Appaloosa markings?

Discussion in 'Colour Questions' started by TJbear, Oct 30, 2011.

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    I have a question from a friend :) she hates chat rooms/ forums, facebook etc lol

    She has a beautiful QH that she will be putting into foal next year (yep early research)

    She would like to put an Appaloosa over her mare. She's not picky with colour and hasn't chosen a stallion yet but she does have a weak spot for blankets on Appaloosa's :)

    So question is how can she try for a blanket? Or is it pure pot luck??

    Thanks in advance for any answers :)
  2. lollyem

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    All I know is that a "few spot" Appaloosa sire will throw Appaloosa pattern 100% of the time with a solid mare. Few spots are mostly white with , like the name suggests, just a few spots.

    The progeny won't necessarily have the blanket pattern though, but you'll get guaranteed spots! No idea if there any few spot stallions in WA - some over east though. Edited to add - there is a few spot Knabstrupper stallion in Chidlow!
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  3. TJbear

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    Thank you very much

    Were in QLD anyway :)

    The stallion will be chosen more on conformation and temp but some nice colour would be a great bonus :p

    Thank you for that

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