Anzac breed show wowwwww

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  1. YES!!!! look out Perth here come the Cleveland Bay's.

    Lucy I saw you mare the other day she looks well!
  2. okay.. seems like i have NO choice in the matter *#)
    ill do it **)
  3. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    All Questions Answered on ANZAC SHOW

    OK - I'm a real Newbie at this and Program is only in final draft stage - There WILL BE AMENDMENTS AS FOLLOWS:

    It will be A.O.R. Breed and (not colour) will be deleted so Duns, silvers and any other Colour that is also a Breed can enter that class.

    Neryl - re: Australian Pony - I followed all the Classes that you put in your email to me as to what should be in APSB Classes - Either I missed Australian Pony or just "lost" it in one of my 1000's of Drafts!!!!

    APSB Class will DEFINITELY BE IN!!!!!! + you are One of the Sponsors; so it would be VERY remiss of me not to include it - Just Looked and am surprised that I missed it.

    It IS going to be a GREAT Show with LOTS of fun things to se and do as well - 10th Light Horse Brigade Display Tent + Ridden Exhibition at Lunch time and ANZAC Quiz, Raffles, Door Prizes etc. etc.

    Don't know whether I'll be Brave enough to organise a Big Show like this again next year - VERY STEEP learning curve and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has offerred so much help, support and sponsorship - It's going to be a BIGGIE!!!!!

    Adult Handlers not in there because I had to draw the line Somewhere! We have lots of REALLY Major Awards for the Day including Supreme of Supremes Pony & Horse, Champion Junior & Youth Handler, Supreme Ridden Exhibit, High Points Pony and Horse of the Day, Grand Champion Working Hunter.

    Kinda want to get home by midnight :D

    Also - the Program is so long because I have Sponsors details & promos in there as well.

    We have loads of good sponsorship and prizes from the horsey community & others :))

    OK........Amended Program Up on Cavalletti & Stockyard and Perth Horse Soon - In the meantime - if you have any questions or want Entry Forms now with final Draft Program (before amendments) please email me at and I'll do my best to help.

  4. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    There will be Coloured Class - will delete the words (not colour)

    Will fix it - sorry........Newbie at this :confused:
  5. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    Tarz - what's a PM?

    What's that please? Post Mortem? :confused:
  6. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    Will FIX it Neryl

    Hi Aryline - don't know how Australian Pony was left off - just checked and APSB Part Bred etc. etc. as per your email when I asked for help is there.

    I will Fix it.....and you HAVE to're one of our big Sponsors! :)*

    Which reminds me - now that I need to go back and make final changes (again :} ) can any of the Sponsors who haven't sent me logos yet, please do so if they want their "badge" included in the now 14 pages coz it's pdf'd Program?? :)

  7. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Hehehe Charis - PM is a Private Message via the forum....

    Top right hand side - you can click on the Private Messages link and it will take you there :)
  8. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    Oh Dear

    Thanks heaps Shell......*#)
  9. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    Have to check......not sure...think it might just be the Working Hunter that's Ridden in the avo......

    I've emailed you Program + Entry forms tonight I think and THANKS HEAPS again 4 all your help & support - this is NOT easy!! *#)

  10. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    Hi Sophie - heaps left to help out with re: Sponsoring!! Ta for offering - that's great. Can you please perhaps email me on or give me a call on (08)93339927 (working hours) or 0420511147 mobile & we'll have a chat?

    Cheers & thanks again
  11. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    Maybe come and put up a Trade Display?

    Did you perhaps want to be a sponsor and come along with a Trade Stall for your business if you can't compete?

  12. Charisn123

    Charisn123 New Member

    A.O.R. Breed will include colours

    Hi - if it's because I had A.O.R. Breed (not colour) that's being changed so that you can enter. I've never done anything like this before - real "Newbie" and didn't realise sorry. All will be fixed! :))

  13. dayna

    dayna Well-known Member

    Just like to say that you have done a great job with the program even if a few minor adjustments are still to be done. We can all see that a lot of work and time has gone into it and I do not envy you one bit for having to do it.

    We will definitely be there with our girl.**):))
  14. Lucy11

    Lucy11 Active Member

    Yes!! Here come the Cleveland Bays!! You mean Elise? Shes not mine anymore ;) Brenda and I did a trade. (For a very pretty black ponee!)

    Hows the loveley Anzac going? Are you going to do the working hunter?.

    I'll no doubt see you at the AGM as its at my house!
  15. PINTO1980

    PINTO1980 Gold Member

    I will have 1 possibly 2 there.....:)

    Pitty there isnt any senior handlers though..But good job.
  16. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    No not for that reason :) I have other options as well on the day and I can't be bothered getting my horse ready for only 2 halter classes as she can't compete in ridden until after June. While there are more classes she is eligible for she doesn't have a current height certificate, and is borderline galloway/hack so can't compete in any of those classes.

    If I had a show horse who was under saddle it might have been a different story **)
  17. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    i will be entering my aussie pony but i wont be ther i will hopefully hav a hugh hangover:))
  18. westie2009

    westie2009 Active Member

    aaahhhhh! Beer O"clock time for you, lucky liverbird! HEHEHE!!
    Go Savvypony!!
  19. westie2009

    westie2009 Active Member

    Charisn, this show sounds awesome! we"ll have to take our little welshman,& if you need any help just pm !!:)))
  20. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    ther is also camping and stables for hire at brookleigh**)

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