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    Hi everybody,.....Ok I am trying to get my head around dilute be gentle lol!!!

    I have a buckskin mare (parents are as follows sire is a pally and dam is a dark brown.)

    If I was to put her to a black stallion whose sire was black and dam was dark chestnut is basic terms what are the chances of a black dark brown or even another buckskin foal....?????';':confused:
    a bay stallion whose dam is a bay and sire is a liver chestnut I think possibly just a dark chestnut...thinking this combo may have more chances of pally...?

    Are there any good books that explain colour genetics that are easy to understand?...thanks so much ....:))
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    Both combinations give you a 37.5% chance of a bay/black and 37.5% chance of a buckskin/black buckskin and 12.5% chance of having a chestnut and 12.5% of having a palomino.

    For the bay sire you have less than a 5% chance that you may get a black/black buckskin instead of a bay/buckskin and for the black sire it is less than a 20% chance of black/black buckskin.

    You have a 50% chance of whatever colour the foal is it will be a dilute :)

    If you use the above calculator the mare is buckskin who is a carrier of red factor as her Dad is palomino and is unknown Agouti as you don't know if she carries the gene for black.

    Stallion 1 is a black who is a red carrier and stallion 2 is a bay who is a red carrier and unknown Agouti.

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