Arab State Champs Results and Pics

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  1. myyky

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    Oooh, can't wait for more piccies! Well done to everyone with ribbons.. Especially the State Champions!! :D
    Linnybear, what colour is Psynful? Is he greying out, or just some really cool colour? I like him!
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    thankyou :p:p:)):))
  3. Shaklana

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    Thankyou :)):)):))
  4. Shaklana

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    Thankyou Lee :p:p:)):)
  5. Taryn

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    Hi Everyone, Apart from getting the flu on Tuesday I managed to die quietly in my classes lol and made it to the end of the day. Had lots of fun and all the horses were beautiful! Thanks to the WAAHA for putting on a well run and on time show!!

    My stallion Sa'arkastic (Kaz) was in his usual "too" quiet mood, Here are the results for the Pure Arabian Stallion 10yrs and over class.
    Champ was The Black Magic
    Reserve was Joda Shahboogie
    Finalist Zelshazzar, Marbling Nabaroo and Sa'arkastic.
    Most likely going to be Kaz's last show but ya never know as he's looking pretty good for 18yrs old.

    My stallys yearling colt Assilem Park Soulja'ar (Nitro) was shown and prepared for me by Kiley for his very first show. Thanks to Kiley who performed an amazing feat getting him from a blob hairy foal to a eye catching show horse, unfortunately it wasn't his day though. He placed 3 out of 3 but was pretty well behaved and learnt lots. Nitro nearly didn't make it to the States at all as he hurt himself a few days before the show and had a few puffy legs on the day.
    Not sure I got these results correct but
    Champ yearling colt Sundale Maa-amani
    Reserve Kairo Bey Legend
    or visa versa. Hard to tell the difference between these two colts as they were both liver chestnuts lol

    I entered both into of my boys into the classic head Male class for Nitro to gain more experience in the indoor arena. My friend Sue Wiscombe was to take Nitro and I was to take Kaz but as Nitro was a bit toey I took him. Both boys were able to stand next to each other and Kaz's calm demeanour seemed to settle his son down. Poor Sue was dumped in the deep end though as she has never stood an Arab up in full pose, lucky for her Kaz is push button.

    This class was huge I think about 12 horses. Here are the results for the classic head male
    Champ was colt Lanaryn Psymbolik
    Reserve was my boy Sa'arkastic!!! I was blown away, I couldn't believe it!!!
    I'm not sure who placed in the finals as there was so many horses
    Unfortunately my colt didn't place in this class but all good learning curve for him.

    Nitro was happy to get on the float and head for home with his old man. By the way my new colour camera mounted in the float was worth its weight in gold as Sue and I could see Nitro was fully asleep with his head hanging low over the chest bar all the way back to Sue's place LOL poor lil man

    Top Fancy Let's Party your awe inspiring and what a costume!!! Love it!!!
    Arab at Heart I saw you ride your lil mare did a great job thumbs up!
    Beks your old gelding Salich Nagar is a true gentleman. He effortlessly bowled around the arena. He's a credit to you. Good luck for today with both your Arab warmbloods
    Congrats to everyone else who competed, lots of horses great to see.
    Samm I didn't see you any where.
    Arnie I didn't get to see you either.

    I wish the Douglas family all the best showing Kaz's 3 yr old part arab gelding Assilem Park Lucifa'ar today!! Go Louy!!

    Sorry for the novel
    OK so here are some pics of my boys :))
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  6. Taryn

    Taryn Well-known Member


    Assilem Park Soulja'ar (Nitro)


    The old boy Sa'arkastic and me

    Dad and Son

    Would have been a good pic if I didn't have my hand in the way.
    Sue with Kaz, me and Nitro
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  7. Had a great day today. Such a long wait for such little competitors ';'. Reserve State Champion Arabian Pony :) 2 and 3 years.
    So well mannered couldnt have asked for a better maturing galloway, going to be a star under saddle!!! 5 months to go :D
    WELL DONE TO ALL!!! smiles all round :)
  8. Khaliffa

    Khaliffa New Member

    I thought I would share the results for my gelding, I was not there unfortunately to watch him as we are now based in NSW.
    Hume Creek Khalif+CH earned retirement in 2004 & we decided to bring him back for another attempt under saddle, in his third show back he came away with:
    State Champion Purebred Prelim Dressage (first attempt at dressage)
    State Champion Purebred Ridden Gelding
    State Champion Purebred Bridlepath
    State Finalist Show Horse
    Res Ch Youth Handler with little Rhiannon, I am so proud of you both
    Res Ch Open Rider

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank Paula Sparre & daughter Rhiannon for all their hard work to get him this far & also Karen Fletcher-Grieve & Sharyn Armstrong for their willingness to ride him in a couple of classes. He is truly a one in a million horse who is showing his versatility. Go FAT BOY KAL
  9. Mystique

    Mystique Active Member

    We had a great day yesterday she was a gem to handle and she was posing really well for me...

    We didnt place in our Mare 12 and over class but there was some tough competition out there, congrats to Peta and Dally and especially to Taryn, Larnie and Mary u guys were both stunning out there :D

    Didnt palce in our Female Classic trot class either, found that funny :confused:

    But we did take out State Champion Novice Owner Handler 18 and over which I was stoked about could be happier **)
  10. tsarbrina

    tsarbrina Well-known Member

    I had the privelage of taking Rens beautiful boy Shangrala Standing Ovation for her as she is away working...after 4 years away from the ring he came away with Reserve Champion Partbred male 4 Years and proud of him and if I knew how to post pics would...anyway lovely day and some very nice horses..congrats to all..
  11. Shakhaan

    Shakhaan Well-known Member

    Well we're 2 from 2 for the weekend. After his dad's effort yesterday, Chilli was not to be outdone, and came away with State Champion Arabian Pony 2&3 yrs. Then won Champion of Champions trophy for junior Arabian Ponies. Also showed a Finalist in the senior arabian pony male class, and the state champ yearling arabian wb. Big congrats to all connections.

    Taryn, the barn felt empty last night without the lil roarer there! Miss him already, hope you had an uneventful trip home. Lol, yesterday I went to the show with 2 in the float, and came home with 1. Today, I go to the show with 1, and come home with 2 *#)

    Some very nice horses there today! Not much tail in the big classes... as it should be at the State Champs :))
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  12. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Congrats to everyone who has posted so far. We didn't enter any ponies but three Riverdance progeny were presented today for fantastic results against very strong competition in the Junior Arabian Riding Ponies. Very impressed with them and happy for their owners but will let them announce their placings.:))

    I was also very impressed with the man judging the ridden classes, would show under him any day. Well done WAAHA **)
  13. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    Congrats to everyone....

    Well done to Cherokee Lodge & their boy With his Finalist placings..He did a great job especially for a stallion under saddle at his second ridden show...He is such a calm boy you wouldnt pick him for a stallion..Well done guys..
  14. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Since I am stuck at a work conference and couldn't compete can someone please tell me the number of horses in the partbred adults (mares in particular) and junior anglo Arab classes please. And winners too if possible :)
  15. ZaZa

    ZaZa Guest

    Well done K !! What fanatstic results for your 2 boys ! **)
    But where are the pics ??? :p
  16. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    Congratulations everyone!!! What an excellent turn out!!!

    I have 7000 photos to sort through and a 300km drive home yet so my work us far from finished!
  17. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    Big smiles here....:))

    Brayside Shakira - State Champion Arabian Riding Pony 2 & 3 years (this is the 3rd year in a row she has won this prestigious title) then went on to win Champion of Champions Arabian Riding Pony 3 years and under.

    I would like to thank Glomax Stud for their sponsorship for this class and for the lovely trophy

    I could not be happier with my little princess.

    I just want to say a HUGE thanks to Steve for doing such a wonderful job showing her as always, and to all my helpers today. **)

    It was a great well run show as always, so 3 cheers to the WAAHA :)):)):))
  18. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Congrats to all :))
    Serenity, I heard the lineup for your section was probably the toughest lineup for the day, so would make you doubly pleased :) **)
  19. Ren

    Ren Well-known Member

    my boy was there in the part bred male over 4yrs class and came away with Reserve State Champion with a class of 8 in the ring including 3 stallions and believe it came close in the end, so i still can not stop smiling :) since hes been in the paddock for the past 4yrs but im sure he loved it. BIG thanks to tsarbrina for the effort in getting him there coz i couldnt make it and Steve Muco for showing him. Cant wait for pics now :) and special hugs when i get home
  20. Spellbound

    Spellbound New Member

    Levi and i had a fantastic day could not have asked for better i am so proud of him :) Big congrats to everyone who competed today i think marjority of us all had smiles on our faces :)

    My Results are as follows
    = 3 Prelim dressage test (finalist ribbon)
    5th Novice dressage test (finalist ribbon)

    Champion Open Senior Rider (Derivatives) Then the water works started lol
    Reserve Champion Derivative Show Horse
    Finalist Arabian Riding Pony
    Champion Derivative Showhunter ridden by rider 18 years and over

    I would like to thank the organisers of this show it was another fantastic day also all the sponsers :)

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