Arab State Champs Results and Pics

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  1. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    Thank you! I knew I'd never beat Party, but it was still a lot of fun - Well done to Keely on her results!!!
  2. Its Party Time

    Its Party Time Well-known Member

    Never say Never ;)

    Thank you from Keeley xx
  3. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    here is a pic taken by Wattle of a fellow stockies Stallion..Love this boy he is so darn quiet..He went finalist in both his classes..
  4. Bon & Ted

    Bon & Ted Guest

    So proud of you MA! :D some great results for you and Tiff.
    You both look superb in that photo :))

    Big congrats chicky **)

    And congrats to everyone else!!!
  5. Kingsbury

    Kingsbury New Member

    Wow! Had a great day with my two baby girls! Although they didnt take too well to being in the indoor arena for the first time!.... i did have my hands full!*#)

    Our results:

    Sarowan Park Sonata
    State Champion Yearling Arabian Pony

    Brayside Love Story
    State Champion Yearling Arabian Riding Pony

    Big thankyou to my mum and my sister for all their help today..and i needed it!
    Congrats to everyone for their results!:))
  6. Popped in yesterday afternoon for a quick look. Huge congrats to jmk on her big win.

    Two of my other favourites were Shelley R's newbie (so obviously stamped by serenade) and also Sarah B's pretty anglo mare.

    Was refreshing to see a breed society bring over a showie like Clint for the ridden classes. I suspect some regulars may have been upset at being out of the placings but he really was going for quality and type over perfect workouts, and some lovely horses who are successful
    in the open show ring had very deserved wins.
  7. princeton

    princeton Well-known Member

    BOV was it the same ridden judge on the Saturday and the Sunday?
  8. Babe

    Babe Well-known Member

    Was this Isador Dances?? Is this the one that went Reserve Champion? If so, her owner is a friend of mine and Im absolutely thrilled!!!!!:D She bred this mare and must be absolutley stoked with her!

    Darn link didnt work, but its the grey mare that Wattle posted in the second trotting pic
  9. JotarisArabians

    JotarisArabians New Member

    We took two fillies, Jotaris Jenaya, first foal by my stallion Fairview Ibn Estasan was Champion 2 year old and Baarika, first foal by Kathi Scott's lovely Mozart ERA was Reserve Champion 3 year old filly. Really happy with the girls performance at their first ever outing, they looked great and showed like pros!

    Unfortunately we had some camera issues and most of the photos are blurry ';' Really hoping there are some nice pro shots from the photographers!!

    Congrats to everyone who competed and did well, the numbers weren't huge but I thought the standard was pretty good this year :)) Didn't get to see the derivatives as we had a long drive home so I'm really enjoying seeing everyones photos!
  10. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Princeton it was the same judges over the weekend, however we were only there on Sunday. I thought the ridden judge did a fabulous job and I pretty much picked the same as he did ...

    He had a couple of tough classes, especially the Show Horse Class and I think he looked at the whole package, it wasn't just work but also quality, conformation, movement, straightness and manners. It was so good to see a ridden judge account conformation as well as work under saddle. We were sitting in a fantastic position and could see exactly what he did as they went across the diagonal which was very interesting.. And I also think he was fantastic in the rider classes really taking the riders whole position and riding ability, not just sitting/looking pretty into account.

    I would love to see him judging back here again and would certainly not hesitate putting my daughter under him. By the way what was his name ?
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  11. OurHoney

    OurHoney New Member

    Two of my other favourites were Shelley R's newbie (so obviously stamped by serenade) and also Sarah B's pretty anglo mare.

    Thanks Bunch of Violets:)* Although they got my name wrong in the program its Stacey not Sarah:D

    This is the 3rd time she has won State Champion so Im really pleased!
    Also took my Serenade filly, it was just her 2nd show & it was a VERY Stong class all lovely types. She didnt place but handled it all very well. They even picked her to be swabbed, the poor girl was not to impressed by it at all:D I must say the vet was great with her. I have no probs with being swabbed & think it should be done more often.

    One thing I found very disappointing was the fact Champions & Reserves didnt get a trophy or plark this year';' This is State Championships after all & it cost a lot to enter.
  12. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    I had already sorted through and prepared Saturdays photos before leaving Perth (got home sometime after 2! My poor kids!) but after all that I left the memory sticks in the car and hubby has taken it to work! Oops!

    So I'm sorting through Sundays photos and they'll start being uploaded within few hours :). Saturday ones will go straight up tonight.
  13. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Tell you was awesome to be able to be up close and hear what he had to say to riders and stewards afterwards. I had my ears open and learnt and took in quite a bit! When he was sitting down waiting for his turn to judge ge had alot to say and it was great to hear from such a quality judges point of view!
  14. Clint Bilson is his name. From Victoria.
  15. Sarah brookes mare is the one I mean. I was under the impression it was her first Arab show?
  16. Shakhaan

    Shakhaan Well-known Member

    They did have plaque's for the Derivatives, that's what the Champion of Champions award was. I think for each registry, they had the state champ of each of 2 age groups (1 junior, 1 senior) go up against each other to win the plaque. They just didn't give a plaque to every state champ on derivative day.

    Also numbers were higher than last year, by about 30 entries, I was told.
  17. ArabAtHeart

    ArabAtHeart Well-known Member

    That's what I really liked about his judging, as well as other things. In my rider class, both myself and the champion were told 'great job riding green horses'. I though that was great, because they were green. They weren't the prettiest looking horses, but I think he judged it really well!
  18. Jadelise

    Jadelise Well-known Member

    Yes that was Pembrooke Park September Morn
  19. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Our Honey, you are correct, I bet the purebred champions all got a plaque in each class ??? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'd be pretty surprised if they didn't. Derivatives always seem to be the ones who get their classes cut/slashed/dropped at this show but still pay the same in entry fee's. Don't get me wrong I love seeing them in there with more numbers but don't see why they lose out on their plaques.

    Arnie I would have loved to marshall for that judge, I'd be taking it all in as well.
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  20. MmmCookies

    MmmCookies New Member


    We won 2 Champion Titles at the Purebreds on Saturday. No plaques were awarded:(

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