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Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Raw Prawn, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Bon & Ted

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    This is pretty helpful:

    Constructing the Dressage Arena

    I wonder if I could get that much sand from a building site though.......

    Would anyone consider clean fill for a surface if it wasn't very clay heavy? Theres a mob advertises in the quokka for clean fill from pool excavations, free delivery....if it was just sand it could seriously be worth considering. Has to be better than the gravel I ride on now...
  2. rockyj

    rockyj Active Member

    Hey KPF
    I know where you are coming from - I am above you on the Collie Hill with a very similar problem - except we had to dig ours out and, believe it or not, even with no topping rides really well. [You are welcome to come see if you like]

    Have you tried the Dardi mine?
  3. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Our Arena has been finished about three months.
    We used crushed limestone as a base with Gingin Quartz (similiar to Riversand but white) The base is the most important part make sure it is compacted correctly. The guy who did mine used limestone that was too big so has just had to roll it and redo the surface.
    Earthworks, PVC fence, limestone wall, crushed limestone & gingin quartz total cost somewhere around the $27 grand mark!
    Here are a couple of pictures.



  4. Jerrico

    Jerrico New Member

    Your arena looks fantastic Party Time. Where did you get the PVC fencing from? I have seen it around lately on a lot of propertys. Do they sell it per panel?
  5. KPF

    KPF Well-known Member

    that arena looks really nice, and it sounds like a fantastic price you managed for what you got, inclusive of retainer wall and PVC fence. Has it also got subsoil drainage?

    One quote we had done, came to $35K to do both arena and roundyard surface - and that wasn't including fencing or retaining.:}

    I feel like I'm stuck with this, there's just no cheaper alternative that will be suitable, we don't have any sand on our property to utlise in the base and we need a mass amount of subsoil drainage......[sigh] I'll be happy when its complete, but cringe at these quotes when I look at everyone else's around Perth area! We found a great contractor that, although he has never built an arena is thoroughly doing a lot of research for us with the products available and costs and suitability, he is really trying and we've been discussing for over a month now trying to come up with the best plan of attack, so that is nice.

    Sorry for hijacking this thread!:eek:

    Hi Rocky - what do you mean when you say you have no topping on your arena? Which is the Dardi mine and who runs it? We have spoken to a few people, the Iluka product I think will be super for our round yard to go straight on top of a hard base, they used it at the Bunbury HPC but I've seen it in use and it is so dusty, more so than other products I've seen, so I'll stick to the limestone for the top surface, besides I like the look and texture, and we'll put retic in, its just the base we need sorted, what has the Dardi mine got?
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  6. NorWester

    NorWester Well-known Member

    The arena we had quoted was for one similar to Party's in product and fencing, however size wise it was 30x65 and the retaining wall on one side was 6.5 meters in height.

    Our property in on a hill, so the earthworks and retaining walls were expensive for us.

    Not to mention we also had to put in some good water diverts and drainage, as the water that runs off the hills over time would put strain on the retaining walls.
  7. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    we got some free clean fill delivered from a pool guy a while back and it was full of roofing tiles, bricks, roots, sticks, metal, limestone, concrete, garden plants, riverstone pebbles, electrical wiring etc
  8. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    ok ill try for 3rd time bloody computer and work!! lol
  9. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    sounds like an ideal surface to ride on then *#)

    IPT Your Arena is stunning!!!
  10. Toyz

    Toyz Well-known Member

    oops that wasn't ment to go then lol
    Ok KPF i can get a quote for you if you would like but we are along way away from you about 230km... My boss is back next week so ill ask him if he knows of any down that way as hes been in the business along time:) we dont sell lime stone we are only a blue metal quarry but the dust is good as base as it is surface it compacks really well and it obsorbs water good aswel BUT when you get dry days it will get dusty #(
  11. singingludwig

    singingludwig New Member

    Blue metal for arena FREE

    We have recently moved to a property in Wandi,with an arena 20m x 60m. this has approx 100ml of blue metal on its surface. We are going to landscape the area as we dont have horses. There is appox 120 tonne of blue metal (probably more) it is sitting on builders sand so may have a bit in it when removed. if you can organise to have it trucked out you can have it for free.
    contact me on 0437058560
  12. TobanMokey736

    TobanMokey736 Well-known Member

    *#)*#) I am trying to convince my dad to help me make us an arena, or at least help us resurface the s*** one we have now.. it's terrible.. He owns an earthworks/earthmoving company and has all the things he needs to build a STUNNING arena.. hint hint hehehe :p mmm I can just see the arena now..
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  13. Topaz17

    Topaz17 Active Member

    Give Dirtshape WA a call if you want a nice arena built call Phil on 0439955066. :D he has a horse background not to mention he is stuck with a horsey girl lol one day i will get him to build me one. (have to wait for the property first):D
  14. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    What type of surface did you use?

    The ground here is gravel so after I had our arena area leveled I had a good road base put down followed by sand.

    What boundary fencing/border did you use?

    My OH built our arena fence in galvanised cattle rail. which you an see in the photo below


    What companies/contractors will level out the ground?

    We got a local earthwork company. So he leveled the ground to a degree. it looks and feels level but has a very slight slope for drainage as well as having diversion drain to prevent any runoff making it way onto the arena. Also once the foad base was put down it was wet and rolled to compact it prior to the sand.

    Are there any companies/contractors out there who will do the whole lot (leveling/compacting/surfacing)?

    Yes most earthwork companies can and will do so.

    Approximate cost (PM if you prefer)?

    Our arena cost about 15k and about another 6k for the fencing.

    Having built an arena before and not doing it properly I knew the inoportance of getting it right this time.

    Making sure you have good drainage and also a very well prepared base are of the utmost importance.

    We tried to do it a bit cheaply at our other place and it just ended up to boggy, not really that usuable and expensive to fix. This time we did it right and regardless of the weather, orhow much rain we have our arena gets used daily.

    Somtimes we work as many as 12 horses over the it is constant use .......although itmight get a break today as I am not liking the idea in riding in the amount of rain we are getting at the moment :)
  15. alex

    alex Well-known Member

    Wow. We recently put one in and it cost 24k for the basic model sized 60 x 27. This consisted of a 6inch blue metal base, 2 inch river sand surface and a pine sleeper retaining wall. No retic, no fencing and in my opinion, not enough surface...

    It was the only one we could afford, they next one up was around 30k and the only difference was that it had a jarrah screening on top...

    There's a few things I would redo with ours, obviously the surface, as I'm jumping 3 horses on it once a week (and flatworking on it every other day) and find that I'm digging up the blue metal on takeoff/landing and corners, and probably a better retaining wall, as I've found with the recent rain the riversand is being washed out under the wall.
    Our seems to drain quite well however, and have not had it flood yet (touch wood!) even though it's on the wettest part of our property.

    P.S. Tadpole looks so cute in that photo Jennie!
  16. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Thanks Alex :) Tadpole is pretty cute and he was being a very good boy with Izzy. He is starting to go really well now although he isn't very brave..... but he is young, willing and will do as you ask..... just really looky when things change and leaves allot of air at times in an unflattering way LOL

    As for our costs we are firstly in the country and know the people. we are not far out of town so the tranasportation costs for machinery and fill were probably no where near as much as your might be. They only had to transport about 6kms.

    Also the 15k was arena, roundyard and stable complex earthworks as well as filling an unused well with rocks and pushing down a very large tree.

    In regards to the fencing, Wayne built it, so the 6k was for steel and ready mix cement.

    wayne is pretty handy to have around :)
  17. Evered

    Evered Well-known Member

    Party I love your arena! Very nice.

    Everyone we have had in to give us a quote has never returned :p Something to do with having to dig down 6m on one end...*#) I probably would prefer to not know the cost due to living on a hill on a ridiculous angle :(

    Make sure it has good drainage and is not too deep. A lot of arenas are too deep. I find riversand/woodchip mixes to be great.
  18. swadmick

    swadmick New Member

    I have come across a company in The Western District of Victoria that build arenas. I believe they do all works- drainage, base and fencing. They are called Cavan Constructions. Hope that helps.

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