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  1. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first year competing at ARCA and they're holding a dressage day at the end of August. I'm pretty keen to give it a go and I'd like to give the freestyle's a go as well.

    I've never done anything like this before so I have a few questions:

    1. I've downloaded the freestyle info from the EFA website but it only starts at Novice level. Where do I find the requirements for the prelim test?

    2. What is the maximum number of tests you're allowed to do on the day? Is this number for only individual tests or does it include the pairs and quadrille test as well?

    3. How much does the costume and music come into the marks?

    4. What level of tests are done for the pairs and quadrille classes?

    5. Do people usually do more than 1 freestyle test? As in a pairs one and an individual one or just one or the other?

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  2. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    ditto for me too, i need to know all of that

    the program should be out soon, its nemo (i think) who is organising it

    bahh humbug i will only be back from meekathara for 3 weeks by the time that show is on, so i have three weeks to turn bandit from spell condition into dressage horse hahah

    going to try and plan my freestyle before i go away but cant choose movements or choreography yet coz dont no what levels are being offered!!!
  3. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    There are those here that will tell you better than I, but this will get you going.
    From memory, ARCA is a little more flexible with the tests than on the efa site, but I still think they limit it too 3 test total for the day.
    I know a couple of years ago I did two individual tests, a f/style and a pas de deux at Gidge, as did others, but I think it was a bit much to cope with.
    There is no pre-lim freestyle as such, I think they just give some basic movements (ie free walk, trot/canter 20m circles both direction, halts)
    The music/choreography earn you heaps of marks, so spend some time choosing something suitable. (Lyrics are not considered suitable)
    The pas de deux and quadrille are basic movements both directions at walk and trot, cantering optional.
    And the ARCA freestyles usually are in costume, this makes it a HOOT!
  4. sash1407

    sash1407 Well-known Member

    Yes, the ARCA Freestyles are great to watch and compete in! :) As are the Pas de Deux and Quadrilles. Yes the costumes are always fun to have a go in!

    I have what they ran last year for the Winter Challenge - I don't know how different/similar it will be (sob - I won't even be doing music for a quadrille this year!!!! OMG what will I do with my time!! ;) ) Can't imagine that they'd change it too much from last years?

    If you would like a copy (in pdf format - or I would've uploaded it on here) drop me an email
  5. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member


    Here is what I put in last year's program.

    "The day will comprise of set EFA dressage tests plus individual freestyles, Pas de Deux and Club quadrille.

    1 set EFA dressage test + 1 freestyle test at the same level
    2 set EFA dressage tests at consecutive levels.


    The official EFA tests start at Novice but I have a Prelim one that we use for the ARCA challenges, as well as a Prep one. These will be sent with the program but basically the compulsory moves for the Prep and Prelim freestyles are:


    All tests to be ridden in ARCA uniform or costume.

    PREPARATORY - WALK TROT (60m x 20m arena)
    Performance to be finished between 31/2 and 4 mins
    Free walk on long rein - minimum of 20 consecutive metres
    Working trot including 20 metre diameter circles on both Left and Right reins

    PRELIMINARY (60m x 20m arena)
    Performance to be finished between 4 and 41/2 mins
    Free walk on long rein - minimum of 20 consecutive metres
    Working trot, including 20 metre diameter circles on both Left and Right reins
    Working canter including 20 metres diameter circles on both Left and Right reins

    Also, other rules/tips include :

     Conducted under EFA rules.
     Safety must be observed with regards to helmets, footwear and horse gear.
     Riders must be financial members of the Club they are representing on the day.
     Time starts at first salute at X.
     Time finishes with the final salute (usually at X or G).
     Compulsory movements not performed will score 0 for those movements.
     Riders showing movements from a higher level will be eliminated.
     For all tests, points are awarded for Technical Execution of the compulsory movements and for Artistic Presentation.
     For all tests, if two competitors have the same final score, the one with the highest marks for Artistic Presentation will be placed higher.
     If wearing costume, please ensure that it is safe and the horse is used to it.
     Safety regulations for rider gear (ie helmets, footwear, whips, spurs etc) and horse gear still apply.
     Please ensure that all freestyle music is provided on a CD. No cassette tapes please.
     CDs should be clearly marked with your name, the type of freestyle that you are performing (ie Prep, Prelim, Pas de Deux etc) and the point at which the music should be started (ie outside arena at E or at A or wherever).
     It is advisable to bring a back-up CD as well as the original, in case of disasters.
     It is also advisable to test that your CD will play on a variety of CD players, not just the one that you used to burn it.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Awesome, thanks guys.

    Lin... quick question... for the "INDIVIDUAL ARCA CHALLENGE HIGH POINT TROPHY" you said that riders must compete in a freestyle test. Is this individual freestyle or pas de duxe or quadrille as well?

    So, for example... if I do a prelim test, a novice test and a pas de duxe would I be eligable for the INDIVIDUAL ARCA CHALLENGE HIGH POINT TROPHY?

    This is getting exciting... all sorts of idea's are forming in my head!

  7. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Also, when doing the Pas De Duxe tests, how does it work? Do you both ride together the entire time, opposite of each other or a mix of the two?

    How do they mark a 20m circle? My thinking is that one person would do a 20m circle and the other would be doing about an 18m circle... is this ok?

    Sorry for all the questions.
  8. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    The short answer is No, Bethy. :) You must do an individual freestyle and set test to be eligible for the Individual High Point trophy. This is an individual trophy awarded to the rider of the highest marks in the set test and freestyle.

    You can also do a Pas de Deux with someone or be part of a club quadrille but that only earns the Club points, not you as an individual.

    And with the Pas de Deux, you can do whatever you like. :) If you ride a 20 m circle side by side, then obviously one of you will be riding a smaller circle. The only requirements for the PdD and Quadrille are:

    PAS DE DEUX- 2 horses (60m x 20m arena)
    Performance to be finished between 41/2 and 5 mins
    Medium Walk
    Working Trot
    Canter optional

    QUADRILLE - 4 to 20 horses (70m by 30m arena)
    Performance to be finished between 6 and 8 mins
    Medium Walk
    Working Trot
    Canter optional
  9. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    are you aloud to wear a top hat instead of a helemt??
  10. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    man i am having SERIOUS riders block
  11. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Normal safety helmets, Wild Steel!
  12. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    laaaaaaaaaaame haha

    ummmm what was i going to say??
    oh yeah, still cant think of a song!

    too hard!
  13. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    lovely, thanks Lin.
  14. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Ok... few more questions...

    For the pass-the-ducks test, does your halt HAVE to be at X? Or could it be at L (between V & P)?

    The the freestyles, at ARCA level, does it matter if the music has lyrics? Or does it have to be non-lyrical (does it have a name?? Instrumental maybe??) music only??

    I'm now going to be a part of a pass-the-ducks test and also the quadrille. It's going to be ABSOLUTELY HILAROUS so I recommend that everyone come along and then stay and watch the group tests at the end.

    We've chosen the themes and the outfits (both riders and horses) and we're working on the music now :D
  15. Lin

    Lin Well-known Member

    No the music doesn't have to be instrumental only, it can have lyrics if you want. The trick is to get music that matches your horse's rhythm and beat at each of the gaits. I've seen plenty of freestyles with lyrics (even at the Olympics!).

    As for the Pair of Ders test, you don't even have to do an opening halt if you don't want to. The compulsory movements are Medium Walk and Working Trot, with optional canter. I personally think it is better to do an initial halt but it can be anywhere you like on the CL.
  16. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Top hats are only worn at higher level competition lol.
  17. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Awesome, thanks Lin.

    I spent my ride last night riding to music, trying out what songs work for what... was awesome fun!

    Great news about the halt as well!

    This is gunna be fun!
  18. finding_nemo

    finding_nemo Active Member

    Our committee is in the process of finalising the ARCA Winter Dressage Challenge program and we should have the program and entries available very soon.
  19. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    Yay!!! That's great Finding Nemo.

    Do you know if the venue has been decided on yet?
  20. finding_nemo

    finding_nemo Active Member

    We looked into holding at the Swan Valley grounds but the SEC wanted $18.00 per horse + other fees which are all going up on the 1st of July, so it would have made entries too expensive. We have decided to hold it at home at the Parkerville Equestrian Centre. Just about have everything organised and only a few minor details to sort out. Not sure if we are going to hold the Quadrille as I have been informed by a few clubs that they aren't going to bother entering teams this year. It is a lot of extra organising for only 1 or 2 teams.

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