Arabian States -Results and Photos

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  1. beks

    beks Well-known Member

    yep thats my daughter's boy:) THANKYOU!!:))
  2. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    Thanks so much for the pics Sarah, they are awesome

  3. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Your welcome :). Hope to catch him at the next show again too! He's a hunk!
  4. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    For sure, :)

  5. bawtry

    bawtry Well-known Member

    Thanks to those who have extended congratulations and kind words after our results on the weekend :) I'm so proud of both the horses, they were absolutely beautifully behaved all day and showed brilliantly.
    Mescal Al Saba came home with State Champion 3yo Colt at his first ever show after showing like a true Arabian champion and Stapylton Park D'Aliiance won Champion Mare 12 and over, Reserve Ridden Mare and Reserve Bridlepath Hack at our first major show together. The other mare in our team, Westbury Park Tsarina, won Reserve Champion Mare 7-11 and was a finalist in all her ridden classes.

    Didn't get many photos but here is one of D'Aliiance after her win in the halter. Please excuse the small bite mark on her neck!


    I have to say a HUGE thank you to those people who offered their support both at the show and the weeks leading up to it, you know who you are and I could never have done this without you :)
  6. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Could someone please PM me the name of the photographer inside please...or a link that would be great Taa
  7. odway

    odway Guest

    Thanks Luce, that means a lot! I so wanted to ring you right then and there but I didnt have your number. PM me girl, we NEED a catchup!!
  8. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    OH mY god !! Oh My God !... love it ! :D:D:D

    weldone G, P & K ;)

  9. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Thanks Lee glad you like the costume!

    Can anyone please tell me the Show name of the Stallion 'Duke' that got loose please?
  10. Dukeyboy

    Dukeyboy New Member


    Hi ITP,
    Thank you for your interest,his name is Norton Explosion out of the late,great Simeon Sevia(Australian Top Ten),by Eastwinds Axplosion(Australian Reserve Colt and Top Ten Stallion,Eastcoast Top Five),full brother to Eastwinds Special Affects(similar success as his sire).
    For any further information please feel free to enquire.
  11. Weasel

    Weasel New Member

    jewels's results at arabian state champs

    Hi Stockies
    I wasnt expecting much at the show with my girl - Jewels, it was our first time at the state champs so i didnt know what to expect, i think we ended up doing ok. What do you think?

    WA Arabian State Championships 2009
    State Champion - Novice Adult Owner Ridden Derivative
    State Reserve Champion – Derivative Bridle Path Hack
    State Reserve Champion – Derivative English Pleasure
    5th – Derivative Female Classic Trot
    7th – Derivative Female Quality Head
    and 2 Finalist Ribbons
  12. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    Well Done Weasel, you did great and it was wonderful to watch the work you put into Jewels pay off.
    She is such a lovely gal, even if she was having a bad hair day!
  13. PetaBizz

    PetaBizz Well-known Member

    Bad hair day?????**)
  14. Weasel

    Weasel New Member

    bad hair day

    yeah when i got to the show i discovered she had rubbed all her plaits out, i tried 3 times to do her tail but couldnt get it right and a few plait things came out during the day!:confused:
  15. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    About time you popped in with some results too Petabizz...

    come on - tell all - and I bluddy know that YOU didnt have a bad hair day LOL

    Your boy is AWESOMEST if you could just keep him in one piece would be nice.
  16. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    can someone plz tell me who the Pally Stallion was in the ridden on the Sunday??
  17. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Picasso's Fortune In Gold he is a Partbred he is the sire of Ti'Sharli Dreams of Fortune & Ti'Sharli Glitz N Glam
  18. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    thanks G...
  19. arabianluvva

    arabianluvva New Member

    Thanks heaps manocaaron for posting that beautiful pic of my boy Jack, i didnt get any nice ones, was shaking tooo much!
    and HUGE congrats to all the other stockies, ALL of your horses looked STUNNING!!!!! I had a great day socially, one of the best at any show ive ever been to. Im sure i spoke to more than the one stockie i recognised ( hi Gretchen:) spunky Party)
    My boy will go east next year for the east coast and aussies hopefully, want to say a HUGE thankyou to kathi scott and paul hedges, jack couldnt have done it without you.
    congratulations again everyone!! :))
  20. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I've got some photo's of your boy aswell. Contact Lanie she has copies of them all :).
    You boy is stunning and it was great to finally see him in the flesh and know what my boy will look like matured :p.

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