Arab State Champs Results and Pics

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  1. Yes that's the one. I don't think she placed in the ridden class I saw her in but gosh what a nice horse, I'm a sucker for pretty ones. Would like to see her close up.
  2. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    HUGE CONGRATES to you too....You have done Ruby proud as usual.

    It was a real shame for us as we had Grisham all ready to go,looking pretty flash indeed, and low and behold he couldnt fit on the float I had borrowed,even though it was a huge extedned and extra high one aswell!!.......he is just too very very dissapointed indeed but we'll be out for the Trilogy in March no doubt.

    congrates again to Kelly and Ruby:))
  3. OurHoney

    OurHoney New Member

    Oops Sorry Bunch of Violets:eek: She is a lovely mare too.

    Yes Dollar@) I really do think we should get a bit more of a prize at a State Championship show other than just a sash:( I will be sending in a letter. We put in so much time, money & effort to compete, I think it should be worth a little more than a sash. Im not sure as to what the purebreds won.
  4. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Dont the Champ winners get rugs? or garlands?
  5. nannygoat

    nannygoat Gold Member

    I went and watched last year and it seemed that nearly every horse came out with a ribbon garland or prize of some kind.

    Are we all getting a bit too 'want this' instead of being there for the title?
  6. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    the pure breds got a plaque with their champion but they didnt have champion of champions..the part breds got the plaque if they won champion of champions.

    I do agree the members put in alot of time,money & effort and should b rewarded with abit more than just a sash.And im not even a member of the arabs.
  7. MmmCookies

    MmmCookies New Member

    No, the purebreds didn't get a plaque with every Champion Title. I did see them go out in some of the halter classes. But we won Champion Rider and Champion Handler and awarded a sash.:)
  8. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    In the past each halter champion received a plaque, not sure on handlers/riders but lead rein didn't get one. Maybe we are all getting a little greedy but when you go to other shows such as the RPSB Show their major winners normally all receive a rug+ etc... and their show isn't as expensive to enter, mind you they don't have overseas judges and the expense of hiring the indoor arena which is a huge cost for the WAAHA to cover.

    Can anyone confirm if the purebred halter mares/stallions/geldings received a plaque for each class champion ? Bet they did.
  9. Razzie

    Razzie Well-known Member

    We were in the box accross from you. As i said yesterday your mare is gorgesous, you definetly deserved it.

    3.... :(

    Why thank u Wattle, she looks really good in those photos.

    Well Raz's results...

    2010 WA State Champion Partbred Mare 4 & Over
    and the champions of champions trophy

    This is the second year running for her and i am over the moon with her. Last weekend we go Supreme of Supremes Pinto ov 14hh as well, and we had our weekend ended with my purebred mare Razara Estazi foaled a purebred chestnut filly at 11pm last night (by Fairview Ibn Estasan).

    So I am one very proud mum right here.... and they always say everything happens in threes.

    Congrats to everyone, the only disappointing part for the weekend was there was some classes that generally have good numbers didnt... hope theres more next year.
  10. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    For wat i seen all the gender/age halter classes for the purebreds got plaques..

    We just held our Pinto States...We brought over 2 interstate judges,held it at claremont,all champions got a trophy,all supremes got a trophy & Garland,all SOS's got a trophy Garland & Rug & the Grand champ got a garland & trophy..our entries were only $25 per horse for ur 1st horse & $15 for each after..

    I dont think its being greedy at all..I think the societies should be giving back to their members..

    I also look at it that most societies run several shows through the yr which the profits from those shows should carry their main show to make it a great better show & give something back to their members.

  11. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Don't join the AHAA then, we don't even get interstate judges. My filly won State Champ Junior and came home with a Champ ribbon :p
  12. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    @)Hi Razzie, nice to meet you - congratulations on your big win too, your mare is stunning!!! I just love mares with very pretty feminine heads.

    Also, thanks for your lovely comments about Kira :)
  13. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    If you want something done then contact the relevant people and maybe even support and sponsor!

    Just the title alone us a HUGE reward with the quality competion I believe to be the highest of all state championships in the state.
  14. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    Here's one of Tiff I took this afternoon with her pretty show halter and her ribbons (not mine :D)

  15. pso

    pso Gold Member

    exactly how many state championships are there in the state? :p*#)
  16. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I'd name names but then people will take it personally.

    Leave this as the results and pictures thread only.
  17. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    ';' No-one asking for names? *#)
  18. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Names of the associations that hold state championships in Western Australia ;).

    I would call for more results but I have every single result (apart from dressage) written down so already know :D! Well done everyone!
  19. pso

    pso Gold Member

    It was a genuine question arnie...I didnt ask for names...I didnt realise there was more than one state championship...If there is more than one- I guess no one horse is EVER really the 'state champion'???:confused:
  20. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    there is only 1 arab state championship show..isnt there??

    But most other societies hold their own breed state champ shows..

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