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Discussion in 'News Items' started by Saiorse, Nov 25, 2007.

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    Oh this is just so sad :(

    I'd love to help! I really really would. That little Welshie sounds like he has a fan club building ;) I have a spare paddock where Hon is agisted .. :p
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    Quick update on the 3 Save Equus Inc. horses looking for permanent loving homes;

    The STB - she has a regular carer now, who is devoted to her but cannot keep a horse of her own, so regularly visits and interacts and trains with her. She will be attending courses in Horsemanship with her current volunteer carer. She is still delightful and cheeky, and becoming more valuable and educated every day; so do let us know if you like the sound of this youngster!

    The TB - so much has been happening for this mare since I last posted on Stockyard about her! Not only does she have regular interaction with a great volunteer each week, but she has commenced beach activities to help her with her very deep emotional scars. I enlisted the help of an animal communicator who did not know her, as my ability to relate to a horse I'm too familiar with is often inhibited! Poor darling feels unworthy of the love and assistance people offer, so invests her energy resisting and in some cases actively pushing her carers away in the hope that they will dislike her. I will admit she comes very close to repelling the care and affections of most humans she meets. Our response to this possibility; love her in spite of her malicious actions. Love her and keep trying in any way we can to prove to her she is as lovable and worthy as any other creature! The ocean is such a great place to learn relaxation and wash away the garbage of life, that we decided to make a weekly routine of visiting the beach in Naval Base with her (I practically live there anyway, lol). This week she was the startled-looking mare unable to listen and threatening to run me down. By the end of half an hour she was relaxing and starting to swim a little. No rolling on the sand though - that would be far to joyous an experience to allow herself! She is quite content in her foster herd, and I still believe she is the perfect teacher and companion for a special person, so special people, get in touch with Save Equus!

    The Welshie - well, he has gone from strength to strength! Over the holiday period he visited the beach for the first time, swam, and was rebacked gently in the sea and successfully and safely ridden bareback and in a halter by two of my teenage students at Naval Base beach. I've posted the absolutely delightful photo's on Save Equus's FB page whilst our website is still being refined. I even caught myself pricing up small carts, thinking I might keep him in my family, but it's not meant to be. The place he currently occupies in my herd is desperately needed by many other horses! So after lots of offers came in to take him on, we've settled on a foster carer for the next part of his rehabilitation; he's better than your average pony now! And who knows, they might want to keep him forever?

    On behalf of Save Equus Inc.

    Save Equus, Horse Rescue organisation based in Perth WA Australia

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    Have a great Long Weekend, everyone!

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    Interesting reading XJ

    Having had 2 ponies that had issues end up going on to be great ponies with a purpose I know it can be done.

    One of ours trashed a car to get back at the owner ( of the car) for the way he was treated by that person.....& I mean trashed ....he reared up striking the bonnet & boot putting dents & scratches everywhere &then proceeded to double barrell into the drivers door ....he was one pissed off pony.
    We had to go back to basics & find the pathway that worked for him.....if you look at the video of Jafale in the members videos section you will see what a great pony he turned out to be.
    We then took on a little welshie who spent the first 3 years of his life rounded up with a cattle prod. The people who took him from that situation did a good job with him but he was very timid & scared & had real issues with picking up his feet & was super spooky
    In the year we spent with him he improved dramatically ..... just took kind, consistant handling.
    He now is a much loved member of a family & even went to the royal this year.
    All these ponies needed was a purpose & what it took was finding the right pathway to show them their purpose ........ both are much happier now, doing their jobs then they ever were being timid or aggresive paddock ornaments
    So good on you for what you are trying to achieve ..... I was told to put a bullet in the little grey & not to waste my time ......he is a real champion now & worth his weight in gold
    We no longer own these two but they will always hold special places in our hearts :)
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    Save Equus Rocket at the beach 2nd time...

    I took the little 'un to the beach with 3 others in my herd today, and he had such a spectacular time. A younger child, with great, calm and loving energy took him on and with support from Save Equus volunteers she handled him and swam with him, eventually riding him bareback in a halter, off the leadline in the sea and on the beach. It is now as if this pony has NEVER experienced fear at the hands of humans and rough handling, trauma and cruelty. We are all thrilled.
    View attachment 2371

    He has always retained an air of self-reliance, like a little Iberian stallion (he has those Spanish good looks, in an 11hh package, lol), but now he is a domestic horse and has finally realised the kindness of humans is real, our leadership is worthy of following and a life amongst people can be quite fun! This was his first time at the beach and being ridden by a person since his trauma. Of course my lovely boy Whiskey and a brilliant student of mine supported him.
    View attachment 2372

    This little horse is amongst the best ponies I've ever had the priviledge of knowing. I've started many, I've taught lots of kids with ponies (and adults with ponies too) but I've never come across one such as little "pocket-rocket." His future is so bright...


    Horsemanship with Jayne Lavender

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    do you have a pic of the 'lil welshie? how tall is he?
  7. bonnieboozel

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    nevermind hahaha found it (me derrrrr) :)*
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    Saiorse how are all these ponies going ? great thread, glad we've got you in this world. **)

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    Rocket has found a new home **) **) He will be leaving soon, we are all very happy with his new family and wish them all the best :))
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    Saiorse is busy doing a tour guide (amongst all her other jobs) for a couple of 'crazy' english lady tourists. I am sure once they have left and she has had time for a cuppa tea we will get an update :)
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    lol are the Poms still there ? :p

    thanks V.B

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    wow, what a good read and great work to everyone involved :)
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    Little Pocket Rocket isn't living at my place anymore, and I miss him!

    I will visit regularly, and teach his new foster carers how to relate to him and ride him etc. so I'll keep you updated of his escapades.

    I delivered him to his new home on Friday afternoon. He took it all in his stride, and he'll be getting flower essences to help him with this next transition in his life.

    So now it's time for a Pepper & Mimi update; I'll visit both mares this week and let you know how they are progressing with their volunteers! Both mares are still looking for permanent loving homes!


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    2nd Quarter Update 2008

    SE Pepper has a human to love and care for her now! See "Save Equus Pepper" Thread.

    SE Mimi has commenced her riding education with me so she can be rehomed as a going concern. I had hoped we'd find her a special person to be a part of the starting process alongside me, to share in her special "firsts" and watch her learn how to learn, and grow into a mare. Oh well, just her and me (and my canine partner Rex). I'll take lots of photographs when I don't need 2 hands! She has grown into a striking youngster. Her white markings are most interesting - she has unusual socks. She is such a sweet filly. Once I've backed her I'm sure I'll be fending you all off as potential adoptee's!

    Sadly we have taken in rather a lot of neglected horses this year. We've been gelding colts because their owners wouldn't, trimming crippled hooves because their owners wouldn't, feeding and watering horses because their owners wouldn't and as ever, standing-up for horses who have the misfortune to belong to troubled individuals. Many of the recent horses are unbranded, so I lack background information on them. Some of you may know a little and I'd sincerely appreciate if you could tell me any small snippet so they get the best possible care. We have an orphaned possible ArabX foal, a lovable Palouse, several shetland/mini males and a piebald shetland mare. If any of those deliberately brief descriptions appeal to you, get in touch with Save Equus Inc. and offer to foster or adopt, or simply volunteer some grooming time for these waifs.

    I'm particularly looking for someone with the patience and compassion of a saint for a pinto shetland/mini who wishes he'd never met humans. He breaks my heart (and my fences) as a result of his past trauma...

    Thanks for reading this update, and please tell your friends.


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    Bumping for snippets regarding recently neglected horses...

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    Yay, we've found some mini's/shetlands homes!

    We do not charge for our horses. The fundraising and funding we receive takes care of their needs, and the horses have their own halters and leads, buckets and rugs.

    I'm still seeking potential homes for some really nice horses who have simply been unlucky. Get in touch with if you are curious. My purpose for rehoming some whilst they are still quite green (we do offer ongoing support with training) is that our "beds" are currently full, yet there are several worthy horses in the community right now that really need to be removed from difficult circumstances. Currently they are recieving minimal care, and have a deadline.

    Help us to keep them from a fate worse than death...

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    An orphan foal-how old?? Poor little baby! We've just bought a mini-I wish I'd known you guys had some!!
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    Hi Pockets,

    The foal is about 9 months. I've traced him from a Quokka Ad. some months back. I will find his original owners and find out for sure, as the Quokka are very helpful when I call and ask for help regarding Equine Welfare issues. He was advertised as a Waler. You should see his beautiful new coat coming through. He eats more food than the adult horses paddocked nearby! His vets are very happy with his progress now he has been repeatedly drenched and obtaining proper nutrition (he was heavily burdened with worms and sand).

    I will be trawling the Stockyard archives tonight for details about the other horses, as they may have been traded on this very site! Gotta love the internet; you can find out almost anything!

    Anyone able to bring me a hot chocolate, no sugar, around midnight???

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    Good luck.
    I remember the Free Waler advert..... poor pony, but then sellers should put some thought into the homes they give/sell their horses too, or dont they care???

    I hope the owner of these animals DO NOT get another horse again. #( :(
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    but is not allways the buyers fault too.
    it can be the sellers fault aswell.
    but the buyers can get coped with it at the end.

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