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Discussion in 'News Items' started by Saiorse, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Ermm why isn't it the buyer's fault?? Assuming the horse was in good condition when they bought him/her then whatever happens after the purchase is ENTIRELY the buyer's fault!!

    When a horse is in your care then you are responsible to CARE for them. That means correct feed, worming, feet, teeth etc... and that only takes care of their physical needs, you must have time to spend with them grooming etc as well.

    I agree with Remaani, I hope the person responsible for the suffering these animals have been subjected to is NEVER able to have another animal in their care. :mad:

    Everyone at Save Equus does a wonderful job, particularly Saiorse who often spends days/weeks of her own time trying to help horses who have been mistreated by other people. She has to contend with the emotional stress too which is often considerable. Well done Saiorse and everyone at Save Equus, thank God for you! **)
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    Thanks Rem ;)
    yes, it is quite a big job and very time consuming, therefore we are always happy to get help from volunteers. There are so many jobs involved ....
    We actually do have a psychologist on the team which is helpfull when it comes to the emotional stress. Sometimes you cannot help to get emotionally involved when you see what is going on, we are just human. You have to learn to distance yourself, stay focused and balanced, never forget the big picture.
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    I remember that add too-hes the same age as my handreared baby(gotta stop calling her an orphan!!)....I agree when you take on a horse you take on whatever problems come with it and its your responsibility to sort them out!!! And the free ones usually end up costing the most......
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    Remember that old saying "never look a gift horse in the mouth"?

    It's from another era, a time when horses where vehicles and not treated much better. Any horse, no matter how old, was able to be put to work until its death.

    Now horses are for recreation, and pets, we need to remember this -



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