At Stud: Fame's Nitro (imp USA) 17hh black tobiano stallion

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    At Stud: Fame's Nitro (imp USA) 16.3hh black tobiano stallion

    Fame's Nitro (imp USA)
    16.3hh black tobiano American Saddlebred stallion
    ASSRA Reg #A487 Approved to stand at stud
    Standing at Black Orchid Stud this season, Mount Helena.

    Homozygous black, homozygous tobiano.



    Now in his eighth year, Nitro's oldest progeny are soon to be started under saddle.

    All progeny to date have inherited an excellent laid back shoulder, high set neck, great length of rein, a clean throatlatch, plenty of leg, that famous knee action, and fabulous intelligent temperaments. We have been absolutely thrilled with the results, and it has been a genuine pleasure to recommend him as a refining stallion of some significance.

    He is ideal over substantial, heavier mares that require refining and additional movement. He has proven exceptional in improving fronts in particular. We do not recommend him over fine mares or mares with poor feet as he will not improve either attribute. We will not accept mares smaller than 14.2hh, mares that are poorly handled or mares that we consider will not be improved by him (but we can often suggest stallions that might be more suitable, and we don't bite!)

    A few progeny:
    Tropical Storm - purebred black tobiano 3yo filly, currently ~15.2hh to mat 16.2hh from 15.2hh dam. 75% ACE score at her inspection as a yearling. Shows her sire's excellent front and movement. She is heading to Anna Thompson shortly to start her career!


    Tropical Punch - purebred black tobiano 2yo filly to mat 17hh+, full sister to Storm. Another filly with an excellent front and extreme type and size, sold to Eastern States.

    Black Orchid's Thunder - Arabian x bay tobiano 2yo gelding to mat 15.3hh from 14.2hh dam. Brilliantly bred dam (full sister to Bremervale Andronicus exp USA). Gifted mover that floats at the trot just going to get a drink from the water trough. Excellent type, compact and elegant. Sold to a wonderful WA home.


    We have two more purebreds due this season, and we are looking forward to seeing Nitro's first warmblood cross foal from one of our clients this season as well!

    Fertility figures:
    Live: 80% live foal rate on first service. 90% live foal rate by second service.
    Chilled: 70% progressive motility after 24 hours. 100% conception first insemination rate from 8 chilled inseminations.
    Frozen: 50% progressive post-thaw motility. Not enough frozen to provide accurate figures, however 50% first insemination rate to date, including from two doses that had straws break in the bath and a conception from one of those damaged doses (10% of straw volume inseminated)

    2013/14 season rate is $1500 with free return. This includes one month's mare care on property, or one chilled shipment collection and delivery, or two frozen doses (three breeding certificates max).

    For more information, please contact us on 08 95725380!
    facebook/blackorchidstud (plenty of progeny photos and information)
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    Our first purebred foal by Nitro is Tropical Storm.

    Storm is out of Vision's High Society, who is by the imported stallion I Ring Bells and out of Faneeki's Spellcaster. She has an extremely credentialled damline of strong producing mares from the line of Freak of Nature, who was exported to South Africa and was the dam of Tears and Roses, the SA 5 gaited Grand Champion.

    This is like winning the toughest dressage competition in the country, in terms of the numbers and level of competition. While we do not show 5 gaited horses here, we value their lines greatly, as the enormous strength, stamina and heart required, in particular the very strong tendons, stifles and hocks are all great attributes to have for any performance horse.

    Her sireline is from the line of the great Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly an outstanding producer of competition horses. Her pedigree also includes the Broodmare hall of fame mares Reveries Desdemona and Stonewall's Ruth E. Mares must produce three World or Reserve champions to qualify for consideration, (in terms of the level of competition, this would be roughly equivalent to producing three GP dressage horses that have finished nationally in the top 3)

    These lines mixed with Nitro's have produced a filly with size, strength and blood. We have retained Storm for the stud as a future dressage horse.


    We have a full brother or sister to Storm due later on in the year; at this stage the foal will be available for sale.

    We also have a number of clients with foals due by Nitro to quality mares with their own sets of credentials; enquiries are welcome for more information on coming foals that may be available for sale.
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    bumping for July :)
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    Lovely filly!! **)
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    Bumping for September.

    Also bumping for a congratulations to Meguire Hall and Nitro's 3/4 brother Doctor Zhivago, just crowned a back-to-back World's Champion in Amateur 3-gaited Park in a very deep class! He has now won at the highest levels for the breed both under saddle and in harness, and he is only 8 years old. Gaited Championship/Images/197-057-KSF11.JPG

    To win this class you need a horse that naturally likes to collect w/t/c and show off to a crowd, while being attentive to, and forgiving of, a rider that may not be perfect.
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    Bumping for the 2013/14 season :)

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