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Discussion in 'Breeding Horses' started by Dreamchaser, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Dreamchaser

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    I think your right, mylittlepony - not getting much postitive feedback from this combination, but its all a leanering cruve for me as reseach is important I think when anyone wants to breed any horse...Primrosecourt I would be very interrested in having a look @ your boy mabey you have a website, or some pics and his pedigree so I can reseach them online....
  2. You are comparing apples with oranges here:p
    TB x Clydie (blood over bone) has ALWAYS been a conventional cross for eventing, so as TB x Appy is recognised and is eligible for AAA rego, when Andys somehow don't fit in the recipe ';', it is like adding garlic into a chocolate cake.:eek:
    And I can assure you color is the last thing GeeJay would worry about.*#) They breed for type and purpose. So here you go.:p
  3. Dreamchaser

    Dreamchaser New Member

    silly me is on your post - thank you for your information very helpful:)
  4. Sharaway

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    Dreamcatcher, don't listen to us, we all know the sad truth, if you jag that loud colored cross it will sell, and for good money because it's colored.

    While studs with well researched and imported bloodlines, near perfect conformation but a plain boring bay colour will be hard pressed to sell for a fraction of cost.

    The world is full of idiots who will pay for bling over breeding, so why not cash in on that Andifriesianloosa.
  5. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Dreamchaser sadly these weird crosses and discussion thereof will never bring an amazing 'OMG yes such a good idea' response and this one just does not make sense I'm sorry and if you're after positive comments you've come to the wrong forum. Hells bells this is a forum that a simple discussion on standardbreds goes south after a few pages.

    Good luck in your endeavour, feel free to breed the horse and do what you like but please think long and hard before you do.
  6. Dreamchaser

    Dreamchaser New Member

    Thank you GoneRama I was warned before I joined this stockyard forum that they were a lot of negitive people out there and thats fine if you think that way and can sleep @ night...but the truth is I was after good quailty information to help me reseach this further as I myself have not heard of these crosses and now I know why so thank you everyone good and bad its been worth it.
  7. Dreamchaser, I do disagree, sorry.:}
    Honest and truthful opinions and negativity are not the same.:)))

    I love stockyard! i know for a fact that if some one has a genuine question they will get a genuine answer. Where they'd like it or not it is a different story!
    Welcome to stockyard anyway, I hope your opinion on people here will change when you get to know us better!:p
  8. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Fantastic response Dreamchaser.

    Look Stockyard has it's moments but it's a great little forum with lots of very knowledgable people who are rather straight shooters (such as our dear Sharaway). Don't give up on the forum just because of this thread as a lot can be learnt here and there are some fantastic people here.
  9. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    Oh Joy, another "your negative because you don't agree with me and blow kisses at my ideas"

    You havnt heard of these crosses before because believe me they have been tried and failed.

    Being honest and direct shouldnt be confused with being negative, as I said, do it, there is a idiot born everyday with more money than sense.

    You have the uterus breed it to what ever you want :)
  10. primrosecourt

    primrosecourt Well-known Member

    He's not on the website yet as I have been slack getting photos of him!!

    You are welcome to email me or ring me for a chat and please come and view him........hes a very nice young stallion with a big future......:))

    pc _ (take out the gaps!)
  11. wattle6180

    wattle6180 Gold Member

    Nasty :D

    Dreamchaser (and what an ironic name :p), has said they now realise why they can't find info on this Cross :p No need to rub it in dear :))

    And while yes, you might ask a question and not get all happy-happy-joy-joy responses, often you can glean some technical new learning path :) Often you don't even need to ask a question to get all the "helpful" feedback :D

    But welcome to Stockies Dreamchaser :D
  12. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    Hardly rubbing it in, pointing out why :)

    But I agree, that post was rather bitchy, I am sorry I do confuse the Tic Tacs with the Thumbtacs lol
  13. Sharaway

    Sharaway Well-known Member

    Dreamcatcher my bark really is worse than my bite, welcome to Stockyard
  14. I agree completely... Sharaway has a heart of gold. Very direct and often blunt but her heart is in the right place.

    I have to say I would LOVE a spotty dilute with nice movement too... I just think there are better ways to go about it than to cross an appy with a friesian or andalusian. Your appy is dun, right? So if you crossed her to a nice moving warmblood (for example) then you still have the chance of breeding a dilute horse. Dun is a dilution gene. It's not the same as cream (to get buckskin/palomino) but say you end up with a bay dun... very similar colour to buckskin IME. Of course it's all a game of numbers and you have no guarantees that you'll get the colour you want. Always better to buy a horse that is already everything you want than to breed and take the chance of ending up with something you really don't want.

    I wanted a buckskin gelding that I could event on. I have a bay gelding that I can event on, and a buckskin FILLY that I might maybe one day be able to do low to moderate level eventing on, IF she has the passion for it. And I was buying, not breeding!
  15. Dreamchaser

    Dreamchaser New Member

    Honest and truthful opinions and negativity are not the same I too totally agree, Im not looking for anyone to blow smoke up my ass....on the contary I was expecting breeder of Andies and appaloosa with experiance in this matter to point me in the right direction or it so happen's

    I wasnt in this to make money, my appaloosa has a really laid back nature( which I love) but not really into western pleasure side of showing....was looking for something with a bit more keep!!!

    What would experiance appaloosa's people breed with to get a bit more energy and endurance out of their foals....?
  16. Arabian, TB, ASH, QH.:p
  17. GoneRama

    GoneRama Gold Member

    Thoroughbred or arab would be a good cross with an Appy to give a bit more oomph however there's nothing wrong with a laid back appy or a laid back any horse, they truly are worth their weight in gold. I have a laid back Appy x QH, always wanted a thoroughbred, went to New Zealand, rode an absolute pocket rocket out of it's mind zippy thoroughbred and all of a sudden I developed an amazing appreciation for my laid back Appy x QH **)
  18. AppyxTB is a cross I really like for eventing/dressage. You hope for nice movement, the athleticism of the TB, and the colour and temperament of the Appy... of course it depends on the individual horses you use! You don't want a crazy TB or an appy with poor movement/conformation because you'll just end up with a dud. Need to keep in mind that TB's don't have that huge extravagant movement with crazy knee action like the friesians and andalusians but they are good horses in their own right.

    Someone on here owns an appy gelding that is (or was) a pretty darn good showjumper. I think I remember watching him in action in 2009 and he was lovely. Such an honest horse. That's why I like the appies so much. In my (admittedly limited) experience with them, they are lovely natured horses.

    Primrose Court went the right way about breeding their appyxWB, the mare is a GP dressage horse and the stallion was a magnificent example of horseflesh. They bred the best to the best and ended up with a pretty spectacular foal.

    If there's anything glaringly wrong with your mare's conformation it will breed on and you will be likely to end up with a dud... no matter what stallion you use. Good stallion owners will refuse a mare with glaring issues, or that will not compliment their stallion. Progeny speak for the stallion, always, and sadly too few people pay attention to what the mares are like.

    It would be lovely if we could see photos of your mare. She sounds gorgeous. I have a real thing for duns and a dun with spots... well I like that idea even more!
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  19. Coda Cowgirl

    Coda Cowgirl Well-known Member

    i'm about to breed my appy mare this season to an arab! i'll let you know how it goes next year!
  20. Diana

    Diana Gold Member

    You could get a 'zingier' horse from even an Appy X QH (sprintbred or cutting bred, or something like that..)... My (cutting & sprinter lines :rolleyes: )QH gelding has this lazy act, but get him fired up and he'll go all day! **)

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