Arab state champs :d

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    It was clearly stated in the provisional timetable made available before the show that the times were only approximate, and if we could make up some time - particularly in the afternoon when people started scratching from classes - we would. :)*
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    There use to be a 'run-off' between the State Champions for Grand champion Junior & Senior, but IMO I'm glad that was scratched a few years ago. I really dont understand why there needed to be a Grand Champion from all the STATE Champions.

    Keep the photos coming- congrats to everyone

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    Well done Arnie! Loved the video, there seems to be certainly an art to showing in hand that is for sure! Anthony looks like he is the master of it!
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    King looks awesome Arnie! Congrats! :))

    So do you plait pure geldings but nor mares or stallions? Sorry for all the questions but should be showing a mare soon so need to know!
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    Any purebred or derivative may be shown unplaited in halter and in some ridden classes - the costume is an example, but many of the ridden classes have rules that clearly state they must be plaited - side saddle is an example, so it is easier for competitors to plait for all classes....and this is allowed.

    Rules for these differences are available in the rule book on the AHSA website.

    I have reported the PA issues in the stables and the feedback into arena to the SEC manager - we'll see if anything is done!
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    Great video Arnie. :)

    Anthony is a fantastic handler, he's handled my Pali gelding for me at the Royal & on Sat (Arab States).. fantastic man & gentle with the horses. :)
    Have told him he's already pre-booked for showing Music's full sister at all major WA Shows next year. ;)
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    Thankyou guys! :D King looks so different plaited! :eek:

    Anthony is excellent! He liturally ran across the warm up arena, grabbed the lead and ran in, he had never met King prior! And showed him beautifully! And he is also a very nice genuine bloke!

    Gaia - I had no ridden classes so I decided to plait King because personally I see Geldings as riding stock where as Mares / Stallions etc are breeding stock and shown naturally. I see its basically 50 / 50 with plaiting and natural with geldings. I took a punt and just hoped King would look half decent! I was very happy with his turn out. Now as of next year like mentioned above, it'll make our ridden classes alot more stress free! :D
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    Erilyn - Thankyou for that information. The day was well run and I'll be e-mailing through my feedback and hope others do to, good / bad or constructive I know you guys would like to hear from the members :).
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    Well.. after seeing all these photos and all the great help you guys have been answering all my questions :eek: hehehe, I've decided to bring my little ARP mare up next year I think :)
    Very much looking forward to it :)
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    heya the 2 colt 2 years had 4 entries, but only one showed which was us :) just letting you know :)
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    Ooops, yes your right, I had meant the Colt 1 yr! I remember your boy too, very nice:)!
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    Congratulations to everybody :) There were such lovely horses there!

    We were there friday arvo til sunday night.

    Our results:

    Stardale Glamouraas:State Champion Female Classic trot
    Reserve State Champion Female Classic head

    Stardale El Julline:State Champion purebred colt 2yrs

    Stardale Cosmos Allusion:Finalist purebred gelding 7-11 years
    Finalist classic trot male
    Finalist classic head male

    Arabika Linkoln
    Finalist Gelding 12 years and over (was a great class, was absolutely stoked)
    Finalist purebred show by an amatuer owner
    Reserve Champion Native costume
    Finalist show hunter
    Finalist in all other ridden classes (show horse, amatuer classes, ridden gelding, etc)

    Thanks so much to my mum, thanks Chloe and Pam for your lovely comments, thanks Anthony for showing our naughty colt, thanks Kylie for helping me with my attire, thanks Committee for successfully running such a great show, and thanks to the halter judge for being so lovely and nice.
  14. suga1624

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    Some of me and links :)




  15. suga1624

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    oh wow thanks! i was going to sell him, but Anthony (the man show showed him for us) said to geld him, and keep him as a riding horse.. because he still looks like a yearling, he will grow heaps.. so now iv just got to wait another year or so to geld him (once hes grown a bit more as i love big horses)

    but thanks again :)
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    got couple pics of your costume to suga1624
  17. nag

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  18. Showtiime

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    what a great smooth running Day.

    My Lovely 3 year old star of a gelding placed State Champion Arabian Pony winning this title 3 times now!!!
    Thanks to Steve Muco for such great handling and Lanaryn Arbians for breeding such a Superb horse.
    He was such an angel to prep and his first ride out of home only to behave exactly the same - amazing!
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  19. MissRadford

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    Wow what a weekend!! I've nearly recovered (I think) have to say a huge thankyou to the waaha committee for a brilliant show. Absolutely loved the timetable. Was the most chilled out show I have ever been to considering we had a zillion classes lol. Came home with 6xState Champs 6x Reserves and 3x finalist. Toby, Elle and I placed in all our classes and my gorgeous youth rider got champion youth hunter, reserve Bp hack reserve youth handler reserve rider and finalist in the mare/gelding shown by a youth. Very pleased to say the least!! Thanks to all for you help and support especially suga xx
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    What an awesome weekend LANARYN ARABIANS & BRAYLEA SHOW PONIES had!
    The time schedule made it so much less stressful and I was right down the end of the stables and heard the PA system loud and clear!! Well done WAAHA Committee ;)
    Thanks so much to the Lanaryn Team - Taryn, Tamsin, Sue, Emily, Kylie and our newest members Sam & Mollyanne, for all your hard work!!
    Our results are...
    Silkwood Elysium - Reserve State Champion Ridden Arabian Riding Pony Mare at her first ever outing under saddle!! Go Punkie & Sam!!!
    Lanaryn Love Shaque - State Champion Purebred Senior Gelding!!
    Nadalla Park Makmiadiva - State Champion Purebred Mare 4 - 6 Years for the second year!!
    Lanaryn American Beauty - Reserve State Champion Purebred 2yo Filly!!
    We also prepped and showed Pembrooke Park Mahina for Jan Lodge, to State Champion Purebred 3yo Filly, Congratulations Jan!! Also to Kylie and Lanaryn Nazeerah - Finalist in the Purebred Mare 4 - 6 years!!
    We also must congratulate Tamsin Taylor & Akam Miss Scarlet for winning Reserve Champion Senior Purebred Mare at her first outing in WA!!! Tamsin's gorgeous Psytopia gelding, Chambord Utopia also won State Champion Partbred 2 & 3yo Gelding!!
    Also to the owners of Lanaryn and Braylea horses....
    Sarah Middleton and Lanaryn Majestik - State Champion Purebred Gelding 4 - 6 years!! Nicole & Matt Hooper and Lanaryn Psymbolik - State Champion Purebred Stallion 4 - 6 years!! Monique Morris and Braylea Showtime - State Champion Arabian Pony 2 & 3 years!! Janine Olsen and Braylea Loverboy - Reserve State Champion Arabian Pony 2 & 3 years!!
    Here are a couple of pics of our Punkie Pony :))



    And my gorgeous Shacky Man!!


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