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    Duke's Daughter.

    QUOTE=citygirl;940070]I have a lovely filly by him..;)


    Hi Citygirl/Lee,
    Thank you for your enquiry.Yes Duke has a lovely 3 year old filly,owned by Sandra(the old lady who handled/mishandled Duke).Cheers to you too, :))
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    Apology to mod 3

    Hi Citygirl/Lee,
    Thank you for your enquiry.Yes Duke has a lovely 3 year old filly,owned by Sandra(the old lady who handled/mishandled Duke).Please pm me Lee.
    Cheers to you too, :))

    Sorry Mod 3,as you can see I am new here and didn't know the rules.
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    There was a second ridden palomino stallion. The Arabian Pony who won Champion Stallion/Colt at the Royal. I am fairly sure he was unplaited while Timmi was plaited :)*
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    Finally got around to posting sorry for the delay guys...
    Hafil Mystykh (Mys) got...
    Mare 12 and over - Didnt place she was asleep for the whole class lol
    Classic Head - Again didnt place but she is gorgeous to me
    Amatuer Owner - Finalist
    Classic Trot Female - 1st place yay the judge was impressed I could keep up with her hehe

    Ridden she was awsome since I havnt ridden in a big show before and neither of us got shitty at each other... :)
    Mare class - Didnt place
    Amatuer Owner - Finalist
    Rider - Finalist

    Sarah or Agatha if u have any pics please post, Spina only got Video but thats ok :)
  5. Arnie

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    Yes Vicky I got photo's ;). Will pick some out and post them now :D.
  6. Arnie

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  7. Mystique

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    Wow those are great Sarah, you always take great pics :D.... Have to get copies off you :)
  8. Arnie

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    Checkout the glare coming off Mys in the outside photo though :p, should of adjusted my settings to accomidate a super white pony! :p.

    I'll e-mail you.
  9. Mystique

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    Hehe amazing what a good wash does :p cheers for that **)
  10. Maree4

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    Mystique, I see why you got first in trot WOW WEE, beautiful movement...:))**)
  11. Kaisi

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    Does anyone know when/if they'll put up the scores for the purebreds? I love to have a look at them:))
  12. Midas

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    They were up on the day :)

    Not sure if thy are going up again!
  13. mirawee

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    The scores are meant to be put up on the website with the results. They weren't up when I checked yesterday though.
  14. Mystique

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    Aww thanks :) i was puffed after running her out hehe :p
  15. Midas

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    Results and Judges scores are up !! :)
  16. Mystique

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    Where can u look at those Midas???
  17. Lexie

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  18. Remaani

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    Thanks... just looked.
    How sad were some of the numbers, only 2 in the Part Bred Yearling, no Part Bred 2-3yo Fillies & only 2 Part Bred Males 2-3yrs.
    C'mon wheres the rest of the younger Part Breds, i know they are out there! :)

    Well done again everyone.
  19. From what I have heard you get the same low numbers at the Arab Nationals.. a friend of mine from Victoria got Australian champion this year with only two in her class!

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