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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Dreamchaser, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. CC I have seen some STUNNING appyxarabs. Good luck on your breeding!
  2. Crafty

    Crafty Well-known Member

    Appy x Arab would be a zingy cross I would think :)

    I have had 2 Appy x QH's but I want them for cutting so wanting different attributes however Song had the most gorgeous movement and could float trot across the yard. Little Cutter has a rocking horse canter at 2 months old and Pepsi has more of a TB movement but there is TB in him though his grand dam.

    Breeding a purpose bred horse for the discipline you want I think is a good idea but as others have pointed out think long and hard about what to cross to make sure that if you couldnt keep that horse it would have every opportunity at gaining a great home through confirmation, temprement and training :)
  3. PaintHorse

    PaintHorse New Member

    Hello Dreamchaser,

    One breed you may want to look up is the Mexican Azteca Horse - this was a breed developed in Mexico in the 1970's, using Spanish, Quarterhorse and Criollo bloodlines.
    It may give you an idea of what your cross may turn out like.

    Outside of Australia, your cross would not likely be perceived as particularly outlandish, as many of the American breeds are composites of the original horses brought over by the spanish, with successive generations crossed with the locally available breeds (often it was more cost effective to bring in a high quality outside stallion to improve your tough ntive mares - this was the original premise of the US cavalry remount program).

    The Appaloosa himself would have actually descended from some of those original horses of the Conquistadores, as equines as a wild species had been extinct in the Americas since the last Ice Age, and were only reintroduced during colonization attempts.

    Just some food for thought from a person who has a soft spot for horse history :)
  4. Stockmans Farm

    Stockmans Farm Active Member

    hi Dreamchaser

    I have done the unthinkable (according to appaloosa people ) and put my paint over my appy!

    Cant wait until it arrives.

    He has covered appys previously and had stunning foals!
  5. madcow

    madcow Guest

    Pretty sure they will be OK with it.......they've covered trotter mares etc. Spose there's not many purebred Andy mares around so most of them would be xbreds anyways?

    There is also a lady with a knubstupper (sp) stallion in the hills.
  6. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    I would be VERY surprised if she allowed him to cover anything not accepted in the KNN stud book.!!

    Beg your pardon them are is appy isnt it (thought it was Andy!! derrr)........she may well be accepting appys this yr I think
  7. Hen

    Hen Well-known Member

    TOO TRUE!!!!!!! Only reason I could afford my youngster's bloodlines without selling my ass on the street was because he is plain and brown - no bling at all - therefore he was constantly overlooked. Add to that that he has a 'noble' sort of head ;) so he blended into the background despite excellent conformation, lovely movement and his awesome nature - he is just a wicked little horse and I can't wait for the next 2 years to be up so I can start him!!

    Other youngster (also gelding) I liked of very similar type and breeding (and same stud) I could afford - add 10k for stockings and blaze!!!!!
  8. nannygoat

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    I have to point out the appalling number of horses that are slaughtered in America and how many of thes are of 'composite' breeding...

    It would be nice to think that considered and responsible breeding here in Australia might just save a horse from that fate.
  9. Jbear123

    Jbear123 Active Member

    Well there you are I didnt know that andalusians and lusitanos where excepted in the eyes of the Sportaloosa Association that is cool :) as I have a appy and a Andalusian stallion but I still don't think I would do this cross for saleablity unless it was shown that there was an interested in the market for them. last year I had a lady call me and ask if I would breed an aztec for her which is a (QH stallion over an andy mare)they are proven in america and spain to be really good bullfighting horses and multi purpose work horses but in Australia they are not common and therefore not saleable I would only do an outcross of this sort if the foal was paid for in utero.

    I mean its worth a try, after all nice crosses come about from people starting with a first cross and then crossing again.... good luck I hope it works out.
  10. nklpark

    nklpark Well-known Member

    Hey JB i think you'll find its a Azteca horse :D
  11. Dreamchaser

    Dreamchaser New Member


    It would be lovely if we could see photos of your mare. She sounds gorgeous. I have a real thing for duns and a dun with spots... well I like that idea even more![/QUOTE]

    Thank you, I think she is beautiful too.:)

    i hope these photo's work I tried the step bye step upload so her's hoping....still getting the hang of things on here:)

    hahaha worked out where I went wrong:)
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  12. GeeJay

    GeeJay Guest

    My dear Summer if only you new how little Appy blood Jackson has, his grand dam was TB with a blanket and the Appy went back thinking Hard now about 3 Generations the grand sire was a roan Clydy, which then produced Sunny Jackson dam, it is only a colour and I will tell you when we first bred Sunny and got a lovely solid bay or so we thought, he then changed into a roan, back then nobody wanted our horses because of that colour ';' now because Jackson is doing so well everyone who enquires about our horses want one just the same colour :eek: mind you his full sis who is a lovely solid Bay is just as talented maybe more so, never gets mentioned LOL, his sis by Native Show our Stallion Sire is solid as well also as talented as Jacko.
    Anyway I wouldn't cross Andy with Appy, Clydie with QH we DON'T breed for colour Sunny was an awesome mare and Zach is an awesome Stallion so we bred them to produce (hopefully) awesome siblings for performance not colour.

    Love Janet:)
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  13. PaintHorse

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    The sad truth is that alot of breeds get slaughtered in the Americas, including blue-blooded TB racehorses and quite a few TB x Draft horses that result from the PMU farm industry.

    The ironic part of horse slaughter in the US came when it was outlawed, and many of the horses that were once slaughtered within the country then had to be trucked 100s - 1000s of miles to be slaughtered south or north of the US border, causing an an increase in suffering for many animals.

    I doubt that breeding a crossbred horse in Australia would vastly affect the rate of slaughter rate in the USA. I hope that the repercussions and responsibility of producing a new equine life would be weighed up by all breeders, whether they aim to produce pure or part breds.
  14. OP I have seen her on the other horse site! She is lovely. Very pretty girl. And what a gorgeous shoulder on her!

    She is a bit more western type than english type though so if you were to put her in foal I would recommend a stallion that is of a similar type... excelling in western events like cutting or barrel racing. Breeding like to like gets a much more consistent result than breeding horses that are massively different.

    Failing that, find a stallion that is strong in areas where you want to improve your mare. At the moment she is downhill but if my memory serves she is still young and may even out. You'd want to breed her to a stallion with a strong and correct hindquarter because hers is not ideal. However, she is a nice horse, so nobody is saying don't breed her at all ever! Just think carefully about it.

    A nice moving uphill built TB with a strong hindquarter might cross nicely over her? And give more pep and pizazz. They have been using TB's with Appies to refine the breed for quite a while in the USA and it's a cross I quite like... There are a few performance TB stallions around that are very nice, and if I was into the TBs, I would consider breeding my filly to one of them in the future. Coming from me that's saying a lot, I am VERY picky.

    Otherwise there are some nice arabs, and there's even a lovely tall pinto arab derivative stallion around that belongs to a stockie. Or one of Primrose Court's warmbloods.

    Good luck! Hope you find the right stallion and if you do breed, that all goes well and you end up with a healthy mum and bub. There've been too many "oh dear lovely foal but omg will it live?" sort of situations going on even among the most meticulous professional breeders... and if you do breed there is always the possibility of losing both mare and foal. It doesn't happen all the time but it DOES happen.

    An option you might consider if you just can't lose your precious mare is embryo transfer... it's expensive but it shifts the risk from your mare to another. Nothing about breeding is cheap! In fact the cheapest part is the stud fee and depending on the breed a quality stallion will be anywhere from $600 (for the welshies) upwards. One of the stallions I'm considering has a stud fee of $2500 and I consider that to be absolutely reasonable.
  15. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Dreamchaser, do you have any more recent photos of her? I know she is a breed which can be prone to being downhill but she is also young so I would love know how level she is now :)

    I have met your girl in the flesh (and told you how much I liked her then :D)

    I personally would not breed her to a baroque breed (Andy, Lippy, Friesian).

    If you want more "english" in type why not look at some of the nice ASH? Then at least you also have less chance of breeding the working ability out should the foal throw more to the QH type :) Or a more solid TB although I disagree with SJK4E about how easy is is to find a nice one (that isn't mega $$$)
  16. Dreamchaser

    Dreamchaser New Member

    thanks everyone so much great information coming my way...brain over load....our new foal is doing great she is running around on those beautiful long legs of her's...

    here is a more recent photo's of her,...her mother is 16hh I would love to have her height...warmblood like primrosecourt your beautiful boy would be very interresting for me to have a look @ do you have any pic's...

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  17. mav

    mav Well-known Member

    or you could just let me put her in my float in the spare spot next to mav and not have to worry about any of this *#)
  18. Cody

    Cody New Member

    Hey Dreamchaser, I like the buckskin morgan stallion 'RanchBoss Cortez'. Just like the 'crazy' mare I had in high school!
  19. Dreamchaser

    Dreamchaser New Member

    hey Cody....that sounds very interresting where about's is he we could go and have a look @ him if he is in WA!!! How is your new beautiful buckskin filly doing..???
  20. Cody

    Cody New Member

    He's in Queensland at Wilga Park Morgans. Bit too far for the ol' day trip though :( Maybe you guys can visit when your up that way next year? LOVE my new filly! Cant stop drooling, she's awesome. Temperament and colour! You will have to come see her.

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