Arabians - types, uses, pics

Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Gaia, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Linnybear

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    Wow, nice comment ZaZa #(
  2. ZaZa

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    I didn't expect that you would like it. ;)
    Whether you like it or not, other people are going to have differing opinions to you. Deal with it. :))
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  3. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    Its not your opinion in general Zaza, I do get what people are trying to say, its the "thing on a string" comment that is very derogatory #( I have been breeding for well over 20 years and never ever heard that phrase before.

    IMO if people want to ride or breed a plain chunky horse then the Arabian is not the horse to have *#)
  4. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Linnybear, do you really believe that all Arabs are perfect? And that all judges are rewarding good ridden conformation rather than looking at the extremes of what an "Arab" is? And I am talking worldwide here not just in our own small corner of the world :)

    Unfortunately human kind have a bad habit of ruining functionality when they start breeding animals for the show ring. Arabs and QH are the 2 horse breeds most often tarred with this reputation and reputations don't arise from nothing. It is up to breeders to make sure that they can objectively assess their stock and decide if they are happy with what they are breeding and try and improve faults that they see. Let's face it - all horses have faults!
  5. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    LOL Nice dig, but I have horses that are plain and chunky and I'm not insulted ;)

    But seriously - you've never heard of arabs in their cable halters (is that what they are) called that ? I'm surprised.
    It's just a term of reference. No different to WB's being called clumpers or heavy built QH's called bulldogs etc
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  6. mirawee

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    Linnybear the "thing on a string" comment was not made up by Zaza. It was made by people from outside the Arab world - usually overseas though. I have certainly heard it before :(
  7. Mod 3

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    Play nice people.
    This moddy hasn't had enough coffee this morning to deal with not nice comments and the delete button is far easier to hit .:}
  8. Sassy

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    I havent read through the whole thread as havent had time yet!

    I am an Arab lover, yet I admit that not all their 'types' are for me.
    I like a bit of bone in my horses, which would explain why the Crabbet is my favourite 'type' :)

    I own an Arabian Pony Mare (75% Arab), her sire was 98% Crabbet - this is a pic of him when he was Racing.
    He isn't your typical "pretty" Arab with your dishy face and tail over its back, he is much more practical and built to carry a rider long distance, and despite being a more solid type he consistently placed in his races (2nd & 3rd from memory)
  9. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Anywaaaay, moving on ..............

    I had the pleasure of doing a Bowen on an Arab mare today. She was by Kommotion and was one of the nicest, most tolerant and trusting mares I have come across. Really lovely girl. Her owner does everything with her. From ODE's to light edurance to a bit of dressage.
    I have also beeing playing with an Arab filly I'm showing for the owner on Sunday, and again, a very beautiful natured filly, who looks to her handler for advice.
    Add those two with the weanling/yearling filly I have here and I am a convert! The filly I have here (Crabbet) can only be described as the softest, sweetest thing i have ever come across.
    These horses just seem to be so interested in life. I know that sounds a bit odd, but thats how they come across to me :)
  10. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    YAY ! I think we've coveted another one ! welcome Gaia :D

    They are so people orientated.. a few of mine- not all- will leave their feed to come up to the fence for a pat or cuddle **) and you will always get farther with a kind word to them. ;)

    See you Sunday **)

  11. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    Oooh Komotion!! He's one of my things on a string *#) :D *#) :p
    Sorry couldn't help myself PMSL

    Gaia was that Tammy?? If so she is such a lovely soul.
  12. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Yep, it was Tammy :) Beautiful girl!
  13. PF

    PF Active Member

    Hey Gaia, I reckon you have hit the nail on the head...never thought of it that way but I couldn't agree more, they are very interested in life. I love my arabs, wouldn't have anything else now. (Unless a Gypsy Cob fell into my paddock - might consider keeping that!! :D)
  14. Iron Horse Hill

    Iron Horse Hill Active Member

    Well for what it is worth......
    my second horse was a 75%(ish) arab of no particular breeding.
    She was great with kids, very trustworthy, although it was a big deal of course, when you are 9yrs old and you have come from a plodder to something that actually went when you asked it to, was brilliant.
    We did everything with that mare and she not have a mean bone in her body. Taught a load of kids to ride. She would stop when the rider was just a fraction off centre.
    She was broken to harness when we were both 14, by myself, she carried a bride to her wedding in harness, and she lapped up the attention.
    She sadly passed away some years ago now, but she had a foal to a ASH sire and I still have her offspring with me today. My only regret is that I did not get more foals from her.
    Her offspring is now 16yrs going on 3, but OMG what a character which I would never part with.
    Having had a bit to do with my good friends crabbets, I know that arabs have such wonderful personalities, given half the chance.
    And after all of this story........I have QH's!!!!:p
    But one day when I find me the right one.......I WILL have an arab again any day!!!Cheers
  15. Noran

    Noran Active Member

  16. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    That question is an easy one :D Everyone who puts a stallion to a mare whether it be one in their lifetime or 20 a year **) Unfortunately in both lots of "breeders" there are those who don't look at the stallion and mare to see if 1) either should actually ever be bred or 2) if they compliment each other.

    I can see why a lot of people are cynical about an Arab in Western... the higher head carriage and more knee action than the "western breeds" would make it harder to train them for what the judges "want" although certainly not impossible :) If WP was actually what it is in the AmQHA video then it would be one thing but the reality at the moment is not quite the same. However there are a few Arabs and Derivatives who do well in Team Penning and they are very much suited to cattle work :)* Hmm, maybe I can try reining with my girl too :D That would be more fun than WP anyway LOL
  17. KC Quarter Horses

    KC Quarter Horses Gold Member

    Haven't read all this thread but am confused at the comment that Arabs can't do western.

    There are huge western class for Arabs in the USA and they compete very successfully in reining and cutting.

    Is the comment based on there are not western classes for Arabs in WA or that Arabs are incapable of competing in Western ?

    One our best most versatile horses was a Quarab and while I dint know much about the breed in general have met plenty of awesome Arab x and a few full Arabs that were awesome performance horses.

    also met a few that were not so great and some that were hot heads BUT you get that in every breed. :)
  18. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    When I was younger I always wanted an Arabian that does Western :p saw a picture on Google images and thought it was just the prettiest thing ever :)
  19. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    KCQH, I would be interested to know how the Arab Western horses in America would do over here. The head carriage I have seen of them has been very different from what I have seen at open Western comps.

    Saying that I much prefer the Arabs' way of going as it seems more natural LOL. But that is from someone who doesn't see the point in riding a horse at canter slower than you can walk :confused:
  20. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    The way my FIL explained WP to me was that there is a lot of collection and balance required to do it properly... I haven't actually done any western sports though :p so that's all I know.

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