol! smart thinking, old_mate!*#)
    A lot of people want to breed a foal out of their own mares, can you blame them?:D
  10. old_mate

    old_mate Well-known Member

    Yeah, but then you don't get to pick colour and sex...
  11. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    And that's part of the fun of it.

    Come on September..............
  12. Yes, GR :D
    Life is never boring with roans or an anticipation of getting a roan!*#)

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