Arabian States 7th & 8th Nov

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Kaisi, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    ArabAtHeart, as far as I am aware you don't find out what stable you get until you arrive :confused: If anyone knows how to find out beforehand, please share :D
  2. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    call SEC and ask :)

    I know my stable numbers
  3. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    I have no idea what stable I am in I will wait til the day...
  4. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    When I book my stable I ask for a specific stable, so I know which one I will be getting - much easier on the day....I am in stable M119, if anyone wants to come and say Hi - I will be there both days **)
  5. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    I'm in I68. Cant wait to see everyone there!
  6. Oakey Dokey

    Oakey Dokey Active Member

    if you dont have a stables can u still use the laneway to prep them in the morning? it would be great of ya can
  7. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    NO Oakey Dokey you are not allowed to use the laneway regardless whether you have a stable or not! EWA are starting now to reinforce this rule for everyones safety.
  8. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    I think stopping people tying up in the lane way is a good idea especially in the small stables with narrow rows. Having said that, I've tacked up a horse in the isle when I was the only person in the row because it wasn't a safety issue, I wasn't effecting anyone else and those stables a ruddy dusty to walk in and out of! The arab states are way to busy to do that though.

    I would be really annoyed if people did just prep their horse in the isle and not pay for a stable - it's not only dangerous, it's selfish!!
  9. mum of five

    mum of five Well-known Member

    Iam beginning to wish I had never entered! I dont think I was prepared for the enormity of this show, apart from the normal daily things I hadnt done anything for Mali. I finally got someone near by who would clip him tomorrow(after winning enough on the Melb cup I decided I would get him done) and they told me he would need to be clean (groan) I usually wash him at OBHH cause I dont have a water hose with pressure, to wash Tilly i have to use the watering can, so I told the person i would see what I could do and phone her back, I struggled with mali and the watering can for an hour and getting him clean, I now cant get hold of the person, so Iam geussing he wont be clipped!
    Mali has managed to give himself a nice scratch on his shoulder!
    Now I also havent had the time or the funds till now to organise a stable, is it ok to just tie up to the float, or is it possible to still get a stable.
    Iam feeling so so stressed now, I will be glad when its all over I think I definately prefer to watch all of you with your lovely horses:(
    Hopefully it will all be ok on the day, the best part will be just spending the day with my lovely boy and getting lots of cuddles:D
  10. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    don't stress :)

    I was but I'm not now... as IPT said... "it's just another show" :)
  11. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    Everyone prepped in the aisle at EA HOTY and no one minded or complained??
    Even EA staff never said a thing.
  12. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Don't worry MO5! Like Midas said, it's just another show. There's no reason you can't tie up at the float :)
  13. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Don't stress MO5, i haven't done anything different in regards to preperation, than I do at any other smaller show. I turn him out the same, keep his work the same...I treat it as just another show, its the excitement of everyones enthusiam thats the fun can't help but be excited. Once you have done one you will see its not so bad.....:)*
    If you need anything at all just come see me even if its just for a chat...:)) Go have fun ;)
  14. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    I am sure people will and I will properly be one of them. As stated earlier on in this thread it is one of the rules but I guess rules are made to be broken.;)
  15. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    MO5@) please don't stress about getting him clipped, as we have said it really is just another show, there are no Sheep stations on offer:D.

    You guys will walk away Saturday and say 'Why did I stress?'
  16. Valencia Park Monty

    Valencia Park Monty Well-known Member

    Good luck to IPT and Karijini for this weekend!!! im sure you guys will do great and cant wait to see the pictures and hear the results!!! :D

    Good luck to everyone else aswell :)
  17. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    If we're not allowed to prep in the isle, where are we ment to prep? We can't exactly do it in the stables... I think as long as we are very mindful about horses/people around us it should be ok?
  18. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    Last year we prepped and tacked up at the float then just used the stable as a stable when the horse wasn't out competing .... We were in the minority though - most of the time the only ones out there (which was great actually - lots of space, quiet, could take our time ... :)* ).
  19. kelly

    kelly Well-known Member

    Thats ok for people whos horses legs arnt all white. I wish you could chose wether or not to have saw dust as once i do her legs i cant put her back in the stable cause the the saw dust makes her legs dirty and alot of people have the same problem. Oh well i guess i will work something out;)
  20. springbok

    springbok Well-known Member

    Actually our horse has 2 front socks lol.

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