Arab state champs :d

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    I crossed off any that were scratched as the classes happened and wrote all the placings down (Purebreds);)

    The Stallion 4-6yrs, there were 6 entered and only 5 exibited
    The stallion 7-11yrs, there were 3 entered and one left the arena just after judging commenced so only two were actually exibited
    The stallion 12yrs and over, there were only two entered and both exibited
    The colt 3yrs, there were 3 entered and 3 exibited
    The colt 2 yrs there was only one entered and he was scratched
    Hope this helps!:D
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    i'll load some piccies a few a got if these sre anyone who want them taken of plz let me know
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    A few more pics of my girl, thanks to Remaani & J. Price



    As for the Finalist placings, in most classes the Finalists were called up in number order, and then Champ & Reserve were called up off of the wall and then the finalists were announced in placing order.
    In some classes they called in all the horses placed, and awarded Champ & Reserve out of the new lineup and then announced the finalists, in place order.
    The amount of finalists is pre-determined by the amount of entrants in each class (if you look in the program it reflects how many finalists for each class by the number of boxes) the number of finalists isnt adjusted when horses are scratched, so it can seem a little inconsistent to spectators.
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    Just curious as I dont show arabs, but why are the classes split up so much if numbers arent massive? ie 2yr old, 3yr old, etc. Means there are a gazillion state championships.
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    is those pics of costume you ssaph
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    They used to combine breeds when numbers were low, and copped complaints every year when it happened. Not 100% sure if this why classes were not combined this year. I actually think numbers in each class were pretty good, I havent been to the State Champs since 2006 and compared to back then having 5-6 horses in the class is a great turnout, to having barely 4 in a combined class!
    BTW, the age split is 1yr, 2&3yr, over 4yrs. so not split that much really ;)
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    We have to offer the classes in the schedule to maintain our Australian 'A' class status - and most events are qualifiers for the 2012 Australian State Championships. Besides, we don't know how many will enter a particular class.

    Some years there might be 10, and the next 5, and visa versa.

    So, even if there is only one horse entered, it still qualifies them as the State Champion, and makes them eligible for the Aussie Champs.
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    ah ok that makes sense
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    So if they have say a whatever sex 4-6 State Champ, then a whatever sex 7-10 (or whatever next age is) and so forth do they then have an over all winner? ie all 3 ages come together and they have an overall Senior gelding, mare and stallion?
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    No they don't.

    However, for say Music & Chip's class (the 2 i bred), it was a Colt/Filly/Gelding combined class (Yearlings).
    I don't mind competing against each sex combined. :)
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    Yes they are thank you.. love the last one you posted
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    replied to your pm erilyn thankyou
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    Cool thanks :) I've always been curious.
    They have a juniour grand champ and senior grand champ tho, don't they?

    Oh and have eta - I think when they are babies sex doesn't matter. Its not like a colt will have an edge with bigger top line etc at that age. I like seeing the babies up against each other :)
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    No,the different winners do not go up for any other awards. It is just your class. No grand champs.
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    At the States there are no run offs between classes but at the Trilogy and All Arabian there are :)

    So people who have put that there horse is Champion Junior for example are actually meaning that they won their particular class not the overall junior championship as there wasn't one :)
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    Now I'm finally at a computer and can finally thank people!

    Big thankyou to WAAHA for their effort in trying to please everyone! I LOVED the time allocations however was confused when they announced they were running early at times, some people don't hear the speakers from the stables very well and rely on the time table but I never saw it run early...just heard them announce it!

    BIG thankyou to my best friend Emma (Pepsea) for coming up, preggers and all and being my support! My friend Vicky for letting King stay and support! Born To Ride for feeding and working King while I was away and also being there to support me on the day! And her sister Holly!
    THANKYOU Emma for plaiting King so beautifully! You did an excellent job. Also THANKYOU to Agatha for doing his make-up even though it had to be a very quick rush job!

    To a random that rocked up and ended up being the best strapper ever! :D

    Many thanks to Anthony for handling King so beautifully!

    I feel each and everyone of them deserved thanks, I totally appreciate the support I've received from them all!

    And a couple of pictures, I do have a video on the way:





    And back at my friends place looking over to his very own 5 day old daughter:


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