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Discussion in 'Horse Management' started by Mayasmum, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. Trojane

    Trojane Well-known Member

    This would make me wonder if there was no problem but my own anxiety!
    As no details, I wouldn't like to jump to conclusions, but hope "all sorts of specialists" included a vet:)
  2. ChillOut

    ChillOut Well-known Member

    Unfortunately not. And yes, vet included.
  3. Hi All!:)*
    I've been reading this thread with interest trying to stay "neutral" Lol!
    But common sense has prevailed... and being a skeptic and a realist...couldn't help myself voicing an opinion!
    I am with Trojane and Retro on the subject.:)
    Have you ever watched the show "Mentalist"? Little details say a LOT! You have to be observant, horse lingo savvy and have a gift of a gab*#)
    People who say they are "reading" horses in fact are reading their owners :), observing the surroundings and delivering the info that owners want to hear! Like car salesmen! They can read you like a book! and a horse???? Can it dispute what's been said? NO!!!! It can't say yay or neigh (forgive the pun) and doesn't care how much you are paying for a session.
    There are people who are making a living out of gullable horse owners simply because it is too easy!! people have to realise that you can't sove a horse's problems on a human level. A horse doesn't need a reading, it needs understanding of its way of thinking and behaviour and it needs TRAINING accordingly.
  4. Eoroe

    Eoroe Gold Member

    I think in the end - just like any aspect of life - your living your life, no one else, you are choosing the responsibility of having a domestic animal that cannot provide for itself, then you must make the desisions yourself.
    reminding yourself that what you do - you decide - Is the key. The day I start following the instructions of people telling me how to live without asking myself if that is right for me.......well....I dunno. Im not that kinda person! LOL!
    Im open minded - I have a love of life and learning, and I am very inersted in peoples opinions.
    But I always ask myself If its right for me - if im gonna do it :) Im just not designed that way - Im too darn stubborn.
    I dont mind what these people do - im not a sceptic - but would I pay them for it, probably not, would I take every word to heart, I highly doubt it.
    Would I dicsect what they said and make my own desicions from it, and what I feel makes sense and is relevent. Definately :)
    I must say however - I am a beleiver that their are some amazingly talented people out their that receive very relevent information about animals, humans ect ect that are not frauds.
    I also beleive that their are alot of frauds out their as well that are very wrapped up in their own experience....and perhaps ego.... :)
  5. Maree25

    Maree25 New Member

    Can you PM me the details of the second person?
    Very interesting thread!
  6. Sassy

    Sassy Gold Member

    I was told about a lady, with good reports and was very open minded to giving it a go. I paid $100, and it was a load of BULL! nothing she said described the horse I know, and I have had him since he was a baby, some things she said seemed to be more a bounce off my comments then a real response.

    However I have heard about other readings same lady has done that were on the spot, so prehaps she is legit, but if she cant connect with said pony she just makes it up so she still gets her money?
  7. EVP

    EVP Gold Member

    I'm a skeptic too but would still like to try it...heheheheh
    Lots of other worldly things sound kookie to me and some sound perfectly "normal"......my aboriginality allows this....lolol

    I think the danger is in people assuming that it WILL be 100% fact and doing what Retro said........changing their life to accomodate.

    This sounds like emotional blackmail to me and works a bit like those chain letters you get..."Do this or you will regret it".......
    It shows only one real thing....the total obsessive devotion to ones horse- to the point that it rules you.

    Not a nice state to be in I'd think.
  8. jodles

    jodles Well-known Member

    For interesting reading I suggest Margit Coates an English lady, I love her books and she is extemely well respected. she is coming out here in 2010 and also has a web site :)

    I have seen animals communicate with each other and have often wondered why we are unable to. Has the ability left us as we have evolved? can some ppl still? Questions that sound like "Is this as good as it gets" lol :)
  9. Gaia

    Gaia Gold Member

    Margrit Coates is great **) Another one you will like Jodles is Amelia Kinkade. Excellent books. Here first one is appropriately called "Straight from the horses mouth" :)
  10. jodles

    jodles Well-known Member

    Thanks Gaia :) Will get a copy, am still doing loads of reading. I am definately going to margrits clinic with or without horse depending on where she has them
  11. buggalugs

    buggalugs Well-known Member

    Im an animal communicator

    Horse: i dont wanna do that muuuuuummmmm!
    Me: tough s*** you are doing it!!!
    Horse: but but but!!
    Me: Do it or you get no dinner!
    Horse: Do i have to
    Me: Yes.


    ask shmoo i talk to my horses all the time, just ask shmoo, my horse talks all day long! (although i do look like an idiot nickering to my ponees!! *#))

  12. LOVE IT!!! good to see a sense of humour... yes, I communicate to.. big piece of noisey poly pipe for naughty giant horse LOL
  13. Kintara

    Kintara Well-known Member

    LOL, I love that too!!!

    Seriously if an AC told me I needed to work my horses on Tuesdays, or needed to farewell a past horse, or whatever, it's bad luck for my horsey. Because I say get over it and get back to work!!!

    I will even credit the odd AC with maybe even a slight bit of 'sixth sense' or a bit of ability to 'see' some pictures from a horse like a good physic could. I do NOT believe that horse is talking to them. I can't stand the way they put the horses into human words. I will never agree horses think(talk) like that. But say combined with reading the horse body language, reading the human body language (like part of all good physics would) they get a slight image of maybe a grey horse.

    What I hate is they then make up some bull story about how the dam or some horse close to them was grey and they were separated cruelly and they need to spend time with a grey to get over this separation Blah Blah Blah....

    I can't STAND that sort of thing. If an AC was honest with me and said either, sorry I'm not getting anything from your horse. Or I'm getting a slight image of a grey horse. Anything they interpret past that is, simply putting words in the horses mouth. I don't believe they can do any more than that. In fact I think I'm being very generous giving them that much!

    So as much as that is interesting, you might think well my horse was living with that grey a while back that she really liked. But I can't see how that would effect anything I did with the horse. I mean I'm hardly going to seek out this grey just so they can renew their 'friendship'. Life goes on, horsey has to deal with new herd. Such is life.

    I also have absolutely no problem interpreting what my horses are 'saying' so can't think of anything an AC could tell me that would be useful. Anything they could tell me would either be stuff I already know or stuff they interpret in a way they think I want to hear which is absolutely no use to me.

    My thoughts on animal communicators :)

  14. Faxie

    Faxie Well-known Member

    I'm a believer because i have had a couple of incidences where there was no way the AC could have known what the horse "told her".

    But you do have to watch out for the ones who are out to rip you off.

    I personally think it is a special gift that you should share willingly for no charge but only if it will help a person, horse or situation and the person is ready to hear the information. hmm might stir the pot up with that one hehe

    i too am not keen on the ones like Danni that say the horse was ripped from its mother and needs to spend time with a grey for example to get over it etc.. i also don't like human emotions being used for horses either, they are not humans. Their main concerns in life are safety, comfort and play.

    I have the Amelia Kincade and Margit Coates books and love them. There's a new one out by Margit but it is pretty expensive so haven't bought it, yet.... Will be interested to see about the Margit clinic too.
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