Asking a horse to lie down when riding.

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    Asking a horse to lie down when riding.

    Here is another video where you get to watch Newt think. It should remind you of watching Newt learn how to stand on the box.( The more things I teach a horse the more I can learn about how they think and process what I am doing. Can you see the consistency in Newt's thought patterns?I forgot to mention that I was cueing him by tapping his belly with the lead rope. If you watch for it you can see it. If your curious about how that works you can read my previous blog about teaching a horse to lie down. When you watch the video of Jac learning to lie down (, can you see the similarities to watching Newt learn how to step up on the box? Can you see how allowing them time to think gives them the opportunity to participate in the training by making choices?
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