Arca challenge

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by wildsteel, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    awwww bummer...

    that would be sweet if you find any :)

    quote by andhi "Sorry doll, that is how the picture was taken cropped - I ahve a few other versions will see how they are in comparison to that one" [​IMG]
  2. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Just had a look, your friend isn't in any photos - but there is one where you can see Billy more :)
  3. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    I love that photo too Dirtbag.
  4. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    oooh is there!!! :) suppose i look like a dork lmao!!! :D

    edited _ Hi sinbin!!!
  5. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    that wouldn't be anything new though would it?? lol least thats what SINbin keeps telling me :p
  6. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    *#)I did not say she looks like a Dork!!!!!!

    I said she reminds me of Mork *#)
  7. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    *#)*#) LMAO!!!

    nanoo nanoo

  8. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Mork calling austin Mork calling austin
  9. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

  10. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Mmmmm i think you and I are following eachother from one thread to the other.

    Any nightfill jobs going in Coles!!!!!
  11. Andhi

    Andhi Gold Member

    Here you go Mistress Dirtbug
  12. simbin

    simbin Gold Member

    Told you she looked like Mork.
  13. dirtbug

    dirtbug Gold Member

    hahahahaha what a picture cor am i concentrating on the jumping or i am not impressed!!!

    classic pic andhi i have to get it off you for sure!!!

    doesnt billy look handsome awww!!!

    Not sure at the moment sinbin , pop in and speak to phill :) he would know best...
  14. beaudacious

    beaudacious Well-known Member

    congrats on the jumping results anna_smiler :)* i was wondering who had won the 90cm.

    beau and i had a pretty good day. we got three 1sts and three 2nds in the hacking, a few faults in the handy pony, clear in the 30cm jumping, one rail in the 45cm and quite possibly the slowest time of the day on the barrels :p

    big thankyou to avon valley for putting on a great show. i had a blast and cant wait for the next arca challenge :)*

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