Anzac breed show wowwwww

Discussion in 'Horse Showing and Events' started by liver bird, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Kaisi

    Kaisi Well-known Member

    Oooo! Sounds good!

    I love shows that are near by!
  2. Twiggles

    Twiggles Guest

    Sounds great but this will clash with Orange Grove Gala Championship Day (I hear that they are bringing over eastern states judges like the old days). Would probably go to that.

    Arylin it doesn't clash with Harvey, it is on the Saturday, this show is on the Sunday.
  3. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    Sorry Twiggles but I think you will find that Harvey is on the Sunday due to the Saturday being Anzac day
    Check out the Harvey post
  4. Fe

    Fe Well-known Member

    wow great program. I cant compete with any of mine as my MIL is the judge. Bugger...
  5. Nae Nae

    Nae Nae Well-known Member

    DAMN IT lol i'll be home the day after.... #$&!&#$%#&&!^&^#*!).... but ohhh well will have to cross fingers something changes in my working world:(
  6. Dollar

    Dollar Well-known Member

    Looks like you have put a lot of work into this show Charis, and it doesn't matter what date you have it on you'll always clash with another event.
  7. mirawee

    mirawee Gold Member

    Programme looks interesting. Confused by the lack of adult handler classes though as I thought they were fairly standard now - don't think I would qualify as a "youth" anymore :p

    Oh well... horse show or dog show?... I know which one is easier :D
  8. doofus

    doofus Well-known Member

    Looks like a great program- will have to take one of my kids along **)**)
  9. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    I am hoping to go as strapper for my donating MY pony to her for a few shows**)....especially as they have classes for her**) Will be funny being ina ring with all the BIG horsies:D
  10. Twiggles

    Twiggles Guest

    The date must be wrong on Show Horse Council website because that says it is the saturday - Ag Shows usually are on Saturday so a bit confusing.

    Shame it clashes, but thing will always clash no matter when you hold the show.
  11. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    ooooh I might be on the plane with the SA flying back from SA friday...will have to pack bribes;)

    although me thinks my pony will not be in their
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  12. Mystique

    Mystique Active Member

    Looks like a great show are the entires out yet??? could some one e-mail me the program if its out :)

  13. arylin

    arylin Well-known Member

    I think that Harvey decided to change the date to the Sat arvo and Sunday due to Anzac Day.
    Your right and shows will always clash just damn hard when you really want to go to both and they are at opposite ends of the earth :D:D:D:D
  14. Reigate

    Reigate Well-known Member

    Lol Goodie, the judges plane is on the Thursday! lol...........

    MYTEE4EVA Active Member


    Had the same thought on the program regarding a adult handler class???? The day looks like a big one.
  16. Gerbra

    Gerbra Well-known Member

    Bugger, ill be in Melb :( would love to have gone

    oh well just have to buy more shoes...;)
  17. Lokenzo

    Lokenzo Gold Member

    Ok, cross your fingers Molly will be ready for this one! She has made a huge improvement in the last 24 hours *crosses fingers even tighter*

    Otherwise will take Paddy in the TB classes.
  18. liver bird

    liver bird Well-known Member

    maybe spunky boy will follow u ther hehehe i hav a party the nite bfor so cant see myself wantin to be ther will stay in bed and sleep off the hangover*#)
  19. Lucy11

    Lucy11 Active Member

    OOO OO me me!

    Finally a Cleveland class yay!!! Hopefully will be taking my baby and I think Brenda will be taking quite a few of hers.

    Really looking forward to it. Anyone else taking Clevelands??
  20. trippa

    trippa Well-known Member

    noooooooo why is all the good shows on the same weekend and that same weekend i have to be at my aunties 50th

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