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  1. Saiorse

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    Three of the Save Equus Inc. horses are seeking permanent loving homes.

    We have fostered these three for some time, due to developmental and emotional issues they have experienced in their past. Our wish has been to help them feel totally secure and confident before they are given to loving new owners, but I can't help feeling, as a Horse Behaviour Professional and owner of several abused horses, that I'd depriving 3 great people of the chance to experience the joy of turning a horse around.

    So I thought I'd let you all (and please pass this on to your non-Stockies friends) know about these three in particular, and let you decide whether you've got the heart to take the path these three offer to any loving horse person.

    None are in a rush to be moved, we have great foster carers and homes. What is imprtant to the members of Save Equus Inc. is that we find the right person and situation for each horse.

    I propose, as I have done with all Save Equus Inc. horses in the past, to support the owners with free lessons and initial equipment such as flyveils, halters, buckets etc. This is my tithe for the needy horses of the world.

    As the Animal Welfare Officer of Save Equus Inc. I know the horses well, and spend time relating to them, healing them and teaching them how to handle life as domestic creatures. I'd dearly love for each person who steps forward to offer friendship to one of these three, to work with us for a little while with the horse they think they want, to get to know it's particular personality, and where it has suffered in it's past. To learn with it and my Welfare Team, how to go forward and overcome the pitfalls of daily life. If the relationship does not work out, each horse has had more exposure and love. Each person has learnt more than they ever dreamed.

    We only allow horses to be rehomed by Save Equus Inc. members, which ensures we have a home supportive of our cause to change the world for abused horses. It is a small investment for a free horse with it's own "stuff." But as you may have heard, Save Equus Inc. volunteers and donators are a very generous bunch.

    The first is a sleek dark bay T/B mare approx 15.2hh. She is unnamed, due to a serious leg injury as a yearling, and passed through the hands of many people keen to try their hand at racing. The final straw for this poor misunderstood adolescent mare, was a nasty hoof injury. She was neglected until a horselover saw her rotting in her paddock and called the RSPCA. In this young mare's case, the RSPCA could not take her and address the injury, so off to the slaughterhouse for her... The outraged woman called the EFA pleading for help, who supplied her with our number, and we intervened to save this little girl. Of course she kicked, threatened people, and refused to load, lol. But a couple of years on this mare is now healthy, the hoof injury is fixed, and she loads with a little support; from the side of the ramp only, thanks! I have addressed all her issues around humans. We've done much desensitising, and I had to teach her to pick up her feet without blind panic taking over. She has had much re-educating, and will be ready to ride again soon. Her current foster carer (a generous Stockie) adores her, and is participating in her education, as I'd like her future owner to do.

    View attachment 1987

    The second is an unbacked, unraced STB filly of 3. She is bay, and precocious, leggy and sweet. She was surrendered to Save Equus Inc. as her breeder acknowledged she could not manage the feisty 2 y.o. and as many of you kow, this leads to serious relationship issues. We did not want to see her shipped off for slaughter with youth and potential on her side. She is a delight around her foster carers too, but her time being well-fed and nurtured through adolescence is now ending. Someone will love this filly. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship. NO PHOTO but she was on the FRONT PAGE of the Armadale Examiner recently!

    The last is a little welshie type grey gelding. He has caused all manner of trouble in his short life; but then, wouldn't you if you had experienced the litany of abuse he had before reaching the age of 3. Cruelly choked and castrated - not by a vet; half-backed and sold to a riding school which we assume ended in tears, then given away to a family with small children (with breakable arms; yes, he was involved in a situation in which inexperienced parents put their kids on this traumatised, shut down, feral pony). Inside, this pony is a wild stallion. He is proud and aloof. Around people he is timid and fearful.

    View attachment 1988

    If you think you might be the right person for one of these three, please contact Save Equus Inc. via email or their website. We can arrange to meet with the horse, and talk about your wishes.


    on behalf of Save Equus Inc.

    "We promote and facilitate humane treatment of Equines"

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  2. horseygal44

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    Awww I feel so sorry for the Welshie!! :( I hate it when they get blamed for things that aren't their fault.
  3. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    'tis the horses lot in life...

  4. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    Just a reminder for those who've missed this news thread...

  5. I remember that pony, you guys have had him for a long time! Such a cutey and once again I can't even begin to fathom why people do this to horses.

    I really like the look of that mare, her face really speaks of spirit and an inner fire.
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  6. skiddlez

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    I really like the TB mare..... i do, i do!!! Always been looking for a TB mare..... Very pretty girl.... OOh can i mummy oooh just can i?? I want!!!! HEHEHE....
  7. coldie07

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    grrrrr that really p@#$% me off!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

    and to the fact that, the stb is exactly what i want!!!!! :)*

    what to do :confused:
  8. Saiorse

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    There is a charity in NSW called Horse Rescue Australia. A lovely bunch who helped us enormously when Save Equus Inc started up years ago, and I was a member of their charity since my early 20's.

    I say this in case you are drawn to a rescue horse, not just a STB filly like the one we've been raising. If not, and you just like our little girl, people have gone farther for less, lol! I took my horse to NSW from WA for a course once!

  9. Pockets

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    Poor little welshie(and the others of course!!) but he breaks my heart!! What kind of future do you see for him? I'm interested,will he ever be a rideable,kids pony or a companion pony in the paddock where at least hes safe!
  10. coldie07

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    yea i have heard of that before!!!!

    i think i will have a look and see what i can find!!!! i think i would be of some help as i have had a troubled horse before and i love spoiling them!!!!!

  11. Saiorse

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    This little grey pony is a whole heap of fun as a spectator sport! I love watching him play, tug-of-war etc. and he loves to gallop about, really quite fancies himself, lol.

    He is very wary, and difficult to catch (fine once he's handled regularly, but will never forget what atrocities people are capable of, which will keep him alive, but sadly not desired by parents!). He is defensive around people, and rather than accept desensitisation, he still resists. Sure, I can walk him over a tarp, or rub him all over, but he holds himself braced.

    I am convinced he is infinitely trainable and desireable, but only to someone who thinks outside the box, and probably not your average kid. I've got a European student, who's just turned 14, coming over to spend time with me in December. She is outstanding with horses, so I will put her to work with this little chap (I'm not riding him; I'm nearly 6 foot tall!). Her understanding of horses is highly evolved for her age and experience, and her skills are developing beautifully. I'm sure with both our help this pony will become everything he deserves to be.

    This horse thinks he'd make a great paddock ornament, but he's just been turned off people, and I know he can learn to love human interaction, now we've eliminated the problem people from his life (that sentance sounds funny, like I took an Ouzi to them - not that I wouldn't like to...). So I'm not letting him think he can just mosey about and drag his feed bucket over into the corner (I have to hold onto it while he takes some time to accept he has to eat with the herd AGAIN, and settles into regular eating, not snatch and grab).

    If he get's spelled, or misses out on regular interaction, he goes back to square one; uncatchable, untrusting, wild... So he's not suitable as a companion pony.

    I hope this LONG post also answered your question about the future I see for him too?

    He's a special little guy, and no trouble to have in my herd, cheap to keep, but I won't let him pretend he can't be helped, can't reach his potential, and learn to trust and leave the past behind.


    Animal Welfare Officer
    Save Equus Inc.

  12. Pockets

    Pockets Gold Member

    Wow poor little guy-lots of work ahead but at least with you he has a chance!!
  13. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    Good on you! The troubled horses of our past were our education, and enable us to help the horses in our futures.

    Good luck finding your next partner.

  14. Saiorse

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    Thanks for your faith in us to help this troubled little guy. I believe in fate, and know the day I heard about him he was meant to meet with us and be saved, and he would gift each of the people who "helped him" in a way that would really help them.

    What better way to train a human how to "get" horses, than have a wild thing to catch. Of course, as Faxie recently stated, some people don't "get" the message even when the horse is offering it clearly, they go take an ATV out of their shed and run the horse into the ground for it's disobedience... (his card has been marked...)

    Geez, PMT today!

    Thanks again Pockets.

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  15. Paddys girl

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    Jayne if I ever manage to get my own property I will be at your door about that Welshie :( Poor little man.
  16. WildandFree

    WildandFree Well-known Member

    that standy mare sounds like rossy

    would be intreasted to know some more hmm

  17. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    He-he, volunteers have been visiting him all this weekend, and everyone agrees he is the cutest thing! If I had more land and wasn't involved in equine welfare (meaning the point of our work is to help more horses, not take them in 'till we're full, lol!), I'd let him stay in my herd. I find time to interact with him every day and he just gets better and better.

    In my opinion he's not ready to wear a halter yet, because when it's gently slipped over his face you know he views it like he's being violated. Having said that, his hooves were getting long, so I asked him to endure the halter yesterday so I could trim his feet, make him comfortable. He was pretty good. No give in him, purely minimal tolerance... A few rasps and we were done for the day.

    When I rode out on one of my geldings he showed the first signs of integration into my herd, by welcoming us back home again and surprised me as I was pottering putting the tack away by coming up behind me and hanging out as if pleased to see us return. Yes, he's hard not to love...


    Horsemanship with Jayne Lavender
  18. coldie07

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    lol i had a look and there is a nice warmblood cross there!!!!! i think i might go and have a looksee!!!!!

    will let you know how it goes???

    bec xoxoox
  19. Saiorse

    Saiorse Well-known Member

    My darling WildandFree, lol. I'll tell you how she isn't like Rossy. She's never been ridden or raced or worked as a trail horse, so she really has little to "get over" - a blessing in a horse! However if Rossy has a great sense of himself, is a bit flirty, beautiful and free, and longing for a human partner, then this young lady is his kindred spirit.

    If she were my girl (right now I'm too busy with the TB & Welshie & all the daily interventions I have to deal with), I'd be spending a few minutes each day preparing her for riding. She'd have worn a saddle, learnt some cues, and proven her impulsion. When she's actually ready to bear my weight and follow my body as I sit astride her may be a long way off, she's only 3, but I have done a little with her and think she could be close... Meanwhile she is still being lovingly cared for, just missing out on that person to herself...that permanant home where she can finally fit in, not be the "fostered child who doesn't get to stay."

  20. Pockets

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    Thats so sad:( I've just filled out my membership form and sent payment-while I'm not in a position to take in any more big horses I could ammodate the smaller variety!!

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