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  1. Charisn123

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    Handler Under 8 Class? YES - but let me know please!

    Hi all.......@)

    8 is the minimum age for Junior Handler in the Breed Ring, primarily for competency and SAFETY reasons - these Handlers are going into the Ring on their own and adults are not permitted in the Ring with them. There are often challenges even with 8 being the minimum age - and yes, I know, often a Handler/Pony combination where the Handler is younger can be quite safe &'s the "what ifs" and when something "happens out of the ordinary" that one has to think of as well.

    I am MORE than happy to put a separate "stand on it's own" 8 & Under Handler Class in with the Leadline & Walk/Trot Ring in the afternoon. That way, anyone who is interested and only has "littlies" needs to only show up in the afternoon :)*

    We have catered very well for the younger ones in the Ridden Section - Ring 1 and you will note that there is even a Leadline Combination Champion & Reserve Champion.

    Anyone who wants me to put in an 8 & Under Handler Class as suggested - please let me know ASAP - yep Goodie - I have your vote! **)

  2. Elanda

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    It is very common for parents to attend with their children when starting out...why are they not allowed in the ring:confused: (this is not for my daughters sake) but kids have to start somewhere. I would have thought allowing kids under 8 to compete (with parents if need be) would be encouraging the next generation:confused:

    ALL Breed shows that I have ever been to ..or are involved in running have classes for the little kids:(
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  3. mudslide

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    Quick question, with the AORB classes can we compete in that with colour rego that arent on the program? I know there was some talk about it on here but I cant seem to find it
  4. PINTO1980

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    I have to agree here with Goodie...Most if not ALL breed shows have classes for Junior Handlers 8yrs & Under...This is for the little ones just starting out...Also i dont know ANY show that doesnt allow an adult in the ring to help out the young ones(mainly to help them with the work outs etc) most the time the Adult will ask the Judges permission to enter as really it is up to them.

    Also holding a handler class for the little ones in the arvo isnt really going to accomplish anything as at this time of day they are normally over it & tired....

    If u look at most of the Big well attended breed shows..There Junior classes are well attended..Especially the little tackers..

    These little guys have to start somewhere...
  5. Remaani

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    Charisn123, as Goodie has mentioned, it is very common for parents to enter the ring (though not get in the way) as guidance for the younger handlers.
    My son is 5 & did his first handler class a couple of weeks ago, i entered the ring... just in case, though he had it sussed.
    I think we need to offer MORE encouragement/classes for junior handlers, meaning giving those Handler classes & i thought Snr Handler classes are always good too. IMO they are great classes, for young & old.

    Not all children ride so offering the Riding Classes doesn't achieve much for those children that are involved with horses (& ALOT of the young'uns actually show Miniatures) but from the ground & not the saddle.

    Though in saying that, i'm still attending, just not with a Mini & my child. Shame my filly is too much of a diva for a kiddy to lead, lol! :D
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  6. Elanda

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    I am pretty angry that my daughter and anyone else that has children under 8 are not catered for:mad: As she cannot go in a handler class for "safety reasons" I am presuming she cannot show her pony in other classes:( So we will travel a lot further to a show that does have classes that children can compete in ...and lots of them. i am VERY dissappointed as I was looking forward to going to this show.

    Surely if you are going to run a new show you would look at other successful Breed shows and learn from them:confused:
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  7. liver bird

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    maybe a liddle kindy handler cud be done bfor the leadline n walktrot id gladly buy a nice trophy for the tots:)*
  8. Charisn123

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    OK, OK, OK...... 8 & Under Class can go in Ring 1

    Everyone needs to REALISE that this is the VERY FIRST (and last) time that I have ever put my hand up to do anything like this. The time to offer advice on this sort of Class (and not whinge and bitch at me at the "11th hour" b/4 the show runs!!!!!!!) - was ages ago - the Program has been available for a long time!!!!! Sure - in draft - but all Classes listed and the only things changing were me getting all the Sponsors details in.

    OK.....Class is in as a combined Under 8 Junior Handler Class in Ring 1 in the morning. I will put announcements in Stockyard and Perth Horse. Please let anyone else know who has a competent little handler that this Class is now available. Junior Handler Classes 8 and over are without adults so child MUST be competent to handle pony SAFELY on their own. 8 and Under Class can have adult assistance.

    Will have a little trophy organised for 8 & Under winner but they will not be eligible to Run-off for 8-13 Junior Handler Champion. (contrary to what I said in ur PM Goodie)

    At this late stage that's the BEST I can do.

    Class Number will be No. 1 (not a, b, or c)

  9. Elanda

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  10. liver bird

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    right you lot , lets just leave it now the classes are in and evry1 is now catered for , charis has done an amazing job for some1 who hasnt eva done that type of thing and has really tried her best , so credit wer it is deserved methinks ..... goodie and other mums i understand ur point of view totally as a mum so lets just enjoy the show now **)**)
  11. kp

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  12. mini magic

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    Put yourselves in Charisn123's shoes!! She deserves a pat on the back:)) This is a massive program for someone whos never put one together before!! Just imagine you finally finishing it after weeks of work, telling everyone its done to the best of your ability only to be whinged at for not pleasing you! And then to come on a public forum and tell the world#( Id be cut up bigtime! Id never do another one again:( Its a bloody horse show, build a bridge and get over it!! Its not like this is the only show for the whole yr!!! You deserve a big hug Charisn and a drink!!!!!:))**)
  13. Elanda

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    Yep I am the biggest b**ch on the earth for thinking that kids should have classes:( With a little research this could have been prevented. Yes it is a massive program...and I hope it goes well. I was all ready to go only to look at the program and find that my daughter cannot show her pony, so I was very disappointed as we were looking forward to going:( ALL other shows she can show her this time we will go where she can. ...and just by the way minimagic, I am not the only person with a child under 8 that shows:( I also PM'ed my concerns and it was Charisn who took it to the forum:( ...AND yes it's "a bloody horse show" which my daughter and I were looking forward to going to.

    Maybe its better not to try and please everyone..but to stick with the tried and tested programs (JMO):)*
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  14. Nanna

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    I am sure adults and parents are welcome to go with the little ones in any of the classes they wish to have a go in!!
  15. Charisn123

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    Oh Boy.......

    Well you know everyone - THANK YOU for all the positive words and encouragement!!! **) It is very much appreciated. I actually DID do HEAPS of Research and have been working on this project since November last year.

    Not only did I look at every single Breed Show Program & others that came out but also did research into all the shows that were on at certain dates so that the Breed Classes would run w/o competition. Harvey Ag Show changed their date at the "11th Hour"

    I am certainly not averse to positive suggestions for improvement and Classes have been added along the way to accomodate people who contacted me and asked nicely. What I do NOT appreciate is being told at the "last minute" in an up-tight way that things don't suit a particular person or group of exhibitors, when all they had to do was look at the Program WEEKS AGO and tell me that THEN!!!!! The actual Classes/draft Program has been available for a long time - Classes haven't changed, just a few additional requests catered for and errors amended + all sponsors details put in. biggie...and certainly nothing to get one's "knickers in a knot" about. I will do it again - with lessons learned, but not the Breed Show - In future years I will just focus on trying to get the ANZAC Memorial Working Hunter Event one of the best in the State and of the year!

    There is an Under 8 Handler Class now for those who want and need it and in this Class, it is essential that adults DO accompany their littlies into the Ring please. If no adult with Under 8 child; then no enter Ringy-poos!!

    :)) Here's to whoever is coming having a "rip-snorter" of a day!!

    Good Luck :D
  16. Serenity

    Serenity Well-known Member

    Well said Charis, I think you have gone over and beyond your call of duty. You have done a fantastic job, and I look forward to meeting you on the day!!
  17. Elanda

    Elanda Gold Member

    Good luck with the show:)* Obviously I was confused as earlier in this thread you stated that this was a show to promote juniors (so silly me presumed that it would have classes for them(which it now does;)) I asked no more originally than anyone else who complained that their breed or colour was not represented, except I was asking for the kids not the horses. as they were not catered for...I truly hope that you have some young ones attend (although not all competitors will see the forums, to see the changes).

    I hope everyone has a great day and the show is succesful:)*

    ...and I would appreciate no more PM"s re this..if anyone has something to say..please keep it public:mad:
  18. Hey Charis well done on organising this show and a HUGE thankyou from all our WA CB people - it's nice to see our breed is finally catered for. Keep up the good work - if others wish to have certain requests I'm sure there are plenty (like every other weekend) number of shows throughout the year that they can pick and choose from.

    Excellent programme, looks like it's going to be a great day and an excellent effort in promoting the programme with PLENTY of notice..

    Keep up the good work
  19. Mod 3

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    There shouldn't even be arguments like the ones above on a public forum.People should voice their concerns /requests to the organisers in private!
  20. simbin

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    Good on you Charis I hope to be there in about 5 years time so keep it going. My show hunter will then be 6 LOL.

    Shes only 7 months at the moment.

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