Anyone know this horse?

Discussion in 'Horse Racing' started by skiddlez, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member


    Well this is the gelding maybe filling in for bear with me while bear is leased off to Mocha. Both Trisha and I dont know much about him. I dont know his branding but I will hopefully go out there soon and take some other photo's of this man. His race name is something along the lines of Alliron or something simiular.

    He was never trailed or raced so I presume its going to be really hard to find... Well thanks to anyone who can help me out on figuring out this boy.
  2. balletprincess

    balletprincess Well-known Member

    Hi sva,

    That name isn't registered, but if you can PM me his brands when you find out, I can give you his definite name, pedigree and anything else I can find.

    If you have brands, then it's normally quite easy to find a horse.

    Nice looking boy BTW.
  3. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    He is a darling aint he! Will try and find out his branding today if i have any luck! thanks!
  4. sambo

    sambo Well-known Member

    Sva i thought getting your licence and a job was going to "replace" Bear?????

    This horse is different to Bear because..........??????
  5. Premier

    Premier Well-known Member

  6. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    Im saving him from the dog meat..... and well its really my choice of what to do and i beleive i can help him bring up his weight and find him a good home once i can find out his temp and all that.... i just want to save this poor darling from being sent off just because he didnt want to race.... Im just doing this horse a favor....
    Australian Thoroughbred Stud Book
  7. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    I just didnt know his racing details, I've known of this horse for the last 6 months, my OH is the trainers farrier. He is a very quiet horse who just couldn't run fast enough (a scenic boy who cant run??) He needs a bit of TLC as he's dropped condition a fair bit even though he was in thick grass with daily hay and his hooves are a mess. We're getting him vet checked to make sure his legs are sound and to find out why he wont keep the weight on as hes up to date with worming and teeth. So now my two 'free' horses have already hit the 1k mark as I just dropped off Fimiston Boy to go get gelded yesterday and am having to agist aileron with a lovely fellow stocky.

    Damn horses #(
  8. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    who bets this turns into another full blown debate soon enough?

    if you cant afford bear what makes you think you can afford this horse?

    *i dont want to get the vet out because im still paying off the last bill*

    what happens when this horse potentially has a mass of problems from racing? or if his feet dont get better and he needs expensive shoes on all the time.

    not to mention he is an otttb, i dont see how that will help you regain your as conciousness. hoping that your not planning on riding him....

    dont give this horse a home unless you think you can do it properly. im only saying what im saying from what youve posted previously, for all i know your situation has changed and you are financially capable to look after him. if thats the case, best of luck
  9. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    Im taking care of bear fine and he never needed the vet. Now dont start bickering... now i am going to try and help out trisha on helping this guy..... I have family support on this little tacker too.... they think he is a wonderful looking boy... and as trisha said he has to be vet checked to see if he is fully sound first to go on any further..... Geeez sorry for making you guys think the worst of me..... AGAIN!
  10. Shiobhan

    Shiobhan Well-known Member

    I dont know what is going on Ive obviously missed something. But this horse has raced. 6 Starts and 2 trials CRIS: Horse Performance
  11. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    At this stage my OH is saying he only wants to lease this boy out at first to make sure that sarah understands fully how expensive this boy will be so that if she can't deal with it, he will come back to us. He wont have any racing injuries, as far as i am aware he only ran couple of times but was too slow and has been spelled for a few months, BUT his hooves have got way way too long so he will need to be shod every 4 weeks without fail
  12. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    so have you thought of a stable name for him yet :) ??
  13. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    better be something better than tristans...he calls him Ron :p
  14. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    Hmm well im sure thats what i got told... i didnt think of checking his racing records.... hmmm i seee.... thanks for that Shiobhan
  15. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    hahaha sentencing that poor horse to such a boring name!

    actually ive always had horses who have already been named, but you guys get to choose this boys first name ever :O
    thats pretty cool

    actually lol bandit wassssss nipper but that didnt last long *his last owner was 64 haha*
  16. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    bhahah ron, thats halerious.... hmm ill think up some names....
  17. Ozzies_Girl

    Ozzies_Girl Well-known Member

    I am totally stuck on what to name my boy, he is a BIG bay *soon to be* gelding with no white markings other than a small white star the size of a fifty cent piece. His race name was Fimiston Boy and the poor thing at the moment is getting stuck with 'Fimmy'
  18. wildsteel

    wildsteel Well-known Member

    that sounds like bandits twin!!!!!!!!

    lol i love that name
  19. skiddlez

    skiddlez Gold Member

    Ive got one for the Aile..... Aniken.... haha i love that name!
  20. Sherri69

    Sherri69 Well-known Member

    I'm gonna sit back and eat my toast sip my tea and watch this thread :)*
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