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  1. mirawee

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    Yeah, but if you are riding out to check on the cows why do you want to canter so slowly? :p I thought jog and lope were developed as comfortanble gaits which can be maintained over long distances. May as well just walk with a longer stride :D

    But that is my ignorance showing LOL.
  2. Diana

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    Eh, who knows. I like watching it :p
  3. KC Quarter Horses

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    US Arabian Western Pleasure Final

    ‪US Arabian Western Pleasure Open Final‬‏ - YouTube

    Arabian Western Reining Stallion

    ‪TDR White Stone, Black Arabian Stallion Reining Horse‬‏ - YouTube

    Champion Arabian Cutting Horse

    ‪Champion Arabian Cutting Horse Khemander Kody‬‏ - YouTube

    Google to your hearts content there are some amazing horse doing very well in Western events in the USA. I dont see why they couldnt compete equally successfully here.

    I actually really like they way they travel :)
  4. Elanda

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  5. KC Quarter Horses

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    I think it depends on what you are doing. I have a pleasure bred and trained mare..... the canter felt abnormal to me. I actually had to go watch some WP videos to realise that was the way she is meant to go.

    That said you can get her to move out. It is hard when you are used to riding a different type of horse ...but all good. I love my WP mare and love my perfomance horses too.
  6. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

  7. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    If they were to bring in Western Pleasure to the arabians....PLEASE can they trot properly? And canter? I'd enter then, I just don't think I'd enjoy teaching my horse to move like that!

    I guess that then defeats the purpose of the event :p.
  8. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Arnie, there are Western Pleasure classes at the Arab shows :) Or at least there used to be and still were last time I looked? Just no-one enters any more and haven't since Noran last did on her lovely bay boy? :) But yes, they have to jog and lope as otherwise it defeats the purpose LOL.

    Will watch the videos at home :)
  9. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Yes I've seen them, only even seen Noran and Nabaroo, I think, (I think thats him?) in the class. I wouldn't mind giving it a go in the years to come if its still available!
  10. katelol

    katelol Guest

    I watched the first one that KC posted and I don't think I could ever do that to poor Silvy. The horses are beautiful but its so different from everything I try to achieve in riding.

    Did anyone else notice there were no greys? Whats up with that? Grey arabs are the best :p

    and I didn't like the long tails dragging in the dirt either... does anyone know if they use falsies or do they keep them wrapped all the time to get them to grow that long?
  11. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    Western pleasure - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Good ol' wiki :)

    What I gather from that is that it's to be riding a horse that is a pleasure to ride. I rode one (once! So much fun) and it is SUPER comfortable...I was nervous not wanting to unlearn him anything :p but he was good - the jog is really comfortable...and the lope feels weird because you have to move your hips so much slower... So yeah, I'd say it's a pleasurable ride :p
  12. mum of five

    mum of five Well-known Member

    After my old TB passed away I was devestated, and even though I looked at some other TBs I couldnt replace him, a friend told me to look at getting an Arab, she piled me up with books and sent me on my way, i read alot, I went to the arab states, various breed shows and also some stud open days, I tried to educate myself as much as I could, and definately decided that while I loved the 'look' of the egyptians I couldnt feel comfortable riding one they were too fine, and as I have always loved a large boned big bummed horse the crabbet was what i really wanted. I then set off looking at a few young horses, a young bay colt in the swan valley caught my eye and I almost lost my heart to him and then I went to Waroona and in a stable there I found my friend, standing looking at me with wide eyes was mali, it was an emotional response, when I set eyes on him I felt like he was meant to be mine, I cant really explain it, I hadnt felt that way for a long time.
    Mali was 8mnths old when he came to live with me, I think sometimes he has creature confusion as he often behaves more like a dog, he is inquistive, naughty, loving, and super intelligent. I ahve NEVER known a horse like him and if he had the choice he would be attached to me in some way 24/7, he likes to lick me for some strange reason, oh and pull my pot plants out and chew on my husbands HSV! He will go under saddle at the end of the year and I cant wait I ahve chosen to saddle him late-he will be almost 4 as he has been consistantly bum high and I want him to mature alittle before I get on him. I had planned on showing him and he won champion arab gelding at Pinjarra when he was a yearling but then we had a bit of a disarsterous arab states-the judge didnt like him at all and then the goat ate him tail............and it hasnt recovered, so maybe next year I will get a falsie and bring him out again:D
    This month we are on page62 of hoofbeats we won a dream horse comp:D
    This is a link to Malis pedigree, i believe he is crabbet
    AHSA: Horse Pedigree
  13. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Watched the vids and must say, its a bizarre way of going but the horse is working hard to maintain it.
  14. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    theres a hell of a lot of classes missing from Arab show programs now.. because no one would enter them & the lack of helpers to set up & pull down :(

    Western, Jumping, Novelties, Harness have all gone by the wayside sadly...-
    Even the old Costume classes use to have 10 + horses compete in both here in WA !

    IMO the idea of the Arabian horse over time, has changed from the ideal riding horse -that children use to go to Pony Club on- , to "the thing on the string' Halter horse, and sadly IMO its seems to be 'fashion' that has changed the Breed over time.
    New people entering the Equestrian world, don't see the true all-round qualities the Arabian horse does have to offer,... why ?? becasue they dont or havnt seen them out doing different Equine sports

    Anyone want to go Eventing or round up cows on a big Arab Pinto for me ? lol **)

  15. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Lee, there is still a western pleasure class for the AA and the States... Or at least there was last time.

    If you had offered Tyler at the beginning of the year I might have said yes :D
  16. wawa85

    wawa85 Guest

    Wasn't all that keen on the WP clips but loved the reining ones. I find reining truly beautiful to watch.
  17. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    I did the Western on my girl Lanaryn Aanisah Skye at the States years ago! It was fun. Taught her to neck rein and everything! :D i'll c if i can dig up a photo!

    Taryn x
  18. Noran

    Noran Active Member

    Hi, ?? I never said arabians cant compete western. Lived in the states and spent time on a training farm with arabians doing western and halter training. I said that they cant compete in open/Agrade Q class because they are not an western breed today at some rules at shows. Dont get me wrong i have for 8 years in a row won the State Champions Western pleasure on three different horses and on my Arabians, and won In open company with two over State Champ Quarter horses. so i know they can do. The sad thing is now there is not more Ag show western pleasure anymore. Yes a few around and i can go to B grade Quarter shows and you ask how arabians go 'Compete' . Well mine went great, looked the part, trained more then others did i place NO NO NO At Quarter horses events. Most of the judges didnt know what to do with me.I never did a 4 beat gate either. Hense why i retired from it i had no where to go. I breed a couple of Quarabs too. One by a Just Shamless son Paint. And a Pally filly too. all 3 years old this year so will see how they go.

    gee the times have changed from when Zemara and Razik competed in Open company with 20 horses in it 20 years ago. Zemara Winning the Open western pleasure Novice horse in Open company Quarter horse AGM Special Award. & Reserve Australian Champion. But they loped and they jogged back then and the western equitation classes were alot more dedicated then poles and a gate of today.

    The All Arabian and State titles still have Western Pleasure class and Naboo is the first horse to compete for three years was great to see him out here. They have to have them for people should they wish to qualify for the Aussies.

    It takes alot of training and work to get a horse competetive for western pleaasure too. Self carriage, no contact, all of the leg and body movements And for me just not worth going anymore of one class and the only, one in it.

  19. tsarbrina

    tsarbrina Well-known Member

    Arabians and arabian breds can do western successfully in my opinion..
    I bred a very high % mare that used to beat Q/H in open and always judged by AHAA judges.She was also an Aust Ch in Dessage, Under Saddle and Western in the same year.This was in the days when we had 20 plus in a saddle class and 30 plus in dressage.
    I also can remember back to the days of Trevor Bonney riding the glorious purebred stallion Bay Hallany that used to win a lot in open as well.
  20. Noran

    Noran Active Member

    Oh and i forgot that me Boy Tawarris Time Out By Mr Max, The Bay Bloke. We had a Canadian Judge who judged us at the State Titles who had just judged the US Nationals Western Pleasure and reigning and she said to me that i would with what she judge gone a top 10 in the US. So that was a big high for the two of us that day. Ky

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