ANZAC Day Breed Show -Results and Photos

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by Kaisi, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    Bobby was a goodish boy lol he got Overall Champion Paint Bred, 1st Beginner Western Pleasure, 1st Junior Horse Western Pleasure and Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Horse yay but I don't have any photos of our ridden classes my personal photographer had packed the sads by then lol but here are a couple lol
  2. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    your horse is such a cutie GPB!!

    I was with Omega Conquest (on the lil chestnut )
  3. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    Thankyou Midas I didn't realise it was you I try so hard to remember everyone from their photos and those of their horses but my poor old brain gets a bit frazzled sometimes lol
    Your horse is just so cute and what a beautiful coat, OC did so well I have a bit of a soft spot for Paints as you can probably tell and it was so nice to see Baldy looking so beautiful and I truly meant every word I said to Hannah she and her family should be very proud I just had a look on the photographers website and the photos of both you and OC are just beautiful well done:)*
  4. daydreamer

    daydreamer New Member

    just seen the photos from the day and wow what a variety of horse breeds!
    looks like a fantastic effort by the show organisers!!!

    so whens the next one? :p
  5. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    Baldy scrubs up pretty handsome !!

    I was so proud of both of them as Hannah was so nervous and she had no reason to be!!

    here's a little pic of me and Midas!!
  6. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    Can anyone tell me who the official photographer was by PM please.
    2 of my babies were there and I'm dieing to see pics of them if there are any :)
  7. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    What a lovely photo he really is a spunky boy and has the nicest face (love the big white faces lol) he certainly has the sweetest most innocent face you are very lucky to own such a lovely horse ( I am so totally NOT breed racist) a nice horse is a nice horse regardless of breed, and I must admit that after having the cute little arab riding pony here I find I have a little bit more admiration for the Arab horse plus we have Arabe' Caballo Stud down the road from us and I have always liked Om El Eminance and Arnies boy King as well now I will add you lovely boy to my list so if he goes missing it wasn't the lady from the dark side lol:)*
  8. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    LOL u live near Caballo !! You are sooooooooo lucky !!

    I am buying an eminence foal !!

    He's a lovely stallion !!

    Haha All good he's under lock and key LOL
  9. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    neryl i met hot shot???? he is gorgeous so can tell he is from siam ,
    midas i watched ur gorgeous boy in the ridden he is beautiful my girls wer on the little bay in the w/t and open ring **)
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  10. Gamblin Paint Bred

    Gamblin Paint Bred Well-known Member

    OOOOO how doubly lucky are you the stud is at the end of our street and Rod is such a lovely guy lol you must put up photos when your foal arrives how exciting:)*
    oh and I have bolt cutters lol:p
  11. Midas

    Midas Well-known Member

    really?? how embarresing !! He did good for his first ridden show!!

    Your girls were adorbale, so was the pony !!!:)*
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  12. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    All pics can be seen :)

    Hi all......yep, were supposed to be at least 4 Walers but we had blown tyres, illness and other uncontrollable incidents keeping them away.

    I'm still "shell-shocked" - pardon the pun! and nu,mbers would have been much more if another Breed show (and an AG one at that!) hadn't been on the same date + Orange Grove Hack Day + Capel ODE + + + +

    Thank you all for coming and hope you all had a great day :) :))
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  13. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    He is lovely isnt he Jane
    Did you meet Delta as well.
    I really miss the two of them around here especially Delta.
  14. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member



    This was our first one ever! and I suppose it's a bit like giving birth? You forget about the pain in a few months and think.."Oh that wasn't so bad......maybe another??" :)* LOL

    Oh Boy!!! is all I can say!!! Nearly a DIVORCE (not so bad!) and 6 months of hrad work later, it is really lovely to have people say thank you and that they had a good day! **)

    My turn to "skite" - on behalf of somebody I DID give birth to!!!!

    My darling little 8 y/o daughter was WELL AND TRULY very much on her own with her 2 ponies as I didn't have a "HOPE IN HELL" of helping her at all!!

    Thanks Di & Sharla for assisting her with "chalk' and "make-up" in the morning and Liver Bird as Marshall in Ring 7.....I felt SO much better when I knew someone was ther to at least keep an eye out for her!!!

    She Won Champion Junior Handler (8-12 yrs) (and that was immediately after tears re: opening the can of hoof black to re-apply to her ponies hooves and getting it ALL OVER her FACE and hands!!!!!), PLUS Won her Working Hunter Class under 12.2hh on "Faverdale Fairdo" (her ARP by Little Paddocks Mikado), and came 2nd in the 12.2-14hh working Hunter on her Arab/Welsh X - "Ekolee Crystal Fire"

    She LITERALLY Rode and Handled ALL day, she also designed and made up ALL the questions herself for the ANZAC Quiz, and put them on Word and did an answer Sheet and helped me print and staple them all. She also went around selling Raffle tickets for the Club in her break b/w Halter and Ridden + Working Hunter Classes!!!!!!

    She did all 3 Sections of the Show and had BOTH ponies going!! I am in AWE of my 8 y/o daughter!!!!! (I will be MORE in awe I'm SURE, when she's a teenager)

    "My darling little Nikita - ALL the work that I personally put into the Show, was to raise money for aspiring young equestrians like you - those with spirit, guts, courage, perserverance and a true love of horses!! You are the "red" part of your Mummy's heart!!! Love you girl!"
  15. Abes Mum

    Abes Mum New Member

    Well done to you charis and your daughter - your club did a fantastic job.**)
  16. sil

    sil Gold Member

    Oh Charis how beautiful to see how proud you are of your daughter :)

    I do realise who she is now, as I saw her hoof blacked face on the way out of SOS class. She's lovely.

    Thank you so much for putting on this show. Without dedicated people like you, we would have nowhere to show our horses!
  17. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    this should be an annual event charis !!!!!!!!!
    maybe a committee could be formed to organise n run the show i wud definately be up for it and im sure some other stoccies wud help out ,it was a fantastic day and can only get better each year
  18. westie2009

    westie2009 Active Member

    It will have to be now theres a perpetual trophy!!:)*
    I'll help too!:D
  19. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    mornin westie
  20. westie2009

    westie2009 Active Member

    mornin lb! hows all the ponies this morn?:)*

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