Anzac breed show wowwwww

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by liver bird, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Programs for ANZAC extravaganza

    OK.....coming.... :)
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    Hi Janet you are up WAY too late!!!! I'm doing program and watching Aust Swimming Champs (my darling 8 y/o daughter will either Swim or Show Jump her way into the Olympics!!!....she reckons!!!)........wouldn't argue!!! #(

    Whichever way....God forbid when she's a teenager!! :p

    Will send it :)

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    Hi Charis,

    I would love a program to, b.thomas @ minus the spaces :) Thank you!
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    Bayley hope you take Bundy as he is looking mint..Well he was last night..Hopefully his clip job came up ok..:S
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    More Age Classes and Supreme will be added if needed

    Hi all @)

    Please note that the Program for the ANZAC Show is not "Set in Concrete"

    Pre-entries close on 17th April and if we get say....4 or 5 entries of a particular age in a Breed (e.g. Under 1yr); then a Class will be added to cater for that :)

    Similarly, if a Breed which is currently listed for only Champion & Reserve Champion gets a reasonable number of Entries (i.e. more than 1 or 2!!!) then a Supreme Champion of Breed will also be held for that Breed.

    Hope this helps :D
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    IM GOING!!!

    we are doign the ring 7 un-reg horse, and junior handler..

    so this show is on the 26th of april am i correct?
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    Arghhh the teenage years... they are **FUN** **) wait till she's 14 then you know you've got one...LOL

    Havent received the program but no panic, when you get a minute.
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    Sounds great tho have fun! :)
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    Thanks - lucky you

    Thanks Milo - hope everyone has a good day........I'll be a nervous wreck......but hey........can I come to Denmark instead???? lol :)

    Have fun - Denmark is gorgeous...... **)
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    Info on final amendments to Program for ANZAC All Breeds

    Hi all - FYI below.......

    Pre-entries close 17th April and if we get enough entries in any age/sex group (e.g. “bubs”) then additional classes will be created to cater for this (e.g. 1yr & U). Supreme will also be added to any Breed that currently doesn’t have it if there are enough Entries for the Breed (i.e. not just 1 or 2)

    Final bits will be done ASAP and ABSOLUTELY LAST VERSION on line via Stockyard, Cavalletti & Perth in next few days. (I know, I know - I keep saying it - but THIS TIME........I MEAN IT!!!!! :mad:)

    Pls Email me on for copy of Program before this.

    Still looking for more Sponsors to offer things like: prizes, vouchers, products, services, subscriptions, sponsor a Class ($50 does whole Breed), things to raffle - can be horsey or if you can help, in any way PLEEEEEEEEZZZEEE let me know :)) Promo in Program, on Website, at Show + Trade Displays at Show for Sponsors also welcome!

    Amendments will include:
    1. Alignment of promos and ads went "skew-wiff" when I pdf'd it - so that needs to be fixed up (looks like Magic Moment is part of CM Sporthorses gang! :) - originally that was all on one page for Lynwyn Park
    2. All Sponsors for various Classes still need to be added into Sponsors table re: Breed Classes for each ring - only done a couple so far. Plus some Sponsors Logos + Major Awards acknowledgements.

    e.g. Westfield Park Arabians is kindly Sponsoring Junior and Youth Handler Classes, Thorne Park Pony Stud sponsoring Australian Riding Pony, Tallarook Park, Foxglove Welsh Stud, Ferndale Springs, Tyler Horse Transport + others still to be added.
    3. Australian Pony (APSB) needs to be included - will go in between Welsh Part Bred and Connemarra to be Judged in Ring 2 (see below for class numbers).
    4. A.O.R. Breed will have the words (not colour) deleted.

    5. American Saddlebreds to be included in Ring 4 – after Standardbred and before Heavy Horse (see below for Class numbers)

    6. Working Hunter – to be at least 4 years of age. Stallions can enter but contrary to ruling in Program which says Ponies 14hh and under MUST be ridden by rider under 18yrs – if this 14hh & Under is a Stallion, that rule does not apply. Minimum age of Rider on a Stallion MUST be as per relevant Breed Society Regs. If no Breed Society then rider must be 18 yrs or over on Stallion. Obviously Judges discretion will apply, as the situation where a 6’ tall, 130kg rider is atop a 12hh Stallion will obviously be unacceptable (re: Jumping phase).

    7. T/B Gelding also has Class 129a – 9yrs and Over

    8. Amanda Taylor from Tallarook Park will be the Judge for Ring 7 Breed Classes in the morning

    9. Karen Starr will be the Judge for Working Hunter Ridden in the afternoon.

    10. There will be a senior handler Class in each ring at ( c ) after Youth handler but NO Grand Champion Senior Handler Major Award.

    11. Champion Hack is also eligible for run-off for Supreme Ridden, just forgot to write it in the “box” in this program.

    12. Andalusian Part Bred will also have a Class for ‘Colt or Stallion any age’ to cater for “Australian Andalusians” which are not required to be Gelded by 2 years of age (see below for class numbers).

    Andalusian Part Bred
    Best Presented

    Colt 24 months & under

    Colt or Stallion over 2 years

    i.e. Australian Andalusian

    Gelding 24 months and under

    Gelding over 2 years

    Champion & Reserve Male

    Filly 2 yrs & under

    Mare 3yrs & over

    Champion & Reserve


    Australian Pony (reg.with APSB)

    To be judged in Ring 2 - after Welsh Part Bred and Before Connemarra

    Classes as follows:

    281 - Best Presented

    282 - Colt 3 & U

    283 - Stallion 4 & Over

    Champion & Reserve

    284 - Filly 3 & U

    285 - Mare 4 & U

    Champion & Reserve

    286 - Gelding 3 & U

    287 - Gelding 4 & Over

    Champion & Reserve


    American Saddlebred

    To be judged in Ring 4 – after Standardbred and before Heavy Horse

    Classes as follows:

    288 - Best Presented

    289 - Colt 3 & U

    290 - Stallion 4 & Over

    Champion & Reserve

    291 - Filly 3 & U

    292 - Mare 4 & U

    Champion & Reserve

    293 - Gelding 3 & U

    294 - Gelding 4 & Over

    Champion & Reserve


    If you have any questions please contact me via email or on 0420511147 or 0409893370


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    Hold up, Im officially having a brain fry lol.
    Is there unnoficial riden?

    I have a registered arab, but I dont have his papers, would I be able to compete in any ridden events with him?
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    Don't have to do Breed Classes to do ridden in avo

    At the ANZAC EXTRAVAGANZA, you do have to have horse/pony registration papers to compete in Halter Sections in the morning. You do not have to have competed in these to enter Ridden in the afternoon. However, where required, you will need a height certificate.

    Hope this helps

    Charis :))
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    :eek: first show!! i cant wait!!

    everything is ordered, my brow band, my show bridle i so happy!!

    just i hate forms....hmf..
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    Well i wont be showing at this show now:( was really looking forward to it...But my horse will still be there with a different handler..As i have a wedding to go to.
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    Half you're luck PINTO 1980......Shame......have a drink for me though and I'm sure you're horse will have a great time!!!! ;)

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