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Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Kaisi, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. mum of five

    mum of five Well-known Member

    Well it wasnt our day today, infact the judge really hated Mali, so much so that she wouldnt even give him the reserve ribbon in a class of two. I wasnt there to win and there is no way my fella should have won over the winner of the two yr old gelding class, but I was almost embarrassed that she thought he was so aweful she wouldnt award a ribbon.
    I was pleased with the point system though as I was able to see what he shored and how, he was only 9points under the champion points, so I reckon thats ok for a 20mnth old who isnt show savvy, he made me proud with his good behaviour, and I love him to death.
    A massive congrats to peta Turlands and her stunning lad, my he really is something, and also to Stacey, whos boy is also gorgeous I remember seeing him when i went to look at Mali and thinking he really was something special.
    To all the other stockies congrats also, a special thanks to Beks for your support, I hope you enjoyed seeing Mali
  2. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Well a huge congrats from us MO5:)), for going, having a go at it and for a wonderful baby who behaved so well good on you....Don't be embarrased its happened to so many before....
  3. Fe

    Fe Well-known Member

    What a shame MO5. *hugs* I did see you around.

    Lol Tammy, you did a great job with Shakira today.
  4. Lexie

    Lexie Well-known Member

    Cant wait for a certain stocky to post her results, with her beautiful boys!
  5. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    Well, I'm so proud of my girl!
    We didn't place in our mare 7-11 yers, there was 4 in the class and no finalist ribbons were awarded.
    Youth handler, I got a finalist (there was SOOOO many in the class) plus a cool little show bag!!!
    Open youth costume, got reserve champion (Go Party!!!)
    Youth rider, also finalist.
    And in my ridden mare class (I'm proudest of this) agains the big nakes like Promise Me Brass and Kristee Lee, I got awarded finalist!!! The judge called up in of a circle (she only called 5 out of 7 in) and I was stocked that I was among them!!

    All up a good but VERY long day. I'm so proud of Tiffany.

    Congrats everyone on your results.
  6. megan

    megan Well-known Member

    WOW that is a bit on the rude side. IMO. but who cares we know he is good :)
  7. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    Huge congrats go to Party !, Midus !, Sweety, Beks, & AAH !

    AND I SEND HUGE HUGS TO MO5...HOW BLOODY RUDE OF THE JUDGE ...sorry but thats how I feel :(

    ...shame numbers where down in some of the classes again today, like the Senior Stallion class- one entry :( the Senior classes use to be the highlight of the show !-well for me anyway **)...hoefully all the old "boys" are at home making babies..he he he

    Good luck to everyone whos competing tomorrow

  8. oldtenth

    oldtenth Well-known Member

    way to go ArabatHeart, you're got a very nice bay mare.

    All the youth handlers today deserved a ribbon.

    You got like the grey stallion who broke his halter and decided to do his own liberty presentation for about five minutes, he had a blast doing laps and no he didn't wish to be caught even though his dad tried to bride him with carrots.
  9. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    naah not me, I was sitting everywhere!!! I sat on every side and end so could take pics, (sorry people- ive still got the old fashioned camera and have to get pics developed!!)

    I had jeans and a denim jacket on and carried a black camera bag, blonde hair- bit longer than a bob!
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  10. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    I think you might be right, you borrowed my program? There was a gelding listed in the older class but he turned up in the younger class- you guys told me his name? (just looked at program- the gelding was listed as the 12+ yrs but he is only 9yrs so they had him down in the wrong one.) How the hell did you guess that? (coz I was writing the winners down?)
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  11. shaz71

    shaz71 Well-known Member

    woo hoo, way to go midas!!:)*

    what a star **)
  12. beks

    beks Well-known Member

    What a great show today, its great to see overall numbers were good.
    Congrats to all our arabian friends who won there mums a ribbon.
    A special well done to NUGGET ( Valdemar Lea ) how amazing is this boy, just gets better and better!
    MO5 Mali did you proud, keep your head held high, dont let one rude judge bring you down, as you said his actual scores were not far off, just didnt quite make the hundred. Cant quite fathem her doing as she did, but who can ever tell whats going on in a judges head!

    Leah had to scratch Cambria Sarano from the ridden as the little bugger pulled up lame!

  13. kelly

    kelly Well-known Member

    big congrates to Midas im so happy for you :D and to everyone else who went today.

    Im a bit devo as ruby is the only one entered for tomorrow on her whole section but at least they are scoring so i can compare her to the seniors:)))
    Good luck to everyone for tomorrow**)
  14. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    I have to ask....WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS*#)

    Whats this point thingo...does everyone get scored and by who....the judge:eek:
  15. kelly

    kelly Well-known Member

    yeah every horse gets scored arcording to movement, legs, front and so on there is a few more then they all get added up and who ever is the highest wins :) i think its a really goood way although it takes alot longer ;)
  16. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    Good luck Kelly.If I know what sort of time you are on I may be able to pop down??:)
  17. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Thanks for that Kelly, it will be very interesting to see what score Winnie gets....I am looking forward to that (I think)
  18. raindear

    raindear Well-known Member

    Ok guys WHERE ARE THE PHOTOS!!!!!!!
  19. tammy07

    tammy07 Well-known Member

    yep that was us i was sitting directly behind you met another stockie without realising lol nice to meet you :)* the lady next to me was the owner of the filly i was showing yesterday when we left se said to me that you were a very nice person
    i did guess from your post with the results :)
  20. manocaaron

    manocaaron Well-known Member

    Lol, how funny. You would be the one who borrowed my program? I thought the lady said she had a colt though?

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