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    Horse racing

    Horse euthanased after jumps fall
    17:34 AEST Sun May 30 2010

    Jumps racing in Victoria has suffered another death with Prince Vitality euthanased after a fall at Casterton on Sunday.

    The seven-year-old injured his shoulder when he fell at the first fence in the steeplechase.

    The race had to be abandoned when the horse ambulance became bogged down between two jumps meaning two horses had to alter course.

    The death of Prince Vitality will be referred to the Jumps Review Panel.

    New obstacles and protocols have been introduced to jumps racing this season in an attempt to save the sport after immense pressure for it to be banned.

    Victoria and South Australia are the only two Australian states which conduct jumps racing.
  2. Noelle

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    How many deaths is it going to take :( #(
  3. Firedance

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    I think the whole nation is sick of it
  4. sherridin

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    it's disgusting and cruel! The statistics are now pretty much that 1 horse will die at every start. If trainers are willing to put their horses in a situation like that they should be shot!#(

    Take a look at

    Give you all the stats. But be warned the videos are graphic. But you see that at the jumps races anyway
  5. cow_chasin_horses

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    GRRRRRR!!!! I hate steeplechases with the passion .. there is a reason why people dont gallop over bloody jumps .. ask any olypic jumper or even jumping trainer ... man it sends shivers down my spine just thinking of the YOUNG!! horses involved in such events aswell as old but so sad :))

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