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    Tells us her name the mare you breed. Most people on here would not know of the yesterdays. Mashour too Trevor competed in western too and won well. Both Bay hallany and mashour could have been twins. Mashour also Won in WA too long ago.

  2. tsarbrina

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    Hi Ky, the mare was Bralgon Bewitched...she was by Amir El Shataan fa out of a little mare called J2-Aminda...
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    Cool, a veristile arabian not to meny of them out and about these days. ky
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    Interesting thread..

    My daughter and I returned yesterday from the USA to watch the USA Arabian Youth Nationals in New Mexico. Those of you who are on my FB would have seen 100's of photos from the show.
    The style and type of the modern American 'Ridden' Arabian compared to ours in Australia is very very different. We watched over 950 horses compete in everything from working hunter, Advanced Dressage, Halter, Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Costume, Western & English side saddle etc etc etc. Allot of the time we had to check the program to see whether the class was a Purebred or Half Arabian class as they looked the same!
    I think our ability here in Australia to compete a Purebred in both Halter and ridden events is something that should continue as in the USA they are breeding for either halter type or ridden type!

    It really has made me wonder why Arabian owners get excited when we have an International Judge judging our horses here in Australia';':confused:

    When I look at or buy an Arabian i look for movement first, confirmation and then type, although I am a sucker for a pretty head!

    Although Party has basically retired from Halter I feel he is a prime example of how versatile Arabians can be. He is about to be awarded his Supreme Roll of Merit through AHSA for his achievements in both Halter and Ridden and Performance and is not yet 10 years old. We have been laughed at for competing him in the Open hack ring but each time he has been out he has held his own and won a Top 5 in 'EWA's HOTY Childs Hack ;)

    We were told we were stupid to take him over east to compete as horses over east 'were' so much better ';' he returned to WA with 5 East Coast Championships and 3 Australian Championships and placed in the Top 10 in his halter class :D

    Arabians are capable of winning and competing in most disciplines, to me it's whether the owner/rider wants to put in the hard work to take them there;)

    The younger horses coming through here in WA such as Midas and Magnums Gold are both good examples of quality versatile Arabians. Over East there are some amazing young horses coming through that are excelling in dressage, halter and ridden that compete in Endurance as well.
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    This has been a really, really interesting thread! **)

    Love all the old photos. Its great to put a photo to the name that appears on the pedigree papers :))

    My mare is only 44% arab (and I worked out overall is 37.76% Crabbet) and the names that appear in her pedigree are Ansata El Hakim, Desert Queen, Banderol, Arabian Park Destiny, Arabian Park Desert Ruler, Arabian Park Banner and Silver Spot. If anyone has any more photos or info on them, I would love to see them :)

    Delrae, you say that those photos of Crabbet House are from your own personal album? If so, I would love to see more! What a grand old house.
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    Hi Ky :)

    Have you got any pictures of Zemara in hand or under saddle...would LOVE to see them! I had his daughter, Zuleika, who passed away a few years ago at the ripe old age of 29.

  7. Delrae

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    Yes, we used to have a family friend that worked for Lady Wentworth (he has sadly passed away now) and he literally had hundreds of photo's..albums of them, his favourite horse was Irex... I was lucky enough for him to give me a dozen or so... I would have to scan them into the computer and they are mainly just happy snappies and not sure if I can put them up as some have hand writing of personal details on them about the particular horses that perhaps shouldnt be seen by the public lol
  8. alexander

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    This is Zuleika, by Zemara (Noran Arabians), picture taken of us at the 1979 Perth Royal Show...


    And her great grand mother Rose of Sharon (crabbet)...


    Some info on her:
    Born at Crabbet Arabian Stud. Sussex, England in 1885, probably Rose of Sharon was the most important of all the Rodania daughters-Rodania being the most influential tail female anywhere in the showring nevermind breeding barn. Rose of Sharon was a tiny but flashy baby. Being so small no one paid much attention to her until she was two and then-vavavaboom! She eclipsed everything in sight Lady Wentworth said, Rose of Sharon.

    Golden chestnut with white mane and tail. The color constantly reappears in her descendants (including Zuleika) and after crossing with brown develops maroon almost back chestnut with flaxen or golden manes and tails. With golden bay cross instead of brown it sometimes reappears as a vivid iridescent buttercup gold of dazzling brilliancy with lighter gold mane. And she must have been quite a personality as well. She was 21 when she was first seen by Spencer Borden and in THE CRABBET ARABIAN STUD, p. 138, He had fallen immediately under the spell of Rose of Sharon and despite Lady Anne's reluctance to part with such a fine mare, succeeded in buying her together with Rumeliya, Rosetta and Antika.

    Rose of Sharon produced 13 foals and was the granddam of such as Riyala, Risala, Rustem, Nasik, Gulnare, etc., simply incredibly influential horses.

  9. Noran

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    No sorry i would have to go and scan them as so old photos sorry. Ky
  10. Fe

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    Wow, what a great read and love the pics.
  11. wawa85

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    Thanks for bumping this up Fe I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading it and also seeing some photos of the great Crabbet stallions my mare has running in her bloodlines :)
  12. Pipsqueak

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    I'm really not up on breeding so forgive my probably stupid questions

    My little gelding in my avatar is by a stallion Gleniph Sovanity out of a mare Debinda Tia Maria. How do I know from the studbook wether he has crabbet or Egyptian bloodlines?
  13. Farmers Wife

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    Pipsqueak, you will know if your gelding has crabbet bloodlines if


    A Pure Crabbet Arabian Horse is descended wholly from Arabian Horses that were owned or bred by Lady Anne Blunt, Wilfrid Blunt, Lady Wentworth, Cecil Covey or the Crabbet Stud.

    This has been the Definition of a Pure Crabbet Arabian in Australia and the United Kingdom since 1986 "

    Taken from : About Us - Crabbet Arabian Group of Australia Inc

    I had a quick look at the stallions bloodlines and he does have some crabbet greats such as Silver moonlight , Spindrift & Banderol. The first 2 were Imported from crabbet and Banderol was australian bred from crabbet bred stock.

    As for the egyptian breeding I don't know sorry, hopefully someone else can answer that one for you.
    Once you know what you are looking for it is quite a lot of fun to research your horses bloodlines.
  14. Pipsqueak

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    Thanks Farmers Wife
    I will have a look at the link and go back through the bloodlines now I have some names to look for
  15. wawa85

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    Pipsqueak of you look at your boys pedigree online with the AHSA there will be some horses which have AU, GB, ES, PL after the names. ES I believe refers to Straight Egyptian, GB to Crabbet and PL Polish.

    My mare has Count Manilla, Rikham, Riffal, Bezant, Greylight , Razeena, Rakib, Silvermoonlight, Rossiyan on the Crabbet side. There's also a fair few famous ES and PL horses in her lines including Skrowenek (sp?). Lots of fun looking through the bloodlines and recognizing names!
  16. citygirl

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    ha there you go... Skowronek also went to Crabbet Park ;)

    Crabbet Arabian Stud - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  17. wawa85

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    Thanks Lee! That's awesome :)
  18. Horsemad101

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    i have a 13.3hh arabian riding pony from hayyid. he looks nothing like him. he is very chunky definitely not fined bone has no features of him, is strawberry roan and is definitely not a hack. His mum is drumclyer elf but am having trouble finding her.
  19. La Dolce Vita

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    What a delicious trip down memory lane! As a kid I used to decimate copies of AHN and wallpaper my bedroom walls with collages of these beautiful critters. So many names bringing flashbacks of lying on my daggy quilt, staring at those pictures, and dreaming of the day I would have an Arabian of my own.
    To add a few more ...

    Simeon Sanegor
    Ralvon Nazarene & Pilgrim
    Gai General
    Fenwick Illusion (I think?)
    Sanroblee Mar Mara
    Cherox Sawad Amir
    Caneagle Sovereign

  20. manocaaron

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    Just thought Id point out wawa85, ES stands for Spain (Espana), GB is Great Britain. so no, don't assume that if it has GB then its Crabbet there were other breeders in Great Britain that never had any links to Crabbet. PL is indeed Poland. EG is Egypt. the letters are only indicating what country the horse was bred in and not the strain or type.

    Citygirl Im surprised you didn't pick that up! ;)

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