any hope??

Discussion in 'Horse Riding' started by Pepsea, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. Sassy

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    i hope when you do finally get your horse it will be the right one for you. when you are horse hunting dont feel bad about being a little fussy as ending up with the wrong horse is worse than not having one at all!
  2. Pepsea

    Pepsea Gold Member

    thanx sassy, im sure i will get the right horse for me, well i hope i do for my first horse, so i can get usto owning one, and do i everything i want to do (hoping the horses is suited to it all. i guess ill just have to find a good alrounder :D)

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  3. Naomi

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    How old are you? Im 18 and I've been riding since I was three. I've got PMS, PONY MADNESS SYNDROME! My parents hate horses, and never showed an interest. I bought my first horse a year ago and have paid for EVERYTHING since then. Its been hard not having support but I love him to bits.Its not such a bad thing that he's my first owned horse because i leased, trained and broke in other horses and learnt that way. I am now a good horse owner because of it.

    Why dont you try and work at this riding school a bit more to earn some money, or riding in return? I did that sort of thing for like 10 years.

    I know someone that would love to have you on board and would definitely teach you heaps and give you plenty of riding in return. She's in Henley Brook. If thats too far away, look around.

    Do what i did, make up little brochures, advertising what you can do and post them in peoples letterboxes who might have horses that need work etc. I got a little job with Ascot's manager that way.

    DONT GIVE UP! We all do the hard slog but honestly, you dont need your own horse to have fun. Why would you want one anyway if you or your parents cant afford one? It would be too hard on you all, for now just enjoy whatever interaction you can get with horses.
  4. Arnie

    Arnie Gold Member

    same here...all my life my parents hated me riding...never spoke of it...they wanted me to have my 1st fall and then never go back. Tons of serious falls later and I'm not giving up that easy. Only now are my parents starting to realise that I have a real future in riding. They don't attend any of my shows that would be the hardest. No support from any family. As long as your love it should be able to keep going...but we can't say its easy but we can say in no'll be looking back with a smile :-D...


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