Anzac breed show wowwwww

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by liver bird, Mar 10, 2009.

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    Can I ask a question re the program? Are the rings going to be held up for everybody that wants to compete in the show horse sections, but are also competing in their respective breed sections?
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    OK - done :)

    OK - doing it now **)
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    How do I PM?

    I suppose I should read the Forum rules.....but how do I PM please? :confused:

    Soemone else had to explain to me that PM meant Private Message not Post Mortem!!! Oh Dear!! :(

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    Re: Ring Judging Order

    Hi Gaia

    Amanda Taylor will be judging Ring 7 and hopefully the Classes she has before the Show & Show Hunter Classes won't take too long. Also, If any Rings finish early then Breeds/Classes will be moved across to accommodate this.

    Every effort will be made to make the Day flow as smoothly as possible and to give advance warning via PA System as to what's coming up in order to allow competitors to prepare in good time & choose b/w rings if necessary.

    I will also have as many "Runners" as possible to help things be coordinated - but of course I need helpers for that.

    It's a BIG Program and re: will they be held up? I have put in Program NO - but obviously if there's only a bit of time b/w 1 Class that is a Pony Class finishing and Show Pony or Show Pony Hunter starting, I'm sure that Amanda will be OK with a short break. She's a very good & very efficient Judge. We want everyone to have the BEST time & compete in the Classes that they want to......but we also need to finish before midnight. **)

    Hope that helps

    Charis :)
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    Cheers :)

    Thanks heaps Dayna - YES it's taken at least 10 years off my life (and not much left to go anyway at nearly 50!!!!!) :D

    Still a long way to go but looking forward to the Day - it should be great!!! :)*
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    HaHaHa!! I'm new too, but i think if you click on my westie profile thingy you can do it from there! If you get really stuck I'll send you my email!:D
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    Yep, that helps as that was my concern, that halter wouldn't finish before my babysitting time is up lol.
    Thanks for the reply :))
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    Contact me and I'll send it

    Hi - just email me at or and I'll send info' through for you **)
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    Good Luck Gaia!! :) Mine will be at the Show!!! :( Can I borrow your babysitter??:D
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    This looks like being a great show.... hopefully there will be lots of FW's in the class.....
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    Well, I will be there now as I've convinced the Bali girls to go a week later. So, I'll be in the FW class with you, Dancer. With Pintardo Saxon. :)

    Edited to add: I thought the program was on the other site so wasn't going to bother Charis with a request for email. Either I'm blind or the show isn't listed!

    So *grovel grovel*, can you please email me a program for this Show as well, Charis? I have emailed you on one of the addresses you gave above.

    Thanks in advance. :)
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    they hav aussie pony classes yayayayayayaya:p
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    I so can't wait to join you guys out there with Kit!
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    If Tally is looking better, he will be there ! Look for the only buckskin in the FW class lol
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