Arab state champs results in here!!

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    thx sassy, they will always make us proud :) soz kaisi no pix...we never have enough time to take our own so we just waiting 4 them to come up on the net. ur boy looked amazing, ur a very lucky girl lol
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    Congrats Bewitched, sounds like a great break between exams. lol.
    Tommy is such a sweetie, has his birthday been yet? If so, he didn't get the carrots from me! rofl.
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    i think possible? oct? cant remember off the top of my head lol
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    Fusion On Q is own Jan Middleton Shown by Noran Arabians he is by the Arabian Stallion Quayyzar. Catrina Roe Boy went Reserve 2 -3 Year old Male ( Amberville Rosenstein) and the Arabian Warmblood 4 Years and Over State Champion was Amberville Rosen Kavalier Owned By Catrina Roe and Reserve went to Redline Sensation owned By K Frazer,

    Arabian Warmblood 2 -3 Female, Ruby Red Light also By Quayyzar and Reserve went Noran Abbey Rose. Who is by Chopin. who i was very pleased with because this was her first float trip her first plaiting seson her first show as a three year old. She took it in her stride.
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    aw thankyou very much!! =]
    much apreciated
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    and thanks 2 leanne who is the bestestest person just bcoz =]
    haha im listening to u all now in the meeting SOOO boring lol
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    hey kylie if your the person im thinking of lol
    your girl was very well behaved for her first time she is beautiful
    and thanks for putting ruby on your website i was so excited to see her on there :)
    oh and hows your back??

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