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  1. Charisn123

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    Hi - Yes re: Welsh C&Ds combined

    Yes they are - if we get enough entries for each then I'll separate them.

    Pre-entries close on 17th April so I'll have a good idea by then

    Hope this helps

  2. Charisn123

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    Senior Handler Class in now

    Hi all.....well I succumbed to OVERWHELMING Pressure and all you "Over 18's" out there now have a senior Handler Class in each Ring where you can show your style!!!! **)

    There won't be however, a Grand Champion Senior Handler. :p

    The Event is a fund raiser for our young and up and coming equestrians, which is why the focus on a Major Award for the "Juniors"

    The "there will be no more changes Program" (apart from adding any additional sponsors who come on board) will be onl;ine early next week

  3. Marianne

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    Although my horse is registered with WHSA I am not a member. I have chosen to be a member of WHOBAA and from what I understand if I am not a member of WHSA I cannot participate in a Waler class they sponsor. However if WHOBAA sponsor a class all registered Walers regardless with whom the owner has membership, WHSA or WHOBAA can enter the class.

    So can you please confirm. Thanks.**)
  4. Anna_Smiler

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  5. liver bird

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    the programme is gonna be put up on the other site ,**)
  6. Charisn123

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    Sigh......Yes soon.....

    Sure IS - as soon as I can find enough hours in a day to finalise the few remaining amendments - MORE CAFFEINE REQUIRED!!!! :}
  7. Charisn123

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    A toughie.......anyone else?? HELP

    Hi - can anyone else help out here please??? :confused:

    In the meantime I'll email Jeanette Norman and see if she can help.

    Charis :D
  8. Charisn123

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    Thought any Breed Registration was OK?

    See a PM for you on this.....

    Charis :)
  9. Karijini

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    I'm very pleased and excited to see you have included a walk-trot ring! Onya!!! Perfect to introduce my young one to the show world. I can't wait for this show, it looks like its going to be a ripper! :))
  10. Charisn123

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    Thanks Karijini

    "Ripper" alright........ *#)

    Seriously taken over my life right now but SO looking forward to everyone having a WOW of a time!!!!!!!!!

    Nearly there.....more caffeine required :}

    By the way........does anyone know where "there" is????? Lol :D
  11. Meegz

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    Im going- definantly to see the walers/meet some waler enthusiasts!!!! Wish i could bring a couple down and enter them in the show, but cant which sucks!!
  12. Charisn123

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    Why not Meegz!!!????? Bring them down anyway to show them off!!! Are they not Registered? If not you've still got the Ridden Classes in PM and also Working Hunter Event!

    "Come on Down!!" **)
  13. Kiwigirl

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    Thanks for the program, it looks great, it will be great practice for me and my boy, bring on the walk trot ring - two ridden classes for us - too old for the rider class, but that could be a good thing.

    I might try my hand at inhand classes too :)*
  14. Anna_Smiler

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    im heading along. going to give the over 15hh working hunter a go.....but i read the rules on what a hunter "should" be like.....hoping my boy will pass the test! is anyone else going in the working hunter?
  15. Charisn123

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    Working Hunter

    My daughter is entering both her "pip-squeaks" in the Event and they look anything BUT what it says a Working Hunter should look like!! :D

    All good fun - I think the cardboard "cut-outs" of Simpson and his Donkey are going to sort more out than how close to a "Hunter" they look like!!

    Maybe we should bring along a REAL DONKEY and let the "games begin!":eek:

    Kidding....but there wil be ANZ related obstacles like Sand Bags Jump etc. Not too sure about Cardboard cut-outs.......anyone artisitic out there????

    Charis :))
  16. VIP Girl

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    Can you please e-mail me a program to

  17. Carthorse

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    I'll be taking the fat hairy one hopefully - surgery next week but Doc says only 2 non-riding weeks so should be fine..

    The type mark is only a small part of the overall score so if you do an good jumping round etc you have as much chance as anyone, the only time it would make a difference is if you are the same score as someone else then they decide the winner on who has the highest type mark I think:)*
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