Arab state champs results in here!!

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  1. beks

    beks Well-known Member

    congrats all

    Congratulations everyone yesterday.
    Thankyou Jadelise, Razzie and Gerbra for your support re: my daughter and her geld, he is a amazingly quiet and sensible 4 year old geld-PURE ARABIAN, but yes he is a horse and this is the sport we choose in our lives. We are an experienced family and been competing in arabians for over 20 years and would never allow are precious children to handle or ride an animal if it was not quiet. I was not at the show at the time of the incident, but recieved a scary phone call and had to make the mad dash from Waroona to meet Leah at the hospital, were I found her happy and bright and just wanting to go back to the show to ride.
    The commitee had to think re; duty of care and they were about to let us sign a waiver but the class was going in, we chose to not continue.
    WE also should have brang back from the hospital a letter from the doctor who cleared her to continue.
    It is just a bump(thank the lord) and as Im typing this both my daughters and their dad are outside riding our beloved horses.
    Good luck to every today
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  2. Bethy

    Bethy Gold Member

    No, he wasnt' there.
  3. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    Bummer, he's my favourite guy. Thanks Bethy.
  4. paintedhoney

    paintedhoney Well-known Member

    BEKS- well done to your family yesterday, i helped with Leah at the time and not only was she only mildly shaken, but determined not to let anyone fuss and she just wanted to get back out there. Your beautiful "older" gelding was a sight to see indeed, what a credit to the breed. Well done to a fantastic show!!
  5. pso

    pso Gold Member

    Woohoo...another congrats for princeton!**):)):D

    She'd better post some pics!
  6. Linnybear

    Linnybear Well-known Member

    Had another great day :)*
    Went as support crew for Sue & Emily with Lanaryn Last Dance, he was looking great!!! Emily did a wonderful job of showing him to Reserve Champion Partbred male 4yrs & over. There were some lovely horses in the class and congratulations to Tisharli, but will let her post her results later ;) Big CONGRATULATIONS to Sue & Emily, you've done a wonderful job with this lovely young man, very proud :))
    Here is Patrick.....
  7. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    **) I was there this morning to visit (no horse!) got to see alot of gorgeous horses, and catch up with a few stockies.
    Got some pics but not home yet so will get the onto my comp at home tonight :)

    Just wondering, does anyone have the results of the Purebred Gelding class yesterday? Also the dressage?
    Or...does anyone know how long it will be for the results on WAAHA to go up? (I dont expect them this quick, but any idea how long? thanks :) )

    Great show, always love the arab shows, maybe some day I will show my girl again...... maybe :p lol
  8. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    He is now over east..Arrived there just the other day.

    Congrats to everyone today..All the horses looked lovely as always...

    Arab Lover..Fe looked awesome**)
    Remaani..Jet is looking Fantastic(he better be there next week:p)

    Have 2 pics..One of Fe & one of a little stallion Remaani showed.**)

    Sorry not the best pic's.
  9. lucas and brad

    lucas and brad Well-known Member

    Well done guys.
    Does anyone have any pictures of the arab warmbloods which were there today?
  10. Maree4

    Maree4 Gold Member

    Well done to everyone, what gorgeous weather you all had for the show.
    I see Winnies Dad got reserve Champion Senior YAY for him....

    Heidi how did Dee go PM me if you don't want to post her results before she does...

    Wish i had of been there.....:(;)
  11. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    I showed four horses today and all did well. Their results...

    M.Tenger's Arab Warmbllod mare not sure on her name she got State Champ second year running.
    Cymaru Sapphire Blue - Champion Arab Pony Mare
    Flash By Design - Finalist Arab Pony Stallion
    Cymaru Blu Byoa - Reserve Champ Arab Pony 2-3yrs

    I am happy i didnt have to show any more i was buggered after those 4.
  12. citygirl

    citygirl Gold Member

    Weldone Jem, you did a great job today showing ! :D

    Congrats to all place getters..there was a few extremely love Arabians at the the show over the weekend !

    Mod 3 ...sorry but I do need to put my ten cents in...the Gelding who accidently hurt his mum, is NOT dangerous in in any way ! maybe the person making those beaten ?????

    Huge congrats to Misteress72...your little-big man is just awsome !

  13. Sweety

    Sweety Active Member

    I am the girl that got hit in the head by my sweet, purebred, gelding, like most youngsters he got scared in the indoor arena, he was/is not malicious, I just didnt get out of the way.
    Thankyou too all that were concerned about my welfare and those that helped me. Though I did get nocked in the head, it wasnt that sore, thanks to my hard head and those who saw my class my gelding just got scared and after the incident he was relaxed and acted perfectly, AS USUAL, im in NO pain and im not even on headache tablets or any painkillers, ALL i can feel is an egg on my head and im going about my daily life as usual I understand the commitee's reasons for not letting me do my ridden classes, of which, I wanted to do for ME, not my parents!!!
    And like Gerbra had said, If my gelding hadnt have placed there wouldnt be all this fuss over it.

    Thankyou from,
    the girl that isnt in ANY pain!!!
    (aka, Sweety)
  14. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    Thanks, reckon i could be a pro one day?! HAHAHAHA I only do it to get experience from other people horses and learn to deal with different behaviours, but i wont show my own cause i stress ALOT *#)
  15. Mod 3

    Mod 3 Moderator

    How many times do members have to be told to leave it alone???
    10 cents isnt needed ,nor is any further comment on this incident.
    Again results only or the topic will go!
  16. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    Glad your ok Sweety!, lovely gelding by the way **):D

    ..well im finally home after a LONG 2 days of prepping and showing, firstly a HUGE thankyou to Shakhaan for showing my babies for me, you were great!! so pleased

    it was my mares first time out since a yearling - she is now 6. she was in ARP 4yrs + and got.....RESERVE STATE CHAMPION MARE OVER 4 !!!!!! i was over the moon, she was looking awesome, and behaved so well,

    then my colt has his class.....he was in ARP yearling colt, and got STATE CHAMPION YEARLING!!! he was such a star, and behaved like a pro, not bad for his 3rd show!!

    there were some nice horses there today,

    just uploading pics now
  17. tammy07

    tammy07 Well-known Member

    well i got home after a long and tiring weekend bloody mare deciding to ovulate today hopefully there is going to be a little healthy baby growing lol

    well im so stoked with the little girl i was leading she won state champion arabian warmblood female 2-3 yrs i was so happy you couldnt get the smile off my face all the photos that were taken have me smiling from ear to ear lol
    i didnt stay to watch the ridden classes but i bet princeton did very well
    how did pickles go??? i missed out on seeing both of them compete

    i didnt get any photos i can post but i know chris took some awsome ones which i cant wait to see

    ive pm'd you bethy and im so sorry about this morning
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  18. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Well I'm home finally!!!

    I'm annoyed and happy at the same time.

    King was an absolute w****r on Friday and I didn't want to take him. Didn't even finish washing him properly.
    Saturday I did his leg make-up before getting there and then he was left stabled for a few hours.

    I actually went to the stables to let everyone know I wasn't going to take him in but decided to pull him out anyway and see how he was behaving. Turned out he was an angel :p.

    Taryn did an awesome job showing him but by his class he had stressed himself too much, he was tucked up and of course came up lame too!!!! How embarrising :(. Didn't place but I was on a high that he behaved so well.

    So we're home now and don't plan on going out again for a while.

    Thanks to everyone to helped me out on the weekend. You know who you are and everyone that came to visit!!!

    Sorry to any stockies or anyone I didn't speak to or seemed rude to! I was sooooo stressed and there was also people constently talking to me left right and centre lol. That and I still had my two kids to mind lol.
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  19. Random_Winger

    Random_Winger Well-known Member

    Ohhh for breeding season? I need to go back to Saddleworld lol, catch up on all the goss :p
  20. Pink Sapphire

    Pink Sapphire Well-known Member

    Great results everyone!!!

    Huge congrats to Mistress72 great results with your stunning boy :)

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